Monday, December 29, 2014



“And He shall come again in glory, to judge the living and the dead, whose kingdom will have no end.”

      Repeatedly, in the Creed of our Orthodox Faith, we show our faith and strong belief in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God . . . “who shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.” We repeatedly confess this in Church expressing our inner belief in words of the Creed. There is another witness to the final judgment that accuses and excuses us, which is our conscience through which God communicates with us. Our conscience reminds us, at times stinging us when we do wrong and other times praising us when we avoid evil and strive to do only good. A good conscience is a blessing which causes our souls to be at rest and peaceful, a contribution to our happiness in this world.

     Will there be a judgment, some  ask doubtfully and if so, why? The answer is emphatically yes, and the why is testified to by the fact that it is very natural to be judged as we are presently subject to numerous  judgments by others in  many aspects of our lives. This is because we are free and therefore responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds, and freedom always bears responsibility. Whether attending school, at work, in business, or in any other endeavor we are frequently subject to various sets of rules and laws which we must obey under the threat of punishment or the promise of reward by continued freedom and possible gain. A man steals from his employer and is terminated,or goes to jail and often both. Another man is faithful to his employer and enjoys a peaceful and productive life and perhaps a pension. In every aspect of our lives, because we are free, we undergo judgment, whether walking, driving, sitting, standing, whether in schools, universities, or politics. Wherever there is freedom of decision and action there is necessarily responsibility for actions whether good or bad. Freedom is conditional and can be either suspended or taken away taken away from us in the form of punishment and confinement. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014



The Orthodox Church teaches that all bishops are equal. Of course there are different ranks of bishops (patriarch, archbishop, metropolitan, bishop); nevertheless a bishop is a bishop, for the differences apply to the administration, not to the nature of the bishop. Each bishop is ordained and at this ceremony he places his very soul, as a servant, into the hands of Christ, promising  do only His will and to serve only His undivided One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The function of every bishop in Orthodoxy is to fast and pray and become holy, to care for the poor, living in holiness and truth as he watches over and protects the one true Church, from enemies within and without. His and our effort must be to increasingly become more like Christ. The bishop is to be a shepherd and protector, and a defender and teacher of the Faith. His prime duty is to care for  the flock entrusted to him by the Lord, and he is responsible for each one. By his example and teaching and struggle he must strive to bring every soul possible into the everlasting Kingdom of heaven in the Orthodox Church. His teaching of the faithful, as Scripture commands is that they abandon and confess every sin and become more like Christ, according to His words: “Be holy as I am holy. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”.  

Other duties are to always preserve and protect the Faith pure and without change,  and defend the Holy Orthodox Church against all attacks. The bishop must do all in his power to keep the Church free from schisms and heresies, encroachments and plots. Upon ordination every Bishop confesses and agrees to preserve the Sacred Creed, follow the Holy Scripture, adhere to and accept the Seven Ecumenical Synods, Local Synods  and the Sacred Canons, as well as the Holy Fathers, the entire Church tradition, with its dogmas and beliefs.  

     The Bishop necessarily must become an excellent example of Christ before men, following and behaving like Christ, walking in the footsteps of the Apostles, preserving and expounding their teaching to the faithful. Watch over his priests seeing that they preserve the Holy Orthodox Faith without corruption. The bishop raises those who have fallen from grace, recognizes the truth to be true and the lie to be a lie, never confusing them.  He agrees to confess the definitions of the right and pure faith solely held by Orthodoxy, and continually instruct the faithful in the faith, enabling them to assist in her defense as well. It is as important to defend the truth of the Churches uniqueness as it is that of Jesus Christ.

     The ecumenist bishops, loudly and clearly, deny the uniqueness of Orthodoxy, thus betray the true faith, by dialogues, kisses and hugs as well as  concessions to heretics. speaking from the platform of ecumenism with amplified voices.  They shamelessly betray the Faith and address heretics as being their brothers and brothers of Christ. Although the Lord founded one Church they  dogmatize that there are two disunited sister churches, that need to be united because the Church is divided. Then they dare to say that this is the will of the undivided Christ.  This is not something new, for it  was agreed in the betrayal at Balamand. In 1994.

Saturday, December 20, 2014



   In grammar school we were taught about Juan Ponce de Leon, and learned that he was seeking the fountain of youth.  Later I thought this story was just a myth but it in researching it sounds correct as there is an archeological park in St. Augustine, Florida called the Fountain of Youth. The thinking concerning the fountain of youth, is that by drinking from it  youth would be restored and you would not grow old but enjoy eternal youth!  All you had to do was to continue to drink from the Fountain of Youth.  

     Many people carry so many agonies in this word without ever realizing the promise of the future, and a real Fountain of Youth. Here we marvelously declare that there is a real and even greater Fountain of youth readily and freely available to all men. He is the Giver of life and the nourisher of our souls and bodies, but what is supremely important is that Jesus Christ is the only Lover of all mankind! He offers everyone  not only the Fountain of youth, but the Fountain of eternal life. (The writer is 91 years of age, but always feels inwardly like a very young man – truly due to the Fountain of youth).   

     Here is the offer to freely drink of this divine and abundant fountain. He who speaks is the Living Fountain and Creator of heaven and earth and of everything that exists. He cries out to all the human race no one being excluded. We first must acknowledge that we are sinners who regret our past sins. Jesus Christ the Son of God is our Lord and our Savior, and came to be crucified to cleans us from our sins and free us forever from the power of the devil. He welcomes us with open arms, the arms of Almighty God, embracing and kissing us. He bestows upon each of us every blessing and lasting happiness. Christ welcomes us all with these sweet words offering us to drink from the Living Fountain of youth and the Fountain of life.

“If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink.”

   Christ is much more than the Fountain of youth, being the Fountain of all life, the Fountain of exceeding happiness and the only genuine hope of eternal life and joy, as He says: “I am the way and the truth and the life. . .” Christ is the Fountain of truth and wisdom and in Him is found everything that man could possible desire! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014




     God alone is the irreplaceable Creator and Father and no one can take His place for He is uncreated, immortal and all powerful. Eternally the Father is giving birth to His Son and Logos, and the Holy Spirit who emanates from the Father. The three are one and the one are three. They are complete equal in nature and in essence, one God in Trinity.

