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I published  a series of these MEET YOUR SISTER articles 15 years ago and am republishing them on this blog, and see what was going on then, and what is going on today in the Orthodox World. If Orthodox Christians do not awaken, while sleeping heir faith will vanish, as they fall under the slipper of the Popes of Rome.  For our Faith is a living Faith and requires spiritually alive people to preserve everything that  was handed to  us, without additions or subtractions.

Ralph J. Masterjohn                                                           Volume 1 Number 1                                                           October 1999

Following the Balamond Agreement the unionists have adopted new language. Patriarch Bartholomew has done the same. The papacy is no longer an enemy, but is now rewarded for her heresies, torture racks, inquisitions, bloody  crusades, sack of Constantinople, usurping the position of Jesus Christ. How is she rewarded?
Patriarch Bartholomew addresses the Roman Church our Sister Church

For Orthodox  who accept  this it would be  well  to  get  to meet and  know  your  sister.

Roman Church Today
   In Sacramento, CA, the RC Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament held an interfaith prayer service.  The ceremony included prayers to Buddha, Aztec Indian rituals, non-denominational Christian songs, candle and incense rituals, and the calling of names. It concluded with a procession to the nearby regency led by an Aztec princess bearing incense, accompanied by drums and feathered Aztec cultists, to view 700 panels of the AIDS Quilt.

   In Sacramento, CA,  RC Parish St. Francis hosted special homosexual Mardi Gras before Lent. 

Friday, January 24, 2014



Christ is All-knowing
Christ is All-powerful
Christ is the Alpha and Omega
Christ is the Amazement of Angels
Christ is the Apostle of the apostles
Christ Ascended in Glory
Christ is the Author of our Lives
Christ is the Beauty of All Creation
Christ is what we must become
Christ is Before the Ages
Christ is the Beginning and the End’
Christ is Born of the Virgin
Christ is the Bread from Heaven
Christ is our Breath
Christ is the Bridegroom
Christ is the Bridegroom of the Church
Christ is the Bright Morning Star
Christ is the First Cause
Christ is the Coeternal Logos
Christ is the Chief Cornerstone
Christ is the Conqueror
Christ is our Creator
Christ endured the Cross for us
Christ is the Crucified
Christ is the Deliverer
Christ Delivered us from Passions
Christ is the Deposer of the Devil
Christ destroyed the dominion of Death
Christ nullified the Devil’s Authority
Christ is the Divine Logos
Christ is the Downfall of Demons
Christ is our Drink
Christ is Emmanuel
Christ is the Enlightener of those in Darkness
Christ is Eternal
Christ is Eternally born of the Father
Christ is the Eucharist
Christ is the Everlasting Father
Christ is our Existence
Christ is our Exultation
Christ is in the Father
Christ has the Father in Him
Christ is the First and the Last
Christ is the Firstborn of Creation
Christ is our Food
Christ grants Forgiveness to all the World
Christ is the Foundation of the Church
Christ is the Fountain of Immortality
Christ Freed us From our Sins
Christ is our Future
Christ is God
Christ is the Good Samaritan
Christ is the Good Shepherd
Christ is the Source of Great Mercy
Christ is our Happiness
Christ is Head of the Church
Christ is the Healer of Souls
Christ is our High Priest
Christ is our Holiness
Christ is the Holy One
Christ is the Holy on of Israel
Christ is our Hope
Christ is the I exist ( I am)
Christ is the Illuminator of Souls
Christ is the Image of the Father
Christ is the Image and Likeness of God
Christ is Invincible
Christ is infinite
Christ brought Joy into the World
Christ is our Judge
Christ is the King of Glory
Christ is the King of Israel
Christ is our King
Christ is the King of Angels
Christ is King of the Jews
Christ is King of kings
Christ is the Lamb of God
Christ is the Last Adam
Christ is the Law
Christ is the Lawgiver
Christ is the Legislator
Christ bestowed Life to Those in the Tombs
Christ is our Life
Christ is the Lifegiver
Christ is the Light of the World
Christ lives forever
Christ is the Lion of Judah
Christ is the Living Truth
Christ is the Lover of Man
Christ is the Lord of All
Christ is Lord of lords
Christ is Man
Christ is the Messiah
Christ is the Mighty God
Christ is a Nazarene
Christ is the New Adam
Christ is the Offering
Christ is the Offspring of David
Christ is the Holy of the Holy
Christ is One with the Father
Christ is the Only Godman
Christ is the Only-begotten
Christ and the Father are One
Christ is One of the Trinity
Christ is the Opener of Paradise
Christ is our Peace
Christ is the Peace of the World
Christ is the Pearl beyond Price
Christ is Our Perpetual Sacrifice
Christ is the Physician of Souls and Bodies
Christ is the Prince of Peace
Christ is our Propitiation
Christ is Rabboni
Christ is our Ransom
Christ is the Redeemer
Christ is the Resurrection
Christ is risen from the dead
Christ is the Rock of Life
Christ is the Sacrificial Lamb
Christ is our Savior
Christ is the Second Adam
Christ is Son of David
Christ is the Son of God
Christ is the Son of Man
Christ is the Son of Mary
Christ is the Son of the Virgin
Christ is the Source of Knowledge
Christ is the Sun of Justice
Christ is the Sunrise from on High
Christ is our Sweetness
Christ is our Teacher
Christ is True God
Christ is the True Light
Christ is the Unwaning Light
Christ is the True Vine
Christ is Vanquisher of Hades
Christ is the Victor
Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life
Christ is Wealth
Christ is our Wedding Garment
Christ is Wisdom
Christ is the Wisdom of God
Christ is the Wonder of the World
Christ is the Wonderful Counselor
Christ is the Word
Christ is the Word of God
Christ is the Word of Life

