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“There is no heaven; it's a fairy story.”  (Stephen Hawking)   Stephen Hawking, greatly renowned for his work on black holes and expertise on the origin of the cosmos,  asserts that if one understands how the universe works, you control it in a way. That space exploration is the key to saving humanity, and warns that humans may not survive another thousand years! This makes him into not only a great genius regarding the origin of the cosmos, but also a self made prophet regarding the end of the cosmos!   But do his conclusions have any value to human race and is he a prophet whom we ought to believe?

      The Lord says: “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.”  It is really unfortunate that the world considers men of Hawking caliber  of   “extreme intellect and wisdom” as their mentors and guides, even though the Lord identifies them as fools.  Astoundingly,  Stephen Hawking professes that he has some understanding of the universe, which is arrogant, for he shows that  he doesn’t have a clue about the purpose of creation. How can he possibly know anything of the mind of the Creator, when he denies His existence? He raises the question about creation as to what,  but not who is behind everything that exists. Who created it? Why did He create it? Who is man? What is man’s final purpose and destination?  These are critical questions, the answers being filled with good news for humanity. What value is knowledge of a black hole, or knowledge of how the universe began? Can such knowledge contribute to man’s well-being , welfare and happiness?  Can such knowledge e elevate man with faith, hope and love?

      Man cannot create something from nothing, nor can he create life, and it is obvious that everything that exists is created and has a relative cause. God, who is the Absolute Cause is of infinite intelligence, possessing  power equal to His will, being the glorious Creator who made matter from nothing,  and then the entire cosmos  with a definitely stated final  purpose. His infinite wisdom,  knowledge and glory is infinitely  beyond any comparison to the entire human race, for He is the source of all knowledge. That this is so, is demonstrated by man’s many activities, constant curiosity to understand things beyond his understanding. He uses his small intellect, studying, analyzing, and examining evidence ever so carefully . Some men devote their entire lives in the attempt to partially understand and unlock only a few of the hidden mysteries of the universe.  Of much greater value would be to study and learn from God Why does man exist and what is his final purpose is, for this directly affects each of us personally. 

What is our  purpose and final destination? Why do we exist?  Is it to just live and die? This knowledge is not  attainable except with an expert and infallible teacher and guide, who is the One who created man in His own image.  

     Our Father in heaven sent the Prophets to teach and guide His people, then, O wonder of wonders!  He sent His own beloved Son, to save the world, to raise up mankind to its proper destination. Jesus Christ is a perfect living example of what all men must become.  Behold the man!  Jesus Christ, the perfect man in the image and likeness of God!  Then the great mystery, the astounding event that caused the earth to quake and the sun to hide its rays! Beholding in astonishment,  the perfect image and likeness of God, who is both God and man, gives himself up to be sacrificed on the Cross!  But joy of joys, Hopes beyond all expectation!  On the third day He arose in His glorious Resurrection, having  put death to death. Pascha, O Pascha, ransom from all sorrows!  Pascha of the faithful. For as Christ arose from the dead we too shall arise to the life we chose, faith with eternal life or unbelief and condemnation.
     We wish a blessing for Stephen Hawking, we wish him this faith which this poor man lacks, causing him to denounce subjects of which he is totally ignorant – faith, hope and love, which he insults as “fairy tales.”   But to his morbid ideas, we cry out with a loud voice:  O Stephen Hawking, among the greatest of scientists! You offer mankind unbelief and pessimism, but we offer faith, hope and optimism! You offer mankind misery and a miserable dead end, but  we offer happiness and a certain blessed end!  You offer mankind death after life, but we are  offering  life after death!   You practically guarantee mankind’s disaster in a thousand years, but we offer mankind’s genuine happiness, not for a thousand years but without end in everlasting life! Your ideas are hideous and ugly, while Christ’s not only offers us hope but also enlightens our minds with the sunshine of beauty and holiness, peace and joy.

     Stephen Hawking’s ideas are not even slightly benevolent, nor is he a philanthropist, for he waxes malignant and effectively wages war against the Father who sent us His Son, the Son who came into the world, who sent us the Spirit. Effectively he mocks the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross as being nothing but “fairy tale.” For he says that  belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a "fairy tale only for people who are afraid of death.”  Here are his words: “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail.  He adds:  There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."  

   Stephen Hawking lives in the depth of spiritual darkness, spreading  his darkness amongst all people. He is certain of no afterlife branding it as a fairy tale. But what is his source of information

    For we do not speak of eternal life on our own, but our Lord Jesus Christ is the source of moral light, and is the Light of the world, radiating His light and life to the entire human race. While darkness leaves man ignorant and  miserable, light fills his heart with hope and delightful joy.  The moment we disregard the Creator in the equation we sink into the black holy of total ignorance and folly.  Denying the Creator is in reality a great insult to Him, and those who do so, sadly seal their own fate to remain in the gloomy black hole of ignorance, for divine truth is not a debatable subject.  Our Lord says: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” He is the Living Truth who came down from heaven.  The words of the Lord are not refutable  their intent is  meant for  accepting or  rejecting, believing or disbelieving, for free men to accept or reject.  Men are not compelled  nor can they be, for every God created man remains free to do what he wills. The true Faith offers with love its heavenly treasure to everyone, but it remains an offer, for if it were forced,  it would be shown to be false.

