Thursday, October 8, 2015


      Our lives are composed of periods of time and we frequently ask, what time is it?  We see hours  come and go as do the days, the weeks, the months, and the years which are divisions of time. They pass quickly and leave us with memories of the past and hope for the future. We have times  for work and play, for meals and for entertainment. Time is finite and limited, but eternity, having no yesterday or tomorrow always remains the same. It is said: “Our days are numbered” and this is true, for God determines the length of our days which are not within our power to extend or determine.  Death is very unpredictable in most cases. Infants and youths  die and the elderly realize the approach of death.  Death sometimes comes very slowly and at other times suddenly without warning. 

Each day quickly comes and goes  and we usually utilize most of our days for working and other activities and our nights are darkened for sleeping. The successive days quickly add up to  weeks then months and eventually years. The days come and go as do the months and years and we anticipate old age until certain death brings everything we have done to an end, and we take nothing material from this world with us. The only thing we bring into the next world is a soul filled with faith, hope and love, and which did good works with the body. Death appears to be an end but it is not really an end but a new beginning and another life, a life that is endless and eternal.  To the glory of the Divine Trinity, we who are formed in the image of God have three lives, each different, in the womb, in this world, and in the future world

     There are many who do not believe that there is another endless life and that death is not the end.  Nor do they believe that we will be held responsible for how we spent our lives while in this world. What about those who lived wickedly and leave this world without punishment?  And those who have done only good deeds in the name of Christ, certainly they will receive a reward. Many holy people have returned from the dead and told us what awaits us.  So we know for certain what is true and beneficial regarding life after this life. Jesus Christ spoke on these matters and being that He is the Lord of all, He instructed us concerning these matters. Jesus Christ speaks of  every important question, and guides us along the path that we must travel to gain everlasting life and avoid eternal punishment. He is the conqueror and destroyer of death and the Giver of eternal life.;

“O, when will we get to the point of making as much effort over our souls as we do over our bodies?  When shall we come to the desire to adorn ourselves with virtues before God and His glorious angels as much as we adorn ourselves with vain and transitory outward gaudy apparel? 
(Prologue 4). 

     We take good care of our bodies that worms will one day consume and neglect our souls which will appear before the dread judgment seat of Christ. Of all the time allocated to us by God how much do we utilize in offering thanksgiving and gratitude? What answer will we give for wasting all of our time on earth on foolish things and using none of it to acknowledge God and to give Him glory and thanksgiving. Being in communication with God sweetens our souls and strengthens our bodies, and our keen desire for a  a future kingdom that is endless. 

None of us have any idea as to when we will leave this world but we know that we will. So today is the time for communication with the Lord, offering gratitude, repentance and thanksgiving to the Creator who brought everything into existence.

     The freedom we enjoy comes with responsibility before the law of God. In our societies we see policemen, court systems judges, lawyers, all designed to regulate and govern a free people. They receive punishment when the do wrong, because they understand the rewards and penalties The laws warn of penalties for violation but rewards for conformance.  How much more important are the laws of God than the laws of man! For human laws are temporary and will one day end but divine laws are endless and their rewards or penalties are for ever. Today is the time for us to freely choose, either everlasting life or everlasting punishment, heaven above or hell below!

     But time will keep on passing and will surely come to an end on the last day. The days of our lives rapidly fly by. The end of this life is also the beginning of the second life which is different from this present life and it never changes back to time. The second eternal life will be without days and nights for all time is eradicated and we live in eternity which never is endless It is a permanent life which is not changeable and is filled with joy or with misery as we freely chose in this present life. If we make no choice we will end in misery, for by not choosing we ignore and insult the Godman Jesus Christ who came to speak of the things written herein. Choose life that you may live! All that we do in time, whether good or evil, will determine our place in the life to come.