Friday, December 16, 2016


     We have completed our move to a different home and are now back to publishing sooner than expected, therefore with a blessing of the Lord we will continue. 

     Let’s begin by reviewing the discussion concerning the existence of God and proof of His existence, which I believe is beyond debate, yet despite this many people consider it to be a more valid argument that in the beginning there was nothing and everything that exists just happened and that something unknown and without appearance came out of nowhere and failing to identify himself as the God who created everything but without a stated purpose. However these same people probably do not accept the belief which asserts that something can come from nothing, for God’s existence is a fact of the existence of all creation which demands that there be a  Creator. False reasoning is the cause of the denial of the existence of God. Such people accept the book but deny the author, or they accept the food but deny the cook. They accept the sun, the moon and stars, the atmosphere, sources of food and water, but deny there is intelligent Creator and Provider. Worse they accept their own very intelligent existence and deny their own Creator who brought them into existence giving them their wonderful intellect.

     More importantly, God verbally spoke to the first man and to other men and formed a book filled with information and directions to the entire human race, and identifies Himself as being the ultimate cause of the existence of His wondrous creation and clearly identifies himself as the all-wise Creator.  No denier of God’s authority will be excused for it everything is clearly declared in the Church and much is written in the holy Book or Bible.

The earth spins on its own axis and rotates around the sun offering testimony of the perfect creation by a great and perfect mind at work. With perfection He plans and creates all things, For example, the sun offers  strong testimony of the wisdom of the Creator without which mankind could not exist. Nor could the lasting brightness for each day, and with its moderate heat declares that the all wise God made everything for the sake of man. The sun radiates its great countenance dispensing the proper amount of light and heat necessary, thus nourishing the life of man created by God. The subdued lights of nighttime also offer increased testimony of the divine work.  Nighttime provides the lesser light enabling some created men   to enjoy rest at night after working. The moon and stars testify to this. Also the lesser lights allow some men to sleep and provide for others to work at night and also have the ability to travel with the lesser light. 

     The birds of the heavens cheerfully declare that they will sing praises to man celebrating his existence with their delightful beauty and song. Many animals show their readiness to work diligently among men by performing heavy and burdensome duties while others offered from themselves as food to nourish the wonderful man formed by God.

     Everything that God made is essential and perfect, nor is there is anything missing or superfluous, for God created everything perfect except man just as they are meant to be, concerning man He has much greater plans for him whom He created in His own image. The plans for man are so wonderful that they are difficult fpr msny to fathom. But He declares that those who faithfully and obediently follow His plans will become similar to Him, sharing His honor and glory. Filled with His wisdom and love they will begin desiring to become like , the result will fill their lives with happiness and joy which will never end.

     Knowledge of the final purpose of man is the most important information that man needs, otherwise whether he becomes an important leader, a a famous doctor, or successful lawyer, all this has no lasting value if the man fails to reach the goal for which God created him. The Orthodox Christian lifestyle with prayer, fasting and almsgiving is mandatory and essential for  all mankind, for it places him firmly on the path which leads to salvation and eternal life. Learning about the true God with His kindness and mercy is essential for His name is defamed by many enemies among the nations, Thus men live without knowledge of His wisdom and benevolence and they experience His great love which brings every man into existence and the love of God. 

     God the Creator of all is naturally the source and fullness of everything good, and is the only source of pure love, and his love always become the most wonderful and lasting relationships established among human beings.