     Christ is the Head and Founder of His Church and being divine and human, His Church like Him, is also divine and human. Christ clearly shows who would succeed Him when He said: “My Father previously worked and now I work.”  The Father had established a covenant with Abraham and  through Moses and the Prophets with the Hebrew nation. He prepared man for the next phase of His work. When He sent His own beloved Son, to whom the Prophets bore witness and who says, now I work, and what a wonderful work, work of suffering His Passion, being mocked and crowned with thorns and crucified.
     Christ promised that He would never leave us but be with us until the close of the age, and he established exactly who would succeed Him, not as a vicar or representative but the Lord Himself  to remind them of all that He said and  be their Comforter, the Holy Spirit of truth, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the Father and He will guide you and remind you of all my words. Just before His death on the Cross, Christ said: “It is finished”. It is finished for the victory was His, by His unjust condemnation and crucifixion.  Then fifty days after the Resurrection, on the day of  Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon them all just as Christ promised, and Church was energized brilliantly with light and life. For they were filled with Holy Spirit.

Sunday, December 14, 2014




 The pope’s visit to Constantinople and current discussion of uniting the true Church of Christ – Holy Orthodoxy, with the contrary papacy, but Orthodox Christian big and small must by duty respond id they wish to save their own souls, hence this article. 

     The Roman Church did not become the papacy overnight it was a gradual process. This is a  contribution toward understanding the truth as why the papacy was dis-united or separated from the Orthodox Church for a over a thousand years. We will mention some changes in the papacy preceding and following their apostasy from Orthodoxy, which should have been examined by  hierarchical “negotiators” prior to any talks.  

     It is an undeniable fact that Orthodoxy is the Church,and anyone who denies this has forfeited his Orthodox beliefs.  Orthodoxy never separated from the Roman Church, and it is foolish to say so because Orthodoxy is the Church of Jesus Christ and is our Head.  The Roman church was once a part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. However the Latins changed the Roman Church into the papacy headed by an infallible pope The cause of the papacy being dis-united or separated was and remains until this day their descent into blackness of supreme arrogance which floods the minds and hearts of the Roman Catholic leaders.  For this arrogance instigated them to descend to the  depths of folly and insanity, which St. Photios describes. for they not only laid claims to be “the only Church” but they introduced numerous heresies, and even changed the changeless creed of our Faith. They have waged war against Orthodoxy since before the time of the Crusades, during the time and in modern times they continue the same warfare, maiming and killing Orthodox Christians, who refuse to become their followers or papists.

     The Papacy has never denounced its numerous heresies nor have they got rid of one of them, nor have they repented. They seek union under their dominion without abandoning there errors and without returning to the true Church, and having not done so, talks of union by the Orthodox bishops constitute a betrayal of Orthodoxy, and a sinful waste of time. What error has the papacy corrected?  What changes have they made by abandoning serious heresies  and embracing truth? What lies and blasphemies have they stopped telling and confessed?  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



     The Latin papists went to the Athonite peninsula and systematically terrorized the Great  Lavra, Iveron and Vatopedi leaving behind some forced or frightened converts. But also a company of Orthodox martyrs and confessors in the ruins.  The Papists then went north of Konstamonitou. In the interior of the Athos peninsula, to the Monastery of the Holy Great Martyr George known as Zographou. The monastery lies on top of a rise, tucked into a woody fold hidden from the sea.  From the 13th C. onward, the monastery was under the control of Bulgarian monks.

     At that time the hegumen of Zographou was Abbot Thomas. He became aware of the papal marauders seeking Orthodox souls. As told in the following moving account. There was a certain virtuous and aged monk who lived in Zographou’s vineyard, being about one-half hours walk to the south west.  His rule of prayer was to recite the Akathist Hymn to our most holy Lady, the Theotokos/ He pronounced the Akathist daily before her icon, where she is depicted holding the Christ Child in a Directress-type icon. 

      One day as he was reciting his customary rule, and was at that part where the Archangel Gabriel greets the Virgin Mary, saying, “Rejoice,”, the elder suddenly heard from the sacred icon the following words. “You rejoice also, O elder of God!”  The old monk began to tremble.  He then heard the Mother of God’s voice coming from the icon, saying to him, “Do not fear, but go quickly to the monastery, and announce to the brothers and to the abbot that enemies both of my Son and I are approaching.  Whoever, therefore, is weak in spirit, in patience let him hide until temptation passes.  All those who desire martyric crowns, let them stay and lock themselves within the monastery. Go, therefore, quickly.” The old monk fell before the icon, asking, “How, Lady, shall I leave you my protectress in this place?” She replied, “Concern not yourself for me, but hasten to the monastery.”   (Note that the Theotokos identifies the papists as her and her Son’s enemies!)

     The elder obeyed the voice and the will of our all-undefiled Lady.  He left his cell, hastening as much as possible to the monastery, that each one might be granted time to consider which way he might choose. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014



     For two thousand years loving our Church, we all have confessed and believe in, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which we call Orthodoxy, has always recognized the truth, that we are the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and never deviating from truth. Popes have sought union with Orthodoxy many times, but resistance inspired by the Holy Spirit forbade them. Orthodoxy knows that the popes do not seek union but domination because this is all they know.  

     Many Orthodox patriarchs have steadfastly resisted the popes’ quests on reunion. There was a booklet against the papacy published by the bishops of Constantinople which is still available and is called: The Reply to the Pope’s Overtures on Reunion.  This book identifies why union is not possible due to the many of the heresies adopted by the papacy, especially the superiority and infallibility of the Pope of Rome.

