Friday, February 5, 2016



“Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through
 the knowledge of Jesus our Lord”  (2  Peter 1:2)

“Let us create man in our own image and likeness”

     Knowledge of God is the most important knowledge that we can ever acquire, while ignorance of God is the worse condition of every man and the reason why is the consequences. Knowledge of man is also extremely important as it deals with our ultimate and eternal destiny. The Scriptural quotation above promises that “grace and peace will be multiplied” in   the souls of those who know Him and Jesus Christ, the Godman whom He has sent into the world.

     Constant and ever increasing “grace and peace” is acquired through knowledge and keeping the commandments of Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus Christ being the Logos of God incarnate is the Head of the Holy Orthodox Church wherein is preserved all the knowledge of God and man and man’s true destination through the door of death. This is the final trip that all men will certainly  take but it is not the door to heaven where everyone goes as so many think. It is the door to either everlasting life or to the dread judgment and eternal death.

God is so much more than just “the Creator”. For He is the one and only source of everything we could ever desire.  St. Paul says that God is love!  None of us would be able to express or experience love if God did not implant love into our souls. God’s love is a perfect and lasting love which desires to keep us happy and blessed.

     We cannot describe God in words but we have learned much through the words and deeds of Jesus Christ, who is both God and man who dwelled among us. We learned that he requires that we have faith in Him, recognizing Him as truly God wand truly man also.  He is compassionate and kind, loving and patient, the source of all knowledge and the bountiful giver of life.  We become closer to God when we struggle to keep all His commandments and seek to do His will instead of our own will. To gain everlasting life we must seek to become like God, and this struggle will enable us to acquire a better knowledge about Him. Nestled deep in human hearts is a desire for what is good and beneficial but few there be who act upon this and acquire eternal life which is promised to the faithful.

     It is God’s will that we rid ourselves of every vice and He is without any vice being the source of all virtue and perfection of life. God is a healer and heals every infirmity, gives eyes to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and raises the paralytics. God is just and he will condemn the faithless who reject Him out of the hardness of their hearts. Such were the Scribes and Pharisees whom Christ chastised for their hardness and resultant wickedness. But He embraces with great joy all who come to Him in sincere faith.

God is truth and the source of all truth; God is peace and the source of all peace. He is kind and the source of all kindness.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


     The powers that be have personified nature by what surrounds us as mother nature, and this does much to hide truth of God’s eternal providence. Nature is not a person so they are calling mother nature what in reality is God’s total control over all creation, for everything that exists depends on the Creator. Our Lord with His disciples during a sea storm told the wind and sea to be quiet and they obeyed becoming calm. What is wrong with personification?  The main thing is that it denies God’s control over everything, and this will be of interest to those who accept  the truth that God undeniably exists. God created everything heavenly and earthly. 

     Every material thing that God created, microscopic or gigantic. has a substance and nature which describes them, making it possible for us to understand and able to distinguish.  All substances and  natures are under the Lord’s control and are not from mindless mother nature. Only God the Creator controls everything that has existence being the Creator of all. The population of the present world is over 7 billion which exists due to the extremely wonderful and glorious  providence of God. How is it possible for those who deny Him to walk on His ground, eat His food, drink His water and breathe His air. travel in His sky, sail on His water, cut down His trees, and so much more but in their denial they prove to be ingrates, for instead of marveling and glorifying Him, they deny His existence.

     We use the term “God undeniably exists” because it is critical to proceed from one truth to another. The truth of God’s existence is undeniable except in the minds of fools, for “the fool says in his heart, there is no God.” Man, who is the image of God, testifies to the truth of the reality of God for the simple fact that man is a real creature which has existence but is not his own maker. To deny the Creator, one would need to deny creation and creatures.