Thursday, December 4, 2014



     For two thousand years loving our Church, we all have confessed and believe in, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which we call Orthodoxy, has always recognized the truth, that we are the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and never deviating from truth. Popes have sought union with Orthodoxy many times, but resistance inspired by the Holy Spirit forbade them. Orthodoxy knows that the popes do not seek union but domination because this is all they know.  

     Many Orthodox patriarchs have steadfastly resisted the popes’ quests on reunion. There was a booklet against the papacy published by the bishops of Constantinople which is still available and is called: The Reply to the Pope’s Overtures on Reunion.  This book identifies why union is not possible due to the many of the heresies adopted by the papacy, especially the superiority and infallibility of the Pope of Rome.

      Patriarch Bartholomew is openly dividing Orthodoxy with his new un-Orthodox innovations that are certainly not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Neither he nor anyone else can honestly deny Orthodoxy’s being exclusively the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the only true Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Church of the Seven Ecumenical Synods,  is undivided and guided by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus Christ, the Head of Orthodoxy is divine and human, so His Body the Church is the same, divine and human. It is a perfect divine human Church “without wrinkle or spot or anything”, filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit it has everything needed for salvation. This Church has absolutely nothing in common with the Papacy or Protestantism, but is filled with holiness and divine truth. Just as Christ, the divine-human man is indestructible, so His Body the Divine-human Church is also indestructible, for no one can  prevail against it as the Lord firmly promises: “The gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”

     The Patriarch has already forged a false union with the papacy, by recognizing their sacraments  and embracing and incensing their bishops and honoring their pope Concerning Christ we say: One is holy; one is Lord; Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Amen. Singing of our Head we also sing of the Orthodox Church: One is holy; one is the Church, Orthodoxy, to the glory of God the Father. Amen. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014



     Every human being from his entrance into the world until he exits, finds himself between danger and salvation. A new born babe cannot be left to itself but needs care even as do small children.  During every stage of growth there is a continuous struggle between danger and salvation.  Infants, children, and adults all face different yet potent dangers, and ways of salvation from them. Different paths in life present various degrees of dangers but they are ever present and we are sometimes aware and at other times unaware of them.  It is a common desire of all of us to avoid dangers and save our lives, by always being alert of the salvation of the present danger, hoping to avoid and always be safe from any danger.

     In the physical world we encounter many dangers, many of which, like many accidents are unavoidable, and these threaten our salvation and at times even our lives. Among the dangers in the physical world are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blasting cold and scorching heat and danger from falling objects which can strike without warning and without salvation, for all dangers cannot be laid aside for salvation. We encounter many dangers whether we travel by land, air or sea. Automobile and airplane travel places us in greater danger than being at home which makes it good to be careful when we travel. 

     We live in  a social/political world being affected by its many dangers and the means of salvation. These dangers include revolutions, wars, political upheavals. There is the danger of being a victim of crime or accident, as well as dangers also to the criminal from justice, dangers in places of work, in schools and in the entire social-political realm. Dangers are sometimes severe in workplaces or in particular trades of men.

     There is danger above and below, on our left and our right and behind us, and we prudently do whatever we can to avoid all the dangers and so seek salvation. In the social-political world, we are comforted by the forces that maintain good order and disquieted by the evil forces which attempt  by insurrection to disrupt or destroy the peaceful social/political order.  In this social/political world friendship, brotherly love, mutual kindness and compassion and respect for others. serve to diminish dangers and increase hopes of salvation. Anger, revenge, envy, selfishness, bitterness and hatred, arise in the souls of men causing many dangers to arise against others. 

   By examining everything rationally within ur hearts we come to a firm conclusion, which is also confirmed by the Holy Scripture, that the good and benevolent God is the source of salvation and goodness and that an evil force exists which instigates men, arousing enmity and greed instigating men to harm or kill others.