      Patriarch Bartholomew is openly dividing Orthodoxy with his new un-Orthodox innovations that are certainly not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Neither he nor anyone else can honestly deny Orthodoxy’s being exclusively the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the only true Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Church of the Seven Ecumenical Synods,  is undivided and guided by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus Christ, the Head of Orthodoxy is divine and human, so His Body the Church is the same, divine and human. It is a perfect divine human Church “without wrinkle or spot or anything”, filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit it has everything needed for salvation. This Church has absolutely nothing in common with the Papacy or Protestantism, but is filled with holiness and divine truth. Just as Christ, the divine-human man is indestructible, so His Body the Divine-human Church is also indestructible, for no one can  prevail against it as the Lord firmly promises: “The gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

     The Patriarch has already forged a false union with the papacy, by recognizing their sacraments  and embracing and incensing their bishops and honoring their pope Concerning Christ we say: One is holy; one is Lord; Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Amen. Singing of our Head we also sing of the Orthodox Church: One is holy; one is the Church, Orthodoxy, to the glory of God the Father. Amen. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



     Every human being from his entrance into the world until he exits, finds himself between danger and salvation. A new born babe cannot be left to itself but needs care even as do small children.  During every stage of growth there is a continuous struggle between danger and salvation.  Infants, children, and adults all face different yet potent dangers, and ways of salvation from them. Different paths in life present various degrees of dangers but they are ever present and we are sometimes aware and at other times unaware of them.  It is a common desire of all of us to avoid dangers and save our lives, by always being alert of the salvation of the present danger, hoping to avoid and always be safe from any danger.

     In the physical world we encounter many dangers, many of which, like many accidents are unavoidable, and these threaten our salvation and at times even our lives. Among the dangers in the physical world are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blasting cold and scorching heat and danger from falling objects which can strike without warning and without salvation, for all dangers cannot be laid aside for salvation. We encounter many dangers whether we travel by land, air or sea. Automobile and airplane travel places us in greater danger than being at home which makes it good to be careful when we travel. 

     We live in  a social/political world being affected by its many dangers and the means of salvation. These dangers include revolutions, wars, political upheavals. There is the danger of being a victim of crime or accident, as well as dangers also to the criminal from justice, dangers in places of work, in schools and in the entire social-political realm. Dangers are sometimes severe in workplaces or in particular trades of men.

     There is danger above and below, on our left and our right and behind us, and we prudently do whatever we can to avoid all the dangers and so seek salvation. In the social-political world, we are comforted by the forces that maintain good order and disquieted by the evil forces which attempt  by insurrection to disrupt or destroy the peaceful social/political order.  In this social/political world friendship, brotherly love, mutual kindness and compassion and respect for others. serve to diminish dangers and increase hopes of salvation. Anger, revenge, envy, selfishness, bitterness and hatred, arise in the souls of men causing many dangers to arise against others. 

   By examining everything rationally within ur hearts we come to a firm conclusion, which is also confirmed by the Holy Scripture, that the good and benevolent God is the source of salvation and goodness and that an evil force exists which instigates men, arousing enmity and greed instigating men to harm or kill others.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Preparation for Christmas

     As Orthodox Christians, we celebrate Thanksgiving, not with sumptuous meals for we have learned how to fast and how to feast. In every season we render thanksgiving to God, and are now in the midst of the annual 40 day fast before the Nativity of Christ, preparing to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ, being born in the flesh from the Virgin in Bethlehem.  But we celebrate our American Thanksgiving with a feast of fish which we greatly enjoy. We strive to keep the our lives centered on the New Child to be born in Bethlehem lying in the manger. He is our Lord, for and the source of our lives and our existence who is also our great Benefactor. We also are most thankful for our country and its many benefits and we thank the Lord for our  life in the United States of America.

     There is something very important about the subject of  thanksgiving to Orthodox Christians that sets it apart for us from everything else.  While, according to American tradition, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day once a year, we celebrate and offer prayers and thanksgiving to God , not on one day, but every single day of our lives, for it is from Him whom we live and have our being. It is from Him that our country has received its bounty. No matter much and how often we offer thanksgiving to God, we can never offer enough gratitude, considering  all that he has done for us and given to us.  If we could offer him songs as numberless as the sand we would still have done nothing worthy of all that He has given to us. We will name a few. Our very existence and being. Our body soul and spirit. Our intellect, consciousness, our freedom and fervent hope.

      The importance of continuous thanksgiving is apparent to us for it is the name of the mystery celebrated at every Divine Liturgy, which is “the Eucharist”, a Greek word which translated is

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



      Recently a spokesman for the Ecumenical Church, Dositheos Anagnostopoulos said some outrageous things about our holy faith and the inevitable union, in his view of Holy Orthodoxy with the unholy papacy.  He evens speaks more like a papist than an Orthodox, saying that the Patriarch and Pope  will  “hear Mass”.  While this phrase may apply to the papal  mass, it is most inappropriate to apply it to Orthodox Christians who do not go to hear, but to celebrate the greatest and most glorious mystery in all history, wherein  angels concelebrate with us and heaven bends down and embraces us so that we are in the kingdom of heaven – this is the Holy Orthodox Divine Liturgy!

   The spokesman says that there is different canon law but “no theological dispute.”  Orthodoxy does not have Canon Law, but we do have the Law of Christ. Sacred Canons have never been considered as laws and that is why they are limited to be used by bishops, who can apply them with leniency or strictness.

   "No theological dispute?” It is a gigantic theological dispute! And this man is an Orthodox clergyman?  The Pope claims to be the head of the church, the only one who represents God on earth, the infallible master of the all Christianity answerable to no one but never allowing himself to be questioned or challenged. The pope also considers himself the only guide of the church.  What does this mean and is it a theological dispute? Not at all. It is the overthrow of Jesus Christ as the only Head of the Church and of the Holy Spirit as the only Guide of the church, and the popes have usurped the authority of God himself, waged war against the Church, slaughtered Orthodox Christians, is in apostasy from the Church, reject the Holy Fathers and the Sacred Canons. They have attacked and torn down the Roman Church and on its ruins have built the papacy which is not a church at all, but a fabrication by the apostates.

  The spokesman says that “the pope is considered as the representative of Jesus Christ on earth that is for all Christians”.  This is an false statement or a gross error.  The correct statement should be: “the pope has been dogmatised by the papacy as the sole representative of Christ on the earth, stating that all Christians must submit to him.”

     The spokesman claims no theological disputes, and this is untrue. One dispute was argued by St. Gregory Palamas with the papacy who claimed that divine grace was created, while Orthodoxy calls it uncreated coming from directly from God. He says that "dogmas hardly differ.

     Dogmas hardly differ! So untrue!
    Let us examine the fundamental dogmas of both Orthodoxy and the papacy and behold the extreme difference.

Orthodoxy: Fundamental Dogma: Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and head of the Church

Papacy Fundamental Dogma: Believe that the Pope of Rome is the Vicar of Christ, the supreme and only authority in the church whom we must accept as head, guide and teacher of the church.


