Saturday, December 31, 2016


     Those outside the true Orthodox Church usually “go to church” on Sundays, such as Roman Catholics and Protestants. However the Orthodox Christians do not say “we are going to church” but they proclaim that we are the Church, the ancient Church for the church consists all those people previously and currently living and gathering with the rest of the Church which includes  those asleep in the Lord; often referred to as the church triumphant the living are referred to as the Curch militant. The word for Church comes from the Greek “ecclesia from ek kallo:” Meaning to “hear the good” What is the good that we always hear when we gather as the church? It is the death on the /cross and the entombment and the glorious third-day resurrection.

     Christ is within each of us who partake of Him in the Eucharist with the fear of God faith and love. The bishop stands in the place of Christ and the priest stands in the place of the bishop. Jesus Christ the Godman is the center of our worship. The icon of Christ is to the right of the holy door and the icon of His Mother holding Him is to the left.  The holy door represents the entrance into heaven which is only possible through Christ and His Mother.

     Preparation is of great importance, and many usually assemble as church on the Lord’s Day once each week. The days of that week are of importance being days of preparation to  receive God the divine Eucharist. We must not approach if we are actively or willfully sinning, for this is most harmful, If unsure of going it is best to zbstain and take advantage of confession to cleanse our souls,

     Good order in the Church takes place when all its members prepare properly and partake with fear of God, faith and love. Partaking is very important but being prepared ia even more important. Also good order in the Church includes good behavior with self control minding our own business, but not without sincere concern for others.

     Let us not hold the true faith and true doctrine and conduct ourselves improperly when we gather as the Church. From ancient times of almost two thousand years ago the Church struggled to keep good order and maintain continuous attendance. It has spread throughout the world and grown to be a true and faithful representation of the original Church. This is due to the Spirit that guides the Church and the sobriety and obedience of all its members.

   Those members who gather routinely as Church must not constantly change their behavior but must always be concerned to do what is upright and moral both for their own salvation and for the good of the Church, and the honor of Christ its Head. It is a grave responsibility for as we know is not the building but is the living Body of Christ, who promised to be with us until the end of the age. The duty of the Church is to spread the holy Gospel everywhere bringing many faithful into the kingdom of heaven.

     Sadly, today most hierarchs remain silent (in betrayal) as to the nature and purpose of Christ and His 0ne and only Church, the Orthodox. Even worse, they embrace the Pope call him brother and recognize his false church and false sacraments as being equal with the Orthodox. Examine this one fact and see for yourself. The Pope claims that he alone is the all knowing “vicar of Christ” claiming to possess all the knowledge that nyone needs or will ever  need eliminating the necessity of listening to Christ. With the Protestants each one believes something different as they and they are united in their great disunity, but they claim to have the truth. Yet they claim tpo be  the true church. Only the Orthodox in total believe the same thing and listen to those who truly represent Christ and are faithful to Him and to His Body the Church. Although many of oour hierarchs remain silemt the Orthodox remains the true Church and the living Body of Christ.