Thursday, November 5, 2015




     On the front page of the Orthodox Observer (October 2015 Vol. 80, No. 1309) which is  the official publication of the Greek Archdiocese, is depicted a happy meeting in which are shown the embracing of Archbishop Demetrios and the Bishop of Rome Pope Francis! What was this happy occasion?  Perhaps the Pope had decided to become Orthodox? Or has the Pope sheathed his two-edged sword and become a toothless tiger?  Neither of these!  The Pope doesn’t change but continually seeks domination. The Pope is doing what he always does, waging incessant warfare against Orthodoxy, through its leaders,  posing as the chief infallible bishop of Christ’s holy Church, which he is not.  The Pope continuously seeks to devour the true Church and place it under his dominion. Here he has accomplished a great deal getting an archbishop to show  approval of him and to embrace him with sweet affectionate smiles!

     Orthodox leaders who embrace the Pope and recognize him as a true bishop of Christ are necessarily either deluded or unfaithful to Orthodoxy, for by their actions, in recognizing the Pope as a legitimate bishop they are necessarily denying that we are the one and only true catholic and apostolic Church. We the faithful are correct when we confess Orthodoxy to be true and this makes it impossible to recognize another church and its leaders to also be true. The papacy has never been the Church but is the papacy led not by a genuine bishop but by an “infallible” pope, with absolute authority and absolute  power.

     Jesus Christ, the Founder and Head of His  Holy Orthodox Church is God who became an incarnate man being both divine and human.  As Christ the Head is one so His Body the Church He founded is also one. The Roman Catholic church or Papacy is not the church which Christ founded but is extremely foreign to Christ and His Church. The Orthodox Church, the Body of Christ, like its Head is also divine and human. The Papacy makes no claim to divinity but addresses itself as a mere human institution with a human head for an ordinary sinful man replaces Christ as its head. The Pope, not Christ, is the head of the Papacy. The Pope, usurping the Holy Spirit, teaches his followers and reminds them of all that he believes they must know. Christ teaches that the Holy Spirit is sent by Him for this exact purpose. The papacy has nothing in common with Orthodoxy for it preaches different doctrines and man-written gospels, also they do not baptize by triune immersion. The Pope does not seek union with the Orthodox but domination sin order to take complete control of Christ’s holy Church. He could be successful except for this one reason. Christ is the Head of our Church and we strongly believe that He will not allow an enemy to take control of His Church. However those within the Church who embrace and recognize and proclaim that the pope is legitimate and true to Christ will have to answer for unfaithful behavior.  For almost two-thousand years, Orthodoxy has preserved true doctrine as taught by Christ and permanently preserved in sacred written and oral tradition. For almost a thousand years, Rome has chosen to leave the Church and continues to claim itself and their Popes to be the one and only true church of Christ.

     Orthodox leaders have apparently disregarded history, including the papal invasion of Constantinople by the murderous crusaders. The destruction and rape of the city and its inhabitants can never be reversed or forgotten, for they never stop their attacks. The city was so badly affected and softened that it fell to the Moslems in 1453. The papists set up of a western type government, always seeking to unite the Orthodox under the Pope, and this continued until their defeat by the Orthodox. Some will say that this took place long ago which is true. So what?  History shows it to be continuing and frequent events. 

     Let’s look at modern times! During WWII the Serbians were slaughtered by  papal forces blessed by papal Archbishop Stepinac, whom the papacy has made a cardinal and he is soon  to be made a saint! During WWII the papists made sport when they murdered the Serbian Orthodox Christians.  Dancing around the Orthodox prisoners, bellowing and laughing, they slowly cut them to death in pieces with their swords. (This is recorded in history)

     In the thousand years before Rome became the papacy they were part of the true Orthodox Church but they arrogantly sought but failed to take under their dominion the entire Church. They abandoned the  Orthodoxy faith and designed  a  new religion wherein the Pope replaces both Jesus Christ as the only Head and the Holy Spirit as Guide.

     The papacy is not a friend of Orthodoxy, for one who seeks to devour and destroy you cannot be  your friend but is surely an enemy. History shows this to always have been true but these are dark days. The Pope only smiles and the Orthodox leaders appear to be thrilled, deliberately publishing without shame happy pictures wherein they embrace the enemy of Orthodoxy.  Worse, having the pope as their friend, they continually neglect to teach the faithful the truth that Orthodoxy alone remains the one and only true Church, the only Body of Christ, and is the one and only way that leads to salvation and eternal life.  As Bishops these leaders who joyfully and publicly embrace the Pope, by their example teach the faithful that he is a benign and harmless friend and fellow Christian who serves Christ and has no interest in devouring the Orthodox. They forget that the popes have already robbed countless Orthodox churches, placing them under his dominion. The Pope created an organization known as the Unia and formerly Orthodox Christians, abandoned the Church and are now under the popes and known as Uniates, also as Greek Catholics. (Note: Google “uniates” if unfamiliar)

