Friday, May 27, 2016


Christ is risen!

      Among people of the world this expression is often used: “My how time flies!” Seconds quickly change into minutes, then hours, days, months and we count the years which quickly pass us by. My how time flies!  We marry, have children and already may have celebrated our thirtieth anniversary. We see the years as they zip by and soon the idea of death flashes before our eyes. Then we may see a  neighbor pass away, causing the thought of our own death which many prefer to shun. Why? We see that most people avoid even the thought of death and some think that it is the end of everything, including ourselves. This is not the truth, for Jesus Christ is the source of all life. We will show that death is not the end but a completely new beginning worth looking forward to with great joy.  The beauty is that looking forward to death as something wonderful which will fill us with joy at its approach, and this is the way God desires us to  prepare, with joy and wonderful anticipation.

     The truth is that Jesus Christ came and abolished death. So we sing: “Christ is risen from the death trampling down death by death and bestowing life upon those in the tombs.”  Jesus Christ is not the author of death but is the Giver and Source  of all life. He declared to His disciples when Lazarus had been dead for four days.  “Lazarus is not dead but is asleep, but I go to wake him out of sleep.” Jesus went to the four-day dead Lazarus, “He cried out in a loud voice, Lazarus come forth. And he that was dead came forth bound hand and foot with graveclothes. Jesus said loosen him and release him.” Four-days dead Lazarus is alive as Christ shows to everyone that He alone is the author of all life. The evil one lost its power and  authority and has become helpless before Christ.

      Christ’s teaching declares that He has conquered death and as His disciples we are now empowered by Christ. It begins with our baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ. Then the seal of the Holy Spirit and the keeping of all His commandments all the days of our life. This changes everything and now death has become most desirable and an important change in our life will be on the day we die or fall asleep in the Lord. For the tomorrow of day of our death is life eternal. It is happiness and joy in the love and kingdom of Christ.

     For when we have faith in and obey Christ we become true believers, with great consequences for this and this day will never end. It is our permanent entry into timeless and endless eternity, which belongs to God alone and is filled with great joy and beauty. The day we die we will enter  the day of eternity and on this day we will never die for Christ has destroyed death’s authority forever.

     So now with great joy, we can anticipate the day after our death which we call tomorrow. It is eternal constant and endless happiness living in God forever, Continuous and permanent happiness is our real present and future which we can all look forward to with thankfulness and gratitude to God who created us and gave us the eternal Tomorrow. Tomorrow, the day after our death! Beautiful tomorrow! It is here that God reigns and shares His eternal life with all those who love Him!