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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,      
     It has been a long time since I’ve communicated with many of you, but I have never forgotten you, and I remember the many times we got together concerning our Holy Orthodox Faith.
After my wife, Charmaine Maria had undergone a TIA, which led to the implanting of a stent,  I discontinued  trips to New York so as to be available to her.  Months then years passed. Very quickly, and I felt sad that I could not communicate with all of you that I love very much.   She is doing very well, and the thought came to me about resuming my trips and the meetings, but I decided that due to my age (88) such continuous trips may not be the best idea, although we both still drive with able reflexes, but for  how long?  Only the Lord knows.  Being in good health and very active, I thought of the following idea, and please give me your opinions.
     In the 1950's and later years, with much zeal for Orthodoxy, we were publishing a periodical, called the Light of Orthodoxy, which a few may remember. Such publication takes much effort, writing, composing, proof reading, printing, mailing and handling  letters and subscription. Now we are blessed to have  the internet. So after prayer and much thought, I  decided to publish short articles under the title Light of Orthodoxy on a regular basis, perhaps monthly.
     Let me know if you are interested, if you have not already done so.  Also, any question at all concerning  our precious Orthodox Faith, will gladly be answered with the Lord’s help. I would like very much to communicate with you all again and this may be the way.
     Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ should be the central  focus of all our lives, for He is not onl our Savior, our Food and Drink, our Liberator, our High Priest, but He also will soon be our Judge. “For He will judge each of us according to our works.” In every Divine Liturgy, we hear this stern warning: “That we may offer a good apology before the fearsome judgment seat of Christ.”  There is no greater tragedy than to go through death to the next life, and hear Christ say: “Depart from me you workers of iniquity; I do not know you.” The tragedy is not only to hear these frightening words, but to have  offended our kind and benevolent Creator, who out of His great love bestowed us with our existence, then tolerating our sins and transgressions. Also we will know of the love that we are missing which will increase our torment. On the other hand there is no greater joy or sweetness, than to hear these delightful words:  Enter into my Kingdom prepared for you  faithful and rejoice with me for ever.
    Please respond to be sure that I have reached  all of you also if you have siblings , friends or offspring or anyone else who would be interested, please send E-mail addresses and I will add them.  If anyone wants to be removed from the mailing list, just send me a request and I will do so.  I am a fellow sinner, who have struggled to be faithful to Christ and truth, for He alone is the Truth who came down from heaven to redeem us all!
Love in Christ, Raphael (Ralph)

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