The Popes of Rome without shame dogmatized as truth from heaven the extreme falsehood that the Pope alone  is the supreme authority in the Church:  Here is what they say: 

      “We renew the definition of the ecumenical council of Florence, in virtue of which all the faithful of Christ must believe that;  “the Holy Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff possesses the primacy over the whole world, and that the Roman Pontiff is the successor of Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostle, and is the true Vicar of Christ, and the Head of the whole Church, and the Father and teacher of all Christians, and that full power was given to him in Blessed Peter to rule, feed, and govern the Universal Church”. 
(Decrees of Vatican Council on Faith and the Church,  p 15, Chair of Unity Apostolate, Graymoor Garrison NY.  

    Whoever accepts and joins in union with the pope and papacy separates himself from union with Holy Orthodoxy and eternal life, loses union with the Head of Orthodoxy Jesus Christ, union with the Holy Apostles and Holy Fathers, union with the Theotokos and Holy Martyrs; union with the entire Kingdom of heaven.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



    The Elder Saint Porphyrios commenting on the Athonite vigils at Kavsokalyvia, said:  the Holy Spirit came and flooded the monk’s souls with heavenly joy.”  Saying this he offered us a wake up call,  “Even now the Holy Spirit wants to enter our souls, like it did them, but it respects our freedom.”   It does not want to violate it.  It wants for us to open the door on our own, and then it will enter the soul and transfigure it.” His words reminded us of the book of Revelation, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with me.” ( Rev. 3:20)

     Our good and compassionate  God discreetly knocks at the door of every frail man and awaits patiently for him to open it for Him.  This He does so as to render him truly fortunate. Yet man frequently wastes the freedom that God has granted to him, and remains closed in within his shut door and misery.  How many of us have the good sense to put into practice the supplication, to the Holy Spirit:“Heavenly King and Comforter, Spirit of Truth, come and abide in us?”  We are very foolish  in not desiring what is good and best for us, and even ignoring it. How many of us , while repeatedly uttering the appeal to “come, and abide in us”,  that  are not barred in to ourselves with the loneliness of our own security?  God respects our foolishness because that is also an expression of our freedom. One day the Elder said to me, “God respects our will.”  And other day he said: “Whatever we do, do it because we want to be  freely  responsible for  our own decisions.”

    Reflecting on this, God gave us freedom because He wants us to be like Him. God is love and we must become like Him, loving even our enemies as He commands.   Love is freedom and is bestowed freely on another, as we choose.  It is impossible to genuinely love without freedom. If we were as slaves we would obey and do what our master commands out of fear of punishment. If we were as servants we would do the same out of desire for wages. But we who love God and are free men we do it willingly, for only a free man is capable of love.  

Christ says: “If you love me keep my commandments.”  

Sunday, November 23, 2014




     Why does the  pope appears to be so friendly and exactly what are his motives?  He certainly does not want to become Orthodox for he believes that he is the vicar and infallible head of the Church of Christ, and he cannot  deny his primacy and infallibility, then what is his purpose in conducting meetings with Orthodox and others?  The answer lies in his thirst for universal domination of all Christians. He wants to swallow up the Orthodox, which is the objective of the papacy, rule over them  placing them under his dominion like the apostate uniates, who left Orthodoxy and commemorate his name. All he wants is recognition of who he is not, the head of the church and the only representative of Christ on earth.

  Sadly, we forget, but God and the victims never forget, the many crimes committed in the name of Jesus Christ by the papacy.  We Orthodox confess ourselves as being the Body of Christ and His holy Church, Why then do our upper leaders embrace and keep company with the very same inimical organization, whose past is stained with human blood.. Not only through their killer Crusades, but also through their demonic Inquisitions wherein they slaughtered myriads  and myriads 

     The Pope is not the Roman Papacy, for he comes and goes as its temporary head. Their claim that there were good and bad popes means nothing.  The crimes committed are by the organization called the papacy.  Popes claim to represent Jesus Christ.  How could anyone believe this when Christ is the humble and meek Godman who did only good, healing the sick, gave sight to the  blind, cleansed lepers and raised the dead. They cannot possible represent  Christ for Christ did not send out bloody crusades, nor did he conduct murderous inquisitions against opponents.   Here are a just a few of the tools which the papacy used against those who disagreed with them in their horrible inquisitions. If anyone says, well that was some time ago, they would like to forget but God never forgets, for every crime they committed is in the books of life and death. Take thought of the horror of the tools used by them and think – do we want to be their friend and fellow traveler?  Do we want to exalt those who debased humanity by their actions?  God does not forget.

These vicious tools were used by the inquisition against their own people.

Heavy pincers to tare out fingernails
The rack which stretched to dislocate joints
Thumbscrews to dislocate fingers

Molten lead to be poured into ears and mouth of victims
Hanging by the neck till dead
“Spanish boots” made to crush legs and feet

The Iron virgin was a hollow metal case with knives inside, which pierced the victim placed in it
Tools to gouge out eyes
Forced to jump off cliffs onto sharp spikes below

     "Making every allowance required of a historian and permitted to a Christian, we must rank the papal Inquisition along with the wars and persecutions of our time, as among the darkest blots on the record of mankind, revealing a ferocity unknown in any beast."
                                    (Will Durant,,  The Age of Faith p 784)

Let us heed the words of St. John of Kronstadt, who fell asleep in the Lord in December of 1908

Friday, November 21, 2014



     In the Orthodox Church we confess  ourselves as “the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”and  her  name as confessed by all Orthodox Christians throughout the world when they declare the sacred Creed. Why then do we all call her Orthodox? For the simple reason that heresies arose of old, addressing themselves as being the church, often using the church’s name, with various qualifiers, and later the Catholic Church did the same after sinking into the papacy. The papacy called themselves the one holy Catholic and apostolic church, and later the Roman Catholic church.. . The word Orthodoxy means the correct idea (doxa or do-keo “to think”)  or faith, and came into use to distinguish us from others including the heretical papacy. It is important how Orthodox Christians worldwide refer to their church with the name Orthodox.

     The history of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is clearly recorded in detail in its written tradition, specifically, the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. In this early record can  be found the answer  to  many questions or disputes  regarding the structure of the Church, and who is in charge.. If any right thinking person reads the Book of Acts with faith and sincerity, he will see that only Orthodoxy continues as the only continuation of the Apostolic Church recorded in the Book of the Acts of the Apostle/s. 

