Thursday, October 22, 2015



      Men seek permanent happiness which inspires them to aim toward a variety of promising  goals which apparently will fulfill the permanent happiness for which they are seeking.  Some men surmise that happiness can be found  in the accumulation of   lots of money so that they start a business, while others take advantage of  a potentially good investment with the hope that it will multiply and place them on the path leading to permanent happiness which also gives them feelings of security and well being.  In time their financial situation  may greatly increase, and blossom into immense funds. In every case, even though money becomes more than abundant, certain happiness remains evasive, and  various troubles may arise and many things can happen to affect the apparent happiness they hoped for in accumulating  riches. These things are well known to those who have already experienced this course for the quest of money to fulfill the high hopes of happiness. Some may decide to keep the money at home, avoiding the bank, then thieves may break in and steal, or fire could wipe out their money and perhaps their home, and they quickly become poor, for their money disappears, and they believe with it goes their dhope for happiness.  Another with his accumulated wealth marries a most beautiful woman who swindles him of all his money. His hopes go up in smoke! Investment and other methods of increasing money are attractive but are  also dangerous even leading to sickness and death.
      History shows that even banks have failed wiping out  peoples savings. There are countless ways to lose money such as business or investment failure. There are many dangers such as armed robbery and kidnaping for ransom. If nothing detrimental happens there remains no permanent and lasting happiness in the possession of great wealth for it is a  delusion that money can purchase permanent happiness. Others may become caught up with possessing great wealth that cause them do without essentials so as to possess even more, and they accumulate more and more money becoming more and more miserable. But happiness always remains evasive and will never be found in the accumulation of great wealth. Neither will it be found in material things which for all of matter’s life eventually dies.

Monday, October 19, 2015



Great members of the Kingdom!
Martyrdom for them is the door to eternal life.

Andrew the first call was crucified.
Bartholomew was crucified, skinned, beheaded.
James, son of Zebedee was beheaded.
John the Theologian translated without death.                                                                                                                         
Matthew the Evangelist was burned by fire.
Matthias, replaced Judas Iscariot he was stoned;
then after death he was beheaded with an axe.
Peter (Simon), Andrew’s brother was crucified                                 upside down.
Philip was crucified.
Simon the Zealot of Canna was crucified.v    
Thaddeus was crucified.
Thomas was pierced with five spears.

Pre-eternal, no such word or no such place
for only God is eternal and nothing precedes Him
Mistranslation of (pro-aionion) before the ages

Lust; There us no such word in the Greek Bible;
It is a mis-translation of the Greek word                                              (epithimyou)  “desire”

Righteous, no such word in Greek Bible. This
mistranslates dikeosyni the correct word for justice

This is found in the phrase: This is my beloved son                           in whom I am well pleased (evdokisa) should read:                           in whom I have well-decided or in whom I approve

You are a loving God, (filanthropos) correctly                                   translated isYou are the lover of man.

In the Lord’s Prayer; Give us this day our daily                                 Bread;Correct translation of (ton arton imon, ton                               epiousion) is Give us this day our most essential                               bread, referring to the Holy Eucharist, this is used                             right before partaking.