   The Orthodox Observer dutifully ought to publish and do the following subjects. Teach the faithful what Orthodoxy is about, that there is only one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, that outside of the Church there is no hope of salvation according to Jesus Christ.  That the Pope’s claim to be the head of heaven and earth is false and that union with the Pope is not the path to heaven. That Holy Communion does not exist in the papacy but only in Orthodoxy. That the Protestants who reject the truth of the Body and Blood of Christ forfeit their salvation, for they contradict Christ himself, who clearly says: “Take eat, this is my Body.”  The Observer ought to re-introduce Christ as the divine human Head of our divine human Church being the only Godman. They ought to teach about the myth of purgatory. They ought to teach that the Holy Spirit is our divine Guide whom Christ sent to remind us of everything. They ought to teach the faithful that there are no divine mysteries outside of the Church.  That Christ did not establish an infallible Pope, as the only real bishop in the true Orthodox Church. Real bishops are only found in Orthodoxy and outside of Orthodoxy there are no genuine bishops,  priests or deacons, no Eucharist and no forgiveness. If the Orthodox Observer teaches these truths, the apparently friendly relations and friendship with the Pope and their papal friends would soon cool off and the smiles will disappear.

     After writing this previous article, I glanced quickly through the Orthodox Observer to be check out certain facts. Then I read the following in amazement: 
“The Archbishop attended as a special guest of honor at the evening Roman Catholic Mass presided over by Pope Francis on September 26 at Madison Square Garden.”

     How can an Archbishop of Orthodoxy attend a forbidden papal mass as a  special honor? How can this be honorable when it recognizes the papacy as a church? How will the faithful Orthodox be edified when they confess Orthodoxy as the only true Church after these types of demonstrations?  It is forbidden by the Lord through Scripture to celebrate with them for this honors the papacy and recognizes it as being holy and equal to Orthodoxy which is an impossibility. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015




From the Prologue of Ochrid, Vol 4 p 130,131

The   Holy King Milutin

      “The son of Uros I and Queen Helena and brother of Dragutin, he fought fiercely to defend his faith and his people.  He fought against (Emperor) Michael Palaeologus because the latter had accepted union with Rome and was putting pressure on the whole Balkan people and the monks of Athos to accept the Pope. He fought against Shishman, King of Bulgaria, and Nogai, King of the Tartars, to defend his country from them. All his wars were successful, for he prayed constantly to God and put himself in His hands. He built more than forty churches, both in his own land (Treskavac, Gracanica, St. George in Nagorie, the Holy Mother of God in Skoplje, Banjska and so forth) and in Salonica, Sophia, Constantinople, Jerusalem and on the Holy Mountain.  He entered into rest in the Lord on October 29th, 1320, and his body was soon seen to be uncorrupt and wonderworking. It is still preserved in that state today in the Church of the Holy King in Sophia.

Author’s note: Milutin was married twice, not four times as detractors would have it; first to Elizabeth, a Hungarian princess, and then to Simonida, a princess of Byzantium.


     That great son of the Orthodox Church, King Milutin, saved the Balkans from Uniatism.  At the moment when the Byzantine Emperor’s conscience was weakened, this knightly and godly Slav stood decisively, and with God’s help saved Orthodoxy, not only in his own land but throughout the Balkans.  He who examines the live of this holy King closely will understand why God gave him success after success throughout his life in all that he did.  When Milutin came to his throne, he immediately vowed to God that he would build as many churches as the years he reigned. He reigned for forty-two years, and built forty-two churches.  Besides some of his churches, as in Salonica and Constantinople, he built hospitals for the poor, where they received everything without payment. 

     Apart from that, he took   pleasure in giving to the poor out of his own enormous wealth.  This powerful and wealthy king often dressed himself in simple clothing and, at night, with two or three of his servants, walked among the people, enquring for the needy and generously helping the poor.  In the midst of his great wealth, he lived a very simple family life, though he never showed this side of himself to outsiders.  He had become accustomed to a simple way of life when still in the house of Uros his father. It is told how the Emperor Michael Palaeologus sent his daughter Anna with a delegation to the court of King Uros, offering her to Milutin in order to win the Serbian king to union with Rome.  But King Uros, seeing the senseless Byzantine luxury of the princess and her entourage, exclaimed: “‘hat is all this, and what is it for We are not accustomed to this sort of life! He indicated a Serbian princess with a distaff in her hand: See, he said, this is the sort of thing we expect in our daughter-in-law.’”     (Prologue of Ochrid)