The Protestants will find out that the Christians in the Acts kept various fasts, celebrated the Eucharist, had bishops, priests and deacons, and honored the saints. The Roman Catholic will surely find that Peter was never  in charge of the Church, for if  he was they would have to answer to him and this would certainly be recorded.  You will see that they answered only to the Holy Spirit who alone is in charge and directed them.  You will also see clearly that Christ is the only head of his   body which is the Church..

     If you are not in the Church you are outside the realm of salvation and partaking of  the kingdom. However, the Church does not lead to the kingdom of heaven, it is the Kingdom of heaven. For this reason the first words that are uttered by the Priest when the Divine Liturgy begins is: “Blessed is the kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen. Those who are outside of this kingdom derive no benefit, but are welcome to come, believe and be baptized/

  Further, the Divine Liturgy is not merely a human expression but is divine-human, and angels always take part in this service, visible to a few. The Liturgy is very personal and yet shared by all. Among the  many actions are calls for prayers in peace, many petitions to the Lord for necessities, we also, honor and glorify the Most Holy Theotokos and all the Saints whom God greatly honors and glorifies. The Liturgy is always alive and extremely active, for the minds and hearts that are taking part, communicating wit the Lord and absorbing everything, make it a joy and fulfillment.

  When we take part in the Divine Liturgy, our united prayers ascend to the throne of God , being received for certain, by the Son of God who is our head, whom we glorify and worship as the Logos who came down and became incarnate of the Ever-virgin Mary and became the Godman. Few people realize that the Lord has accomplished for all of us, for he has brought our humble created humanity to the throne of God in heaven.

     Faithful and true Orthodox Christians will apologize for and defend our holy faith at all times and never agree that we are one of many different Christian religions., For Orthodoxy is not a religion among the many, being a divine revelation and a divine human entity, Christ himself is always the center of worship and is, according to His promise: “to be with us to the close of the age.”. In the Divine Eucharist, He feeds us with himself as food which strengthen and nourishes our souls and completely sanctifies us body, soul and spirit. Our beliefs and celebration is not pie in the sky, but is a firm, enlightening and glorious personal participation in and experience of the kingdom. This is especially understood in our part in the Divine Liturgy when we know that heaven enters and takes part making it both divine and human. Through the Liturgy we are sanctified and elevated to our real and final destination , which is eternal life as was promised by our lord, who faithful and the life of the world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


   Most Orthodox are familiar with their Priests in  local parishes but have little contact with bishops, who are over the Priest and under whose authority he serves, being unable to serve without a bishop. What should the faithful expect from their Bishop?  He ought to be a man aware of his fearful duties before God, for he must shepherd the flock assigned to him who has total authority over him, who is over all of us and is the Good. The Bishop is obligated before Christ to assure by monitoring the purity of  Orthodoxy under their jurisdiction.The Bishop must also monitor the attitude and Christian behavior of Priests and laity, the preservation of all truths and assuring himself for certain that all the faithful know and be reminded that they keep the commandments of  Christ.  The Bishop must present himself as an image of Christ before his Priests and people. He must  reflect the humility and meekness of Christ, The countenance of the bishop must also radiate the love and peace of Jesus Christ. The people must see in the Bishop only an image of Christ.

   The Priest must honor his Bishop as his father in Christ  and the Bishop must honor the Priest as his son in Christ. The Bishop must shine with the joy and the love of Christ before his Priests and before his flock.  The Bishop’s entire flock of sheep when under    good  bishop’s example are  required to emulate the Bishop and to so also become like Christ. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



     There is an all out attack taking place against and within Orthodoxy  that is poison to the souls of Orthodox Christians, for its aim is to deny these fundamental truths: which are not just true, but also are divine revelations.

1. Orthodoxy is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. 
2. Orthodoxy is the only true Church, there can be no other. 
3. Orthodoxy is the Body of Christ.
4. The Head of Orthodoxy is Jesus Christ.
5. Orthodoxy alone is guided by the Holy Spirit

     Jesus said:  “Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.” The Church is not a human institution, but is divine-human. When the Lord spoke the above words, He established that the gates of hades (mouths of heretics) would never prevail against His Church. That this promise has been kept is clearly seen by Church history, which shows that the Church Jesus Christ established remains untouched by heretics or heresy, even though attacks have been mounted from outside and within the Church. 

     That Jesus Christ is the only Head and Orthodoxy is His only Church and that the Church, cannot  be headed by a pope or patriarch, is shown to be true because the Church,  being the Body of Christ is  divine and human, necessarily can only have a divine-human Head. That the Church is divine and human is simple to grasp by its continuous divine and human functions, by its mysteries and wonder-working; by the abundant  outpouring of heavenly myrrh  everywhere, and by miracles as daily occurrences.

    As Jesus Christ the Godman is indestructible, so His Church cannot be destroyed, by anyone at anytime.  As Jesus Christ teaches only truth, so the Church His body also teaches the same  truth. Jesus Christ taught us of our Father in heaven and so the Church proclaims, “we dare to call upon Him, saying: Our Father who art in the heavens. . . ”  Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit is God and the Church always begins prayers with: “O heavenly King and Comforter, Spirit of truth . . . ”   Jesus Christ proclaimed: “Upon this rock I will build my church . . . and we proclaim our firm belief in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Jesus Christ established triune baptism as the only form and Orthodoxy alone baptizes in this manner.  Jesus Christ warns that He will come to judge the living and the dead and the Church enforces that warning: “And He shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.”  The harmony of the Church and Christ’s teaching is divine.

     The truths that the Church declares have always and will always be preserved within her.  She defines the precise books which belong to Holy Scripture, and that definition remains to this day. Heretics attacked the truth that Christ is God and man. The truth that He is God and man prevails in the Church to this day. Heretics attacked Christ’s dual nature, divine and human, and the Church continues believing in the two natures. Heretics attack  Orthodoxy as not being the true Church, but she remains and is alone the  true Church. Heretics attacked Orthodoxy as not being the only Church, but untouched she shines brighter than the sun alone enlightening the entire earth. Always being under attack meant that there were and are enemies within and outside the Church who seek to establish falsehood as true dogma, contradicting firmly established truths.