     Stephen Hawking offers out of thin air  dire warnings for humanity, without ggestion or hope  to avoid the great dangers to come. But,  Jesus Christ, the Godman,  gives firm warnings of the dangers to come for all humanity 2,000 years ago: “Unless you repent you shall also perish.”   Hawking predicts the possibility that humanity may not last another thousand years, but our Lord says that mankind will live beyond this life in the resurrection, and that the soul of man can never die. He warns that we will be resurrected, according to our choice, either to eternal life or to eternal torment in the second death. “He shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.”  There is no greater possible torment than to be totally separated from divine love and the only Lover of Man, our Lord Jesus Christ!  It is important to heed the precautions, for to be separated from God is to suffer the worst of torments, which will begin in this world.  

     Materialism begets misery, for man is not destined to live for pleasure alone, which ends up in depression.   Materialism foments the constant search for fleshly pleasures and delights of the mind, ignoring the spirit within, which  leaves a person spiritually destitute and impoverished. When pleasure-seeking becomes excessive, it can lead to many  sicknesses which may bring on early death.  Pleasure of eating leads to gluttony and obesity. Love of wine leads to drunkenness and debauchery.  Love of sexual pleasure leads to every sexual excess and deviation. Love of money which the Lord describes as the root of all evil, causes insurrections, wars, and crimes of every description. Love of money also begets prostitution and recreational  drugs, cheating and theft, robbery and hatred of the poor, and knows no satiety. It also begets dishonest government and educational systems – it thoroughly corrupts society.

   The love which is available in our souls is not meant for matter, but for the living God, who out of love created us. It is meant as a sacred love, a sacrificial love, it is also meant to be between husbands, wive,  children, and all mankind. But  the greatest love should ascend to our  Creator and God, who is worthy of our total love.  The true God whom we love, He commands that we love everyone, including our enemies. God loves  man and did not create the soul for death, for He breathed His own spirit into the first man and through him into all of us. It is the Evil One who breathes his foul spirit of death into man, by inspiring Him to sin and transgress commandments, and to remain estranged in unbelief. 

   The Lord freely gives intellect to every man, no one being excluded. “He is the true light who lightens every man who comes into the world.”  Thus the soul of a man can never die, and permanently  recorded in the non-erasable book of our soul’s conscience are all the deeds we have ever done. They will bear witness for or against us.  However, to our delight, the  guilt feelings from our many evils deeds, are totally erased and eliminated  in the waters of Holy Baptism, and through Confession. 

     Without faith in Jesus Christ,  a man is poverty stricken and wretched. He cannot experience true joy and satisfaction in his soul. With faith in Jesus Christ, martyrs willingly and enthusiastically  suffer every torment, as they are blinded, skinned alive, burned in flames, drowned, roasted in red hot iron oxen, starved, stabbed with swords, members are cut off, and they joyfully suffer these things out of love for the Lord. They understand well that He went through these torments first and set a good example, for every sacrifice for Christ demonstrates leads to joy in the kingdom of heaven.

      There is a price to pay for everything, and no one can escape that price. It pays to sin.  But “the wages of sin is death.”  Let us examine carefully the fruits of believing and after the Hawking’s ideas, and then the fruits of believing and following Christ and His Church.   
Hawking is among the materialists, who proclaim that there is nothing else. If as they claim, there is only matter and no God, then it follows that there is no divine law. If there is no divine law, then there is no sin. If there is no sin, then there is no judgment, and if there is no judgment, there is no judge. Finally if there is no Judge, then Christ is seen as a false prophet who deserved to be killed and we are shown to be fools who place our hope in the Godman.  For all thoughts, ideas, plans and prayers are spiritual and are not matter. Belief in matter alone strips man of  all his dignity , nullifies  his hope  rendering him into a mindless beast.
  Where did man’s freedom come from. All men have freedom to believe or disbelieve, to accept or reject God and our Lord Jesus Christ.  How did  the Jewish race survive without Moses and divine help. All religious and secular powers lashed out with various weapons to destroy Christ’ Church, and they all failed.

      We reject Hawking’s erroneous ideas, and with fervent faith we place our entire hope in the Son of God, who came down from heaven and became a man for our sake, and we glorify and exalt Him!  When He declares: “I am the bread which came down from heaven, we rejoice to eat that bread!  When He says: “Whoever believes in me shall never die”, we know for certain being that His divine words are true we know that we shall never die but live forever in everlasting joy and bliss. We know that no one can deprive us of our  joy. So with great joy and glorious exultation we sing on Pascha: “Christ is risen from the dead; trampling down death by death; and upon those in the tomb, bestowing life!”

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