Wednesday, November 12, 2014



     There is an all out attack taking place against and within Orthodoxy  that is poison to the souls of Orthodox Christians, for its aim is to deny these fundamental truths: which are not just true, but also are divine revelations.

1. Orthodoxy is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 
2. Orthodoxy is the only true Church, there can be no other. 
3. Orthodoxy is the Body of Christ.
4. The Head of Orthodoxy is Jesus Christ.
5. Orthodoxy alone is guided by the Holy Spirit

     Jesus said:  “Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.” The Church is not a human institution, but is divine-human. When the Lord spoke the above words, He established that the gates of hades (mouths of heretics) would never prevail against His Church. That this promise has been kept is clearly seen by Church history, which shows that the Church Jesus Christ established remains untouched by heretics or heresy, even though attacks have been mounted from outside and within the Church. 

     That Jesus Christ is the only Head and Orthodoxy is His only Church and that the Church, cannot  be headed by a pope or patriarch, is shown to be true because the Church,  being the Body of Christ is  divine and human, necessarily can only have a divine-human Head. That the Church is divine and human is simple to grasp by its continuous divine and human functions, by its mysteries and wonder-working; by the abundant  outpouring of heavenly myrrh  everywhere, and by miracles as daily occurrences.

    As Jesus Christ the Godman is indestructible, so His Church cannot be destroyed, by anyone at anytime.  As Jesus Christ teaches only truth, so the Church His body also teaches the same  truth. Jesus Christ taught us of our Father in heaven and so the Church proclaims, “we dare to call upon Him, saying: Our Father who art in the heavens. . . ”  Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit is God and the Church always begins prayers with: “O heavenly King and Comforter, Spirit of truth . . . ”   Jesus Christ proclaimed: “Upon this rock I will build my church . . . and we proclaim our firm belief in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Jesus Christ established triune baptism as the only form and Orthodoxy alone baptizes in this manner.  Jesus Christ warns that He will come to judge the living and the dead and the Church enforces that warning: “And He shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.”  The harmony of the Church and Christ’s teaching is divine.

     The truths that the Church declares have always and will always be preserved within her.  She defines the precise books which belong to Holy Scripture, and that definition remains to this day. Heretics attacked the truth that Christ is God and man. The truth that He is God and man prevails in the Church to this day. Heretics attacked Christ’s dual nature, divine and human, and the Church continues believing in the two natures. Heretics attack  Orthodoxy as not being the true Church, but she remains and is alone the  true Church. Heretics attacked Orthodoxy as not being the only Church, but untouched she shines brighter than the sun alone enlightening the entire earth. Always being under attack meant that there were and are enemies within and outside the Church who seek to establish falsehood as true dogma, contradicting firmly established truths.

      Orthodox Christians!   Every one of us are duty bound and out of love for the church to place our interest in what is going on within the church, watch what our hierarchs are doing and listen carefully to what they are saying for the actual attacks against the Church continue and will continue, led by those who pretend to love her. The false idea and teaching that Orthodoxy is not the only true Church, that there is other churches outside of her, is being taught and preached during our days, especially among ecumenists The many meetings being held by the Orthodox with the Catholics over the years results in the bearing of poisonous fruit and blasphemy entering the Church.  Betrayers from within the Church have declared the papacy to be a sister church of Orthodoxy forgetting that one and one makes two and not one.  When they recite the Creed they say they believe in one church, but then go on to declare two churches. They blasphemously accuse the Holy Spirit of sanctifying the papacy and  her sacraments!  Imagine! This means that the Holy Spirit supports the pope and his papacy who falsely   lay claims to be the only true church, always seeking to destroy holy Orthodoxy. Also that He supports the pope who has usurped the authority of both Christ and the Holy Spirit, claiming to be the head and guide of the church.

     Orthodoxy will not fail but it is our sacred duty, not to fall into the trap but to come to her defense by speaking out against the attacks being hurled against our beloved Holy Orthodox Church.

Monday, November 10, 2014





“There is no heaven; it's a fairy story.”  (Stephen Hawking)   Stephen Hawking, greatly renowned for his work on black holes and expertise on the origin of the cosmos,  asserts that if one understands how the universe works, you control it in a way. That space exploration is the key to saving humanity, and warns that humans may not survive another thousand years! This makes him into not only a great genius regarding the origin of the cosmos, but also a self made prophet regarding the end of the cosmos!   But do his conclusions have any value to human race and is he a prophet whom we ought to believe?

      The Lord says: “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.”  It is really unfortunate that the world considers men of Hawking caliber  of   “extreme intellect and wisdom” as their mentors and guides, even though the Lord identifies them as fools.  Astoundingly,  Stephen Hawking professes that he has some understanding of the universe, which is arrogant, for he shows that  he doesn’t have a clue about the purpose of creation. How can he possibly know anything of the mind of the Creator, when he denies His existence? He raises the question about creation as to what,  but not who is behind everything that exists. Who created it? Why did He create it? Who is man? What is man’s final purpose and destination?  These are critical questions, the answers being filled with good news for humanity. What value is knowledge of a black hole, or knowledge of how the universe began? Can such knowledge contribute to man’s well-being , welfare and happiness?  Can such knowledge e elevate man with faith, hope and love?

      Man cannot create something from nothing, nor can he create life, and it is obvious that everything that exists is created and has a relative cause. God, who is the Absolute Cause is of infinite intelligence, possessing  power equal to His will, being the glorious Creator who made matter from nothing,  and then the entire cosmos  with a definitely stated final  purpose. His infinite wisdom,  knowledge and glory is infinitely  beyond any comparison to the entire human race, for He is the source of all knowledge. That this is so, is demonstrated by man’s many activities, constant curiosity to understand things beyond his understanding. He uses his small intellect, studying, analyzing, and examining evidence ever so carefully . Some men devote their entire lives in the attempt to partially understand and unlock only a few of the hidden mysteries of the universe.  Of much greater value would be to study and learn from God Why does man exist and what is his final purpose is, for this directly affects each of us personally. 

What is our  purpose and final destination? Why do we exist?  Is it to just live and die? This knowledge is not  attainable except with an expert and infallible teacher and guide, who is the One who created man in His own image.