      Orthodox Christians!   Every one of us are duty bound and out of love for the church to place our interest in what is going on within the church, watch what our hierarchs are doing and listen carefully to what they are saying for the actual attacks against the Church continue and will continue, led by those who pretend to love her. The false idea and teaching that Orthodoxy is not the only true Church, that there is other churches outside of her, is being taught and preached during our days, especially among ecumenists The many meetings being held by the Orthodox with the Catholics over the years results in the bearing of poisonous fruit and blasphemy entering the Church.  Betrayers from within the Church have declared the papacy to be a sister church of Orthodoxy forgetting that one and one makes two and not one.  When they recite the Creed they say they believe in one church, but then go on to declare two churches. They blasphemously accuse the Holy Spirit of sanctifying the papacy and  her sacraments!  Imagine! This means that the Holy Spirit supports the pope and his papacy who falsely   lay claims to be the only true church, always seeking to destroy holy Orthodoxy. Also that He supports the pope who has usurped the authority of both Christ and the Holy Spirit, claiming to be the head and guide of the church.

     Orthodoxy will not fail but it is our sacred duty, not to fall into the trap but to come to her defense by speaking out against the attacks being hurled against our beloved Holy Orthodox Church.

Monday, November 10, 2014





“There is no heaven; it's a fairy story.”  (Stephen Hawking)   Stephen Hawking, greatly renowned for his work on black holes and expertise on the origin of the cosmos,  asserts that if one understands how the universe works, you control it in a way. That space exploration is the key to saving humanity, and warns that humans may not survive another thousand years! This makes him into not only a great genius regarding the origin of the cosmos, but also a self made prophet regarding the end of the cosmos!   But do his conclusions have any value to human race and is he a prophet whom we ought to believe?

      The Lord says: “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.”  It is really unfortunate that the world considers men of Hawking caliber  of   “extreme intellect and wisdom” as their mentors and guides, even though the Lord identifies them as fools.  Astoundingly,  Stephen Hawking professes that he has some understanding of the universe, which is arrogant, for he shows that  he doesn’t have a clue about the purpose of creation. How can he possibly know anything of the mind of the Creator, when he denies His existence? He raises the question about creation as to what,  but not who is behind everything that exists. Who created it? Why did He create it? Who is man? What is man’s final purpose and destination?  These are critical questions, the answers being filled with good news for humanity. What value is knowledge of a black hole, or knowledge of how the universe began? Can such knowledge contribute to man’s well-being , welfare and happiness?  Can such knowledge e elevate man with faith, hope and love?

      Man cannot create something from nothing, nor can he create life, and it is obvious that everything that exists is created and has a relative cause. God, who is the Absolute Cause is of infinite intelligence, possessing  power equal to His will, being the glorious Creator who made matter from nothing,  and then the entire cosmos  with a definitely stated final  purpose. His infinite wisdom,  knowledge and glory is infinitely  beyond any comparison to the entire human race, for He is the source of all knowledge. That this is so, is demonstrated by man’s many activities, constant curiosity to understand things beyond his understanding. He uses his small intellect, studying, analyzing, and examining evidence ever so carefully . Some men devote their entire lives in the attempt to partially understand and unlock only a few of the hidden mysteries of the universe.  Of much greater value would be to study and learn from God Why does man exist and what is his final purpose is, for this directly affects each of us personally. 

What is our  purpose and final destination? Why do we exist?  Is it to just live and die? This knowledge is not  attainable except with an expert and infallible teacher and guide, who is the One who created man in His own image.  

Saturday, November 8, 2014



     “Away with Him! Let Him be crucified!” with these bitter cries of Christ’s enemies, they  branded themselves as Christ-killers, doing everything possible to degrade Jesus Christ, whom God sent first to Israel for salvation, but they greeted Him who loved them with a passionate hatred, evidenced by the way they spat on Him,  cursed Him, and assaulted him with bitter words of mockery. Fools! They did not understand that their actions were taking them  into an unescapable  trap.  For they unjustly killed the Lord and King of glory and no one could give back to Christ, the life which they stole from Him.  They will be judged by the law of justice  not mercy. The terrible injustice which they inflicted will cause their eternal condemnation.

      However Christ’s death was like no other death, for as He testified  He is the Life of the world, and Life cannot die: “I am the way and the truth and the life.”  But the heavenly Father raised His Son according to the law, which prohibits an innocent man from being put to death The divine law calls for the return of four times the value of what was unjustly taken. Therefore Christ’s Resurrection, is infinite and is extended to all who are resurrected in Christ.  This is exactly as the Father had allowed the events to unfold and it is how God makes evil become good. What could be a worse crime that to sentence God to death, to be a murderer of the Godman.? What could be better than Christ being gloriously resurrected and His resurrecting all those who love Him and keep His commandments.  What could be better than being judged not by God’s justice, but by His great gracious mercy in Christ, “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”

     Life comes only from the Lifegiver, no one is able to produce life because life can only be derived from life.  The death of Christ instead of being an ordinary death was a live-giving death.  The Devil, through seduction acquired rulership over death, by using man as his tool, and  the fear of death was in the hearts of men. To avoid death they would often do the will of the Devil who used this to terrorize men, through every evil imaginable, such as  crimes, wars, murders, jealousy, hatred of good, thirst for revenge, lying, and stealing, etc. There is no evil that he did not maliciously devise. Why? Because he revolted against  God,  and seeing that man was special in God’s creation, he hated and warred against both God and man. Hence we are told to hate all evil and flee from even the thought of it.

Of course, the devil could never affect God power, and there is a deep mystery in these events and we must remember, that God alone knows everything and rules over everything. His plan proceeds exactly as He decides. That is why the Church sings: “Lord, I have heard of the mystery of your plan.”  God announced His plan in the beginning of the Book of Genesis: “Let us create man in our own image and according to our likeness.”  Christ being the first such man, and millions have followed Him, obeyed Him, lived for Him and died for Him, and will certainly be resurrected by Him.