This is a partial List. If anyone will add to it by notifying me I will expand and 
republish it again RJM.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



     There exists many beautiful stories, both true and novel, which have been written and many historical accounts exist, concerning noble  and gentle bridegrooms and their betrothal and marriage to  gracious brides.  Those who remember such happy marriages, appreciate reading about the bride and groom’s mutual love and fidelity and happily observe  its continuity through the years.  

Such most fond memories are even more appreciated among those who  themselves  experience the same sweetness in their own betrothal and marriage, and who through faith and hope in Christ, have remained faithful and true to each other, with harmonious years in happiness  and eventually growing old together.    For them their sharing and mutual love is a foretaste of Paradise which was lost and the eternal Paradise.  However, no matter how wonderful and worthy it may be, even this marriage is inferior and is a type of another more beautiful marriage. 

     The most beautiful betrothal and marriage story of all,  is even now being written, and does not concern a  marriage of man and woman, which even when enhanced by offspring,  always ends in death – not exactly a happy ending, but inevitable, with only nice memories remaining.  Even the secular  saying “till death do us part” has a hollow ring, and sounds more like a threat than a promise.

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January 19, 2014

    St. Mark of Ephesus, defended Orthodox truths single-handed prevented the Orthodox from being swallowed up by the Pope of Rome. 

     Mark was born in 1392 in Constantinople and from his youth yearned for monastic life which he embraced at the age of twenty-six, having abandoned a budding secular career that would have elevated him highly in the government of the Emperor. His name had been Manuel, but after becoming a monk he took the name Mark, which one of the Apostles is called,  symbolized by a lion.  Mark, like a roaring lion, dispersed all the unionists along with the papists. He prevented the union which would have destroyed the entire Church of Constantinople by placing it under the slipper of the Pope. The Orthodox were much like Esau, ready to sell out the truths of Orthodoxy not for lentils, but to save the City.

   It is not beneficial or lifegiving but is suicidal to harbor a desire to surrender Orthodoxy, abandon Christ and choose the Pope as head of the Church. Orthodoxy stands with the whole truths handed down to her from Christ and the Apostles, and the Holy Fathers which are safely secured in the Church by the Holy Spirit. Christ does not desire the union of His Church with anyone, rather He calls all mankind to “Come unto me . . .”, that is, unite yourselves to me, for I am your Head, your Teacher and your only Hope. The Papacy does not seek unity with Christ but chose to substitute a vicar in place of the Godman. 

   Returning to Mark’s background, he reluctantly accepted ordination out of obedience to the Patriarch, and was elevated to Metropolitan at the age of forty-six.  When preparations were made to meet with the Latins to attempt a reunion, Mark held high hopes that such a union would take place. At his time in history, the Byzantine Empire had been reduced to the City of Constantinople, and the enemy was making preparations to grab that prize.  The Turkish threat was a serious menace, and many knew that  it was only a matter of time before the city fell into the hands of the Moslems.