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My name is Raphael (Ralph ) Masterjohn (Mastrogiannis)
I attended Marlborough High School in Marlborough, Massachusetts

I have reached, by the grace of God 90 years of age and I am thoroughly happy and thoroughly sad. Happy for our God-bestowed Faith and great promise of eternal life, which begins here and will  never end. Sadness for all those who should have this wonderful gift, for it is offered to all mankind, but who do not possess it due to our own sins and poor examples and weaknesses for our light does not shine before men, that they may glorify our father who is in heaven. Eternal life or eternal death are the only two choices of destinies for man. We will acquire whatever we choose, but the choice for the good requires knowledge and struggle, self-sacrifice and voluntary humility.

Having been made a lay preacher by the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Michael, I have been active in preaching a good part of my life. Now in advanced years, I am in the process of publishing this blog, entitled  and located at thetruechrist.blogspot.com,  wherein I will, with the Lord's help, offer help to those who have no faith or who are weak in faith, as well as to those who desire to learn more of the revealed faith which came down from heaven almost two centuries ago. The Orthodox Christian Church, which is headed by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit. It is concerning this Church which Christ spoke, saying: The gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."

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  1. All of us, each one, coming into this glorious holy Orthodox Faith need our dear brothers and sisters in Christ who know and teach the Faith of our Fathers and Mothers.. So much to learn - from books, yes, but from the life of living in Christ as directed by the Spirit-led Holy Church! Thank you for this wonderful site! Presbytera Irene Matta MTh Orthodox Christian Mission Santa Maria CA