     When any powerful earthly king would visit a certain place in his earthly kingdom, the results of his visit are felt for some time afterward. Jesus Christ the King of heaven and earth visited the race of man, and we will feel the effects of His wonderful visit until the end of time, for it involves salvation of the human race. The results of His visit means so much to those who honor and obey Him. For we see that His visit changed everything. Four-day dead Lazarus; Christ changed his death to life; cleansing the lepers, Christ restored them to their former glory as men; prostitutes, Christ changed them into virginal  like women.  When man follows  Christ he receives glory in place of shame and honor in place of dishonor.  Those who follow Christ achieve  nearness to God in place of estrangement; peace in place of enmity,  Whereas before Christ’s advent, death ruled the world, Christ’s followers see death as desirable to be with Christ, knowing that Christ put death to death and changed death  into a door opening  into eternal life. As death has no dominion over Christ, so it has no dominion over His Church.

    We must always call to mind, that this life is not given to us for our pleasure and enjoyment alone, although innocent pleasure and enjoyment may be part of life.  For we can marry,  rejoice, husband, wife and children, enjoy their company, teaching and playing with them and be thoroughly happy, for Christianity does not take away happiness for it is the only real source of happiness and the outpouring of joy, with the firm promise of great comfort and hope, for without hope man’s life is empty and miserable.  The present life is meant to be a   place of learning, testing, a strengthening and  a  preparation for life without end where there is no darkness but only light, no sadness but only joy, no evil but only goodness and peace, no death for life will be eternal with God, who will eliminate all sorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



   When God created man and woman, he foreknew that they would fall away  from Him, but He also knew how one day he would exalt them beyond all imagination, for His plans are perfect and will be accomplished.  The terrible degradation of man began with their breaking of God’s law upon accepting the advice to do so by the devil who appeared the form of a serpent and seduced them. Heeding his pernicious words, followed by their disobedient action they ate, breaking life- threatening law which firmly forbid this. By their action, Satan became their master while man acquired fears never felt previously. Death entered the world and man sunk from his noble and glorious rulership of all creation to the depths of enslavement to the devil. Nature released fury as well as beauty and food.

All evils that has entered the world came were released in the breaking of the law by the first created pair. This was not God’s intention nor is it ever right to blame God for anything because He alone is the Lover of all mankind and his great and mysterious plan for all creation was, not in the cherubim, seraphim or thrones, but in the exaltation of the race of man.

Today, if anyone will heed the voice of the Lord, there is prepared unbelievable glory and honor for those who offer their attention followed by a firm decision to pursue this glory, for this is truly the only destiny of man. Jesus Christ came into the world, born of the Virgin,  and it is he, whom we  speak of as the head of the race of man. He is the main person for while Adam and Eve made bad choices, and brought evils into the world, the Godman Jesus Christ was obedient to death even the death of the Cross, and brought all of God’s goodness into the world. For this reason God the Father has highly exalted Him. St. Paul describes this exaltation with these wonderful words: 

Monday, November 3, 2014



    In the fall of this year we saw the foliage looking in awe at the yellow, oranges, reds and in between colors and marvel, speaking to many others about this royal beauty/ How the Creator bestows on us sinful men such beauty!   In the winter will be another type of beauty with some discomforts from snow and ice.  I will never forget the one time that I was traveling on a small  “mountain” road, and on my way I saw that the branches of the trees were covered with glittering ice. As I ascended this road I was intoxicated by the absolute beauty of the ice covered trees, and the bright sun flickered all over. Made it look like millions of diamonds/  I got out of my car and making the sign of the Cross, I said: Lord your beauty is beyond words to describe!  There is also the beauty of the birds and their chirping music, the beauty of flowers and their aroma and bright colors, the fruits on plants, all come from the same soil, but by the wisdom and hand of the Creator of all that exists.

   There is another beauty which infinitely surpassed all other beauties, and that beauty is Jesus Christ.  Knowing that He is the Godman, and seeing Him weeping for the deceased  Lazarus,  almost breaks our hearts, and is couched in the two words: “Jesus wept.”  But of even greater is the beauty of  His life-giving and commanding voice: “Lazarus come forth.”   The ugliness and bad odor of death is immediately put to flight as Lazarus the dead man, comes out of death back into life. Lazarus now risen from the realm of death reflects the great beauty of Christ His Master, the author of our life. The joy and exultation that overflowed in the souls of Martha and Mary also reflects the beauty of Jesus Christ. We observe the beautiful man, who cured the deaf and mute, gave sight to the blind and the paralytics were walking vigorously after His wondrous works. 

Large crowds followed Jesus  attracted by His absolute divine-human beauty. Even the soldiers whose task was to take Jesus which they failed in doing, and when they returned without Him, they were asked why they did not take Him, they replied saying: “No man ever spoke like this man. Christ only by His beautiful authority and power would not rendered it impossible to take Him before His appointed time. Formerly blind men rejoiced when the Light of the world, enabled them to see worldly light. The beauty they experienced is this. Their eyes were opened and the physical light poured in making everything around them visible.  Another set of eyes were also opened at the same time, their spiritual eyes, for they saw with these ideas that Jesus was the Son of David and the Messiah or Christ.

In the world, men usually see only external beauty, but lurking beneath that external beauty is often  found ugliness in the form of egotism, arrogance and misery, for external looks are not genuine beauty. Genuine beauty is to be found in the person. Let us look at Christ’s internal beauty.  What attracted so many to him was His supreme virtue which radiated from Him with great brilliance.  The aura surrounded him  revealed to some his supreme kindness, His great compassion, and especially His unconditional love, For this love is a special aspect of His beauty, which we all attracted to is His being the only Lover of man or philanthropist. Greatly beauty is that when we were ugly and sinful, He in all His beauty and love willingly and in great forbearance, suffered His passion which He suffered for us and willingly allowed them to nail Him to the Cross.

Christ is beautiful and desires to share His beauty by creating man and woman in His image, thus reflecting His great beauty on all creation.  He  chose to create us out of clay, then breathed  into us a life-creating spirit, and by this spirit bestowing upon us freedom, intellect and feelings, with an active will to make choices and  decisions.  What has God wrought?   He has lovingly  given us the greatest gift possible, a gift for which we ought to glorify   Hin day and night. Yes we should thank Him for this temporary life, but we need to remember that the real life is the life in Christ, concerning which, Christ says: “Whoever believe in me shall never die/” The eternal life does not begin after we die, it begins here and now in this present world by our faith in Christ, our holy Baptism and the gift of Holy Spirit/

Jesus is our Head; Jesus is our Bridegroom; Jesus is our Savior; Jesus is the perfect example of what we must become. When we learn to love Jesus we will begin to see His perfect beauty. Everything is from the Lord Jesus Chrsit. All is given through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen genuine beauty until He sees the beauty of Jesus Christ. This is established when a man repents and confesses and approaches Him in a humble manner, with fear of God faith and love.

