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     Every human being from his entrance into the world until he exits, finds himself between danger and salvation. A new born babe cannot be left to itself but needs care even as do small children.  During every stage of growth there is a continuous struggle between danger and salvation.  Infants, children, and adults all face different yet potent dangers, and ways of salvation from them. Different paths in life present various degrees of dangers but they are ever present and we are sometimes aware and at other times unaware of them.  It is a common desire of all of us to avoid dangers and save our lives, by always being alert of the salvation of the present danger, hoping to avoid and always be safe from any danger.

     In the physical world we encounter many dangers, many of which, like many accidents are unavoidable, and these threaten our salvation and at times even our lives. Among the dangers in the physical world are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blasting cold and scorching heat and danger from falling objects which can strike without warning and without salvation, for all dangers cannot be laid aside for salvation. We encounter many dangers whether we travel by land, air or sea. Automobile and airplane travel places us in greater danger than being at home which makes it good to be careful when we travel. 

     We live in  a social/political world being affected by its many dangers and the means of salvation. These dangers include revolutions, wars, political upheavals. There is the danger of being a victim of crime or accident, as well as dangers also to the criminal from justice, dangers in places of work, in schools and in the entire social-political realm. Dangers are sometimes severe in workplaces or in particular trades of men.

     There is danger above and below, on our left and our right and behind us, and we prudently do whatever we can to avoid all the dangers and so seek salvation. In the social-political world, we are comforted by the forces that maintain good order and disquieted by the evil forces which attempt  by insurrection to disrupt or destroy the peaceful social/political order.  In this social/political world friendship, brotherly love, mutual kindness and compassion and respect for others. serve to diminish dangers and increase hopes of salvation. Anger, revenge, envy, selfishness, bitterness and hatred, arise in the souls of men causing many dangers to arise against others. 

   By examining everything rationally within ur hearts we come to a firm conclusion, which is also confirmed by the Holy Scripture, that the good and benevolent God is the source of salvation and goodness and that an evil force exists which instigates men, arousing enmity and greed instigating men to harm or kill others.

    Upon investigation we see that the God is good and goodness and everything beneficial for us comes from Him for He is not the author of evil. He causes His sun to shine on everyone, provides food and drink for the multitudes, he bestows freedom upon us, and expects us to respond by striving to acquire His goodness, which is accomplished by keeping all His commandments. If we worship and obey the true God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ, we will escape the greatest danger of all which  is the final judgment wherein some men will be judged guilty and worthy of endless torment.  The greatest salvation is to believe in Jesus Christ the anointed Savior. Who alone offers salvation by faith in Him and keeping His commandments. This entails the abandonment of all sin and vice, which can only be accomplished in His original and true Church The Church reminds us that we all must have a good apology before Christ in the fearful day of judgment. The important thing of Christ’s judgment is to the faithful who joyously will sing His praises and glory, thanking Him for all that He has done for us.  
     For God has created this world and all that is in it, for His purpose and we fortunate men are part of that purpose. God has established rewards or punishments applicable to all men according  the choice they make. Every man has the power within himself to choose belief or disbelief, to do only good and shun evil, to acquire virtue and rid himself of vice. To love and obey Jesus Christ or to despise and ignore Him. So firm faith in Christ is the way of salvation while unbelief is the way of judgment and condemnation. Each man should determine where he stands, “Christ declares: “I am the way and the truth and the life” There is no other way but Christ, who is the Godman or Theanthropos.


A grave warning of the danger of being lukewarm is declared by Christ in  the book of Revelation: “I know your works, that you are neither hot nor cold; I would that you were either cold or hot.  Because you are lukewarm I will spit you out of my mouth” (Rev. 4:15-16).

      To be hot is to love Jesus Christ with all our minds, with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our strength. Also we must hate the world and its corruption, but love Christ, keeping all of His commandments, not following our will but His will, which leads us to eternal life and glory. To be cold is to have nothing to do with Christ and being far away. Why does Christ condemn only the lukewarm and not those who are far from Him and cold, who are obviously in grave danger? It is because there lies a hope that the cold, will brought to the inside and the saving baptism of the Church, the gift of Holy Spirit and be fed with the divine Eucharist.

     Many members of the Church are lukewarm and neither very hot or extremely cold. Obviously, those who are lukewarm are satisfied and secure a false peace, even partaking of the Holy Mysteries, however not keeping all the commandments of Christ this in itself is a great danger, for as St. Paul says: "whoever  eats this bread and drinks this cup unworthily, eats and drinks condemnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body".; 

     Also many, remaining lukewarm have no rule of prayer and this leads to a false spirit of peace and tranquility The gravest danger at the judgment is  not to really know and love Christ who alone will judge our immortal souls, and to never really love and obey Him in everything.

     So we must get real hot toward Christ, totally the opposite of being cold. The gravest danger is to be lukewarm and perfectly satisfied living in our sins without repentance and confession, keeping a semblance of religion which is not genuine faith hope and love.

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