Saturday, December 20, 2014



   In grammar school we were taught about Juan Ponce de Leon, and learned that he was seeking the fountain of youth.  Later I thought this story was just a myth but it in researching it sounds correct as there is an archeological park in St. Augustine, Florida called the Fountain of Youth. The thinking concerning the fountain of youth, is that by drinking from it  youth would be restored and you would not grow old but enjoy eternal youth!  All you had to do was to continue to drink from the Fountain of Youth.  

     Many people carry so many agonies in this word without ever realizing the promise of the future, and a real Fountain of Youth. Here we marvelously declare that there is a real and even greater Fountain of youth readily and freely available to all men. He is the Giver of life and the nourisher of our souls and bodies, but what is supremely important is that Jesus Christ is the only Lover of all mankind! He offers everyone  not only the Fountain of youth, but the Fountain of eternal life. (The writer is 91 years of age, but always feels inwardly like a very young man – truly due to the Fountain of youth).   

     Here is the offer to freely drink of this divine and abundant fountain. He who speaks is the Living Fountain and Creator of heaven and earth and of everything that exists. He cries out to all the human race no one being excluded. We first must acknowledge that we are sinners who regret our past sins. Jesus Christ the Son of God is our Lord and our Savior, and came to be crucified to cleans us from our sins and free us forever from the power of the devil. He welcomes us with open arms, the arms of Almighty God, embracing and kissing us. He bestows upon each of us every blessing and lasting happiness. Christ welcomes us all with these sweet words offering us to drink from the Living Fountain of youth and the Fountain of life.

“If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink.”

   Christ is much more than the Fountain of youth, being the Fountain of all life, the Fountain of exceeding happiness and the only genuine hope of eternal life and joy, as He says: “I am the way and the truth and the life. . .” Christ is the Fountain of truth and wisdom and in Him is found everything that man could possible desire! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014




     God alone is the irreplaceable Creator and Father and no one can take His place for He is uncreated, immortal and all powerful. Eternally the Father is giving birth to His Son and Logos, and the Holy Spirit who emanates from the Father. The three are one and the one are three. They are complete equal in nature and in essence, one God in Trinity.

     Christ is the Head and Founder of His Church and being divine and human, His Church like Him, is also divine and human. Christ clearly shows who would succeed Him when He said: “My Father previously worked and now I work.”  The Father had established a covenant with Abraham and  through Moses and the Prophets with the Hebrew nation. He prepared man for the next phase of His work. When He sent His own beloved Son, to whom the Prophets bore witness and who says, now I work, and what a wonderful work, work of suffering His Passion, being mocked and crowned with thorns and crucified.
     Christ promised that He would never leave us but be with us until the close of the age, and he established exactly who would succeed Him, not as a vicar or representative but the Lord Himself  to remind them of all that He said and  be their Comforter, the Holy Spirit of truth, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father and He will guide you and remind you of all my words. Just before His death on the Cross, Christ said: “It is finished”. It is finished for the victory was His, by His unjust condemnation and crucifixion.  Then fifty days after the Resurrection, on the day of  Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon them all just as Christ promised, and Church was energized brilliantly with light and life. For they were filled with Holy Spirit.

Sunday, December 14, 2014




 The pope’s visit to Constantinople and current discussion of uniting the true Church of Christ – Holy Orthodoxy, with the contrary papacy, but Orthodox Christian big and small must by duty respond id they wish to save their own souls, hence this article. 

     The Roman Church did not become the papacy overnight it was a gradual process. This is a  contribution toward understanding the truth as why the papacy was dis-united or separated from the Orthodox Church for a over a thousand years. We will mention some changes in the papacy preceding and following their apostasy from Orthodoxy, which should have been examined by  hierarchical “negotiators” prior to any talks.  

     It is an undeniable fact that Orthodoxy is the Church,and anyone who denies this has forfeited his Orthodox beliefs.  Orthodoxy never separated from the Roman Church, and it is foolish to say so because Orthodoxy is the Church of Jesus Christ and is our Head.  The Roman church was once a part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. However the Latins changed the Roman Church into the papacy headed by an infallible pope The cause of the papacy being dis-united or separated was and remains until this day their descent into blackness of supreme arrogance which floods the minds and hearts of the Roman Catholic leaders.  For this arrogance instigated them to descend to the  depths of folly and insanity, which St. Photios describes. for they not only laid claims to be “the only Church” but they introduced numerous heresies, and even changed the changeless creed of our Faith. They have waged war against Orthodoxy since before the time of the Crusades, during the time and in modern times they continue the same warfare, maiming and killing Orthodox Christians, who refuse to become their followers or papists.

     The Papacy has never denounced its numerous heresies nor have they got rid of one of them, nor have they repented. They seek union under their dominion without abandoning there errors and without returning to the true Church, and having not done so, talks of union by the Orthodox bishops constitute a betrayal of Orthodoxy, and a sinful waste of time. What error has the papacy corrected?  What changes have they made by abandoning serious heresies  and embracing truth? What lies and blasphemies have they stopped telling and confessed?