Friday, October 31, 2014



     As  her Head Jesus Christ was surrounded by those who loved and honored Him and those who hated and despised Him, so His Body the Church is surrounded by those who love and honor her and by those who hate and despise her.  Among the latter are the enemies within. These enemies are much more dangerous to people than external enemies for they confuse the true faith and muddle the true Faith, seeking if it were possible to destroy the Church once and for all. We know they will not succeed but will make strong attempts.

      In modern times, since the early 1900's. we have had patriarchs who were enemies within the Church.  During the period of upheaval in Greece, between the royalists and the Venuzelists, a stranger to Orthodoxy and truth,  Meletios Metaxakis from Crete and relative of Venuzelis became archbishop of Athens and later when the political climate changed, he was deposed from that position.

     In July of 1935, after six days in the throes of death,  Meletios died, being one of the most scandalous bishops in the history of the Church. He attempted to change the  traditions of the Church, such as changing feast days to fall on Sundays, do away with fasting days, allow married priests who became widowers to remarry; eliminate celibacy requirements, thus establishing a married episcopate, a common date for Pascha, and the adoption of the new calendar.  While still Archbishop of Athens, Metaxakis with others went to England to seeking unity of Orthodoxy with the Anglican Church. However Orthodoxy will not unite with any other group for she is the Church, but she welcomes those outside to be baptized and come inside, if they desire salvation and eternal life.

     In 1921 Metaxakis after being vested took part in an Anglican Service, bowed with the Anglicans in prayer, kissed their altar, preached and later blessed those who were present.   He also recognized the validity of Anglican orders, being a scoundrel, he left nothing holy  untouched. His countless  actions were anti-Orthodox, forbidden by the Church and the sacred Canons as well as by Holy Scripture. Such actions are treated by the Church with deposition of the guilty cleric.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



     Joyful life in Christ begins when we are attracted and become interested in our faith to try to  follow Christ in His Church, keeping the four fasts of the year and Wednesdays and Fridays, and strive to keep all His commandments. Prayer life begins when, using a prayer book, we  offer morning and evening prayers, prayers before Holy Communion and prayers of thanksgiving after Holy Communion. These are a few of the activities which will make a wonderful change in our lives. They are usually accompanied by a distinct change in our attitude, such as less talking and more listening, watching our language speaking only worthwhile things without oaths or swearing. The Lord himself will teach you things if your intentions are sincere, for  He seeks to unite with us and desires that we unite with Him. For He is our Creator, the author of our lives and it is to Him that we owe faithfulness, honor and glory forever.

    The difference of life without Christ and life in Christ are like  light and darkness, like happiness and misery, and being filled with the resultant hope causes  despondency and misery to disappear from our lives. Truly this present world offers nothing but some pleasures, some joys, difficulties and sorrows,  suffering and eventual death.  But life in Christ is truly Paradise, for we are living and enjoying His kingdom in this present world.  Our true  faith which is always followed by fervent hope which heralds the most important virtue of all which is love.  We offer our sincere belief to God and He requites this by increasing our faith, This is utterly delightful and fills our hearts with hope, the hope is for everlasting life and true happiness. Then realizing all that He has given to us we begin to develop feelings of love for Him, especially because He is God our Creator, He is good and compassionate, and the Lover of man, and alone is worthy of our fervent love.

     If we wake up at night, let the very first thing we ought to do is make the sign of the Cross to raise our minds and hearts to Christ our beloved in the middle of the night. When we begin a task it is good to begin with the sign of the Cross. If we drive or ride in an automobile, as soon as we sit in the seat, our first action should be to make the sign of the Cross, the same upon arrival back from a trip. Every time possible our souls must ascend to Christ. And this will start to arouse great joy in our hearts, soothing us with calm and peace which are invaluable to the welfare of man.

      If we struggle to live this type of life, gradually we will feel its effects by a pleasant calmness and sweetness that only can come from Christ. In addition, we especially worship Him in Church at the Divine Liturgy, preparation for this being of utmost necessity. That is why  there are prayers before Holy Communion for the night before the Liturgy, and prayers for preparation on the morning of the Divine Liturgy. Standing in Church we stand before our Creator and God, who extends mercy and love to all who sincerely call upon Him in faith. He is not far but is present everywhere and awaits all those who call upon Him. Angels and heavenly beings attend Divine Liturgy with us even though they are not visible.

Struggling to live a Christian life causes many changes to take place within us, among them is the joy that only thinking of Him and loving Him  can bring, then the even greater joy of partaking of God Himself in Holy Communion/, where we are assured that He has entered our bodies and souls. Also, we must often reflect on the fact that we are sinners and that Christ came into the world to save sinners like ourselves. Turning away from sin is possible when we have Christ within us.  He has conquered the evil one who assaults us seeking only our destruction. But Christ has defeated Him and as long as we remain faithful He will never conquer our souls but will retreat in shame before the Conqueror who vanquished him..

     As we advance in prayer, church attendance, and life in fear of God, then faith, hope and love will fill us with divine thoughts?  As we increase in the kingdom of God , the kingdom of this world will diminish, and everything will change dramatically. For the world and its turmoil are replaced with continuous peace accompanied by joy which knows no bounds, joy such as the world can never know, for our hearts will overflow in divine joy. Upon awakening each day by making the sign of the Cross and entering into another day of struggle and happiness experienced in the kingdom. If we confess Him before men, He will confess us before His Father in heaven. Christ is our Bridegroom and awaits our repentance and return to Him, which must take place during this life, for when we leave this world, we can take no material with us, but only our faithful or unfaithful souls. 

   This article, The Joy of Orthodox Life in Christ is meant to be introductory, not all inclusive.   We ought to strive to read the Bible every day, for God speaks to us in the Bible, which is filled with His Spirit and divine grace.  We need to remember that In prayer we speak to God and make requests from Him, but in reading the Bible we listen to Him and learn from Hm with every word we read. His authority, power, justice, compassion, and great mercy is shown in the pages of Holy Scripture.