Thursday, January 1, 2015


     St. Justin Popovich correctly proclaimed that today’s world is not atheistic but is polytheistic having  five particular gods, who have promoted drastic changes in human behavior.

     Modern man, in general, has become completely occupied in serving the above mentioned gods. Science, inventions and technology continually supply man with many new and advanced devices. Politics occupies many minds and some may believe the promises of the politicians so much as to quarrel and fight over them. Fashion is a continuous attraction, influencing how hair ought to be fixed, what cosmetics will glamorize best, and what clothes to wear to look good.  They suggest  that it is better to look beautiful, and what clothes they ought to wear. These five gods consume most tof modern man’s time, leaving precious little time for anything else. The anything else is where the greatest attention is needed! 

     Science and inventions have enabled technology to supply electricity, water, gas and oil to provide power and heat. Science has produced great medical advances, and treatment and cures have been discovered for various sicknesses and diseases.  Sadly killing babies has become a medical procedure. Handheld devices are seen everywhere, and people are frequently looking, talking and texting. Some people, at times almost like zombies, they lack any real social contact with others, as they communicate without speaking. Ships, submarines, automobiles, airplanes, space travel even to the moon are established. And many praise man with the famous humanistic praise ¨Man can do anything!”  This is the glorification, not of God, but of sinful man! Radios and television, computers, I-phones with more and more promised by the gods makes the flow appear endless.  Cursing and blaspheming has been popularized and marital relations have been redefined, formerly it was the intimacies of husband and wife, but now it has been reduced to fornication.  

     Science offers the know-how to technology who creates devices which offers communication with others, such as entertainment, photos and letters, which also requires much time and effort. Death still threatens everyone, young or old, but there is little believe in life after death or the terrible judgment, for God has been rendered as if powerless in the minds of men, and cannot punish anyone. With many this is not even considered for people are preoccupied with the devices and toys given them by the gods.

   We read in history books that in pre-modern times, the subject of life, death and judgment was openly discussed in the populace and was of given importance, as was the subject of premature or unpredictable death and the certain judgment that was to follow and where people would go after death. But in our days with the worship of the five newer gods, the populace concentrate their attention only on the present anticipating what they hope to get from their gods. The future judgment does not attract their attention, thus no thought is given to the future.  Who thinks of the future and unpredictable and unbcertain day of their or the certain judgment. Even the idea of the judgment has eroded into false beliefs that God is only good and not just and the false idea that almost everybody is good and goes to heaven. God the Creator has been replaced by blind Mother nature,  and death has also been forgotten, as science advances with its inventions through technology. As new devices  were developed the admiration for the above gods increased to the point of adoration, taking over man’s attention and admiration. Glorification of scientists. technologists, inventors, politicians and fashion experts is commonplace. We live in full swing of the age of humanism and the new polytheism which exalts man as a god worshiping the five gods Nanis given the glory leaving God as the being and irrelevant. 
    Of course it was not always this way but this is an era which we are passing through. For when Jesus Christ came into the world He turned the whole world of idolatry upside down, tearing down the ancient temples of idolatry and smashing the idols until the idolatrous world disappeared.  

     Jesus, the Truth from heaven introduced us to the true God, Creator of heaven and earth: “This is eternal life to know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” The True God is the Father in heaven who is giving birth to his Son and emitting His Holy Spirit. Not three gods but one God in three persons or hypostases.

     God is the unoriginate Father and  perfect eternal Mind, who continually gives birth to God the Logos in whom is the full content of the Mind. The Father Mind also emits a perfect God and Spirit of understanding, life and love. God remains one God, not three different gods as heretics ignorantly claim. The Father is the uncaused Cause from whom the Son and Logos and Spirit come eternally, for God the Father is never without His Logos and Spirit. The Father Son and Holy Spirit are  one in nature and essence, but three hypostases. 

     God being perfect will never change. God is just and will judge those who remain guilty, and have never repented. God is merciful and will have mercy upon those who have repented and changed their lives by following Jesus Christ and obeying and  keeping His commandments.

    All those who shun the many gods to worship te true God and Creator of heaven ans earth, will change the course of their lives by following Jesus Christ, entering into the embrace His Church and strive to keep all of His commandments. This will tear them away from the false gods and place them into the bosom of the true God and the hope of everlasting life

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