Friday, February 3, 2017


     The new man, Jesus Christ, is holy being perfect God and perfect man, He was born as a babe into the race of man. Before triune baptism we all remained the old man, and were inclined to sins and iniquities. After triune baptism we begin to become the new man inclined to believe God and do all that He commands which sums up to become His image and likeness a perfect man. Christ’s humanity is perfect without any inclination to sin. But before we can be a new man, the old man must be spiritually  put to death. This is why baptism by triune immersion is so vitally important..

     Our Lord Himself commanded His Apostles to do triune baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity. In holy Orthodox Baptism the old man is deadened and the new man stands before all, having an inclination to avoid sin and do only good according to the Lord’s commandments Those who follow the right path after triune baptism are all becoming the   new man gradually becoming God’s image and likeness and are becoming Christ as the hymn joyously declares: “As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ, Alleluia.”

    With all His strength the new man avoids sin, following the teaching of Holy Scripture He lives a life which leads to perfection, thus becoming more and more similar to Christ the perfect man. The new man is humble and meek not exalting himself nor becoming angry without cause. He lives a moral life and does only good to everyone. He believes in the correct doctrine, and follows the  commands of  God and with obedience keeps the moral law. The new man is the man that lives in the joy of the Lord living a life of faith and love.

     The new man lives, moving and acting within the spirit of truth; he ascends and gradually becomes the image and likeness of God. Becoming the new man is the real reason for which all men are given temporary life with its many generous gifts from our Creator.

    But if we live and fail to pursue the throwing off of the old man and become the new man, we condemn ourselves for wasting away the days of our lives which God has given us. He warns everyone that the condemned will go to where there shall be “weeping and gnashing of teeth,” In the present life we experience many consolations greater than things that afflict us, but in the misery of those who receive condemnation there will be no consolations, but only misery for ever and ever. Men take life as being for pleasure and gain of money and power pursuing these things until they die\. They miss out on the best and blessed thing of this world, to become the new man in the image and likeness of God.

     The next life is eternal which means it is like one day, a day that continues and never ends, The judgment will come and we all be judged according to the life we chose and there is no escape or consolation for those who are condemned. But to those who struggled to follow the Lord, the reward will never end. For it is great joy in the Lord for ever and ever in a life that never ends.

     This is what the Church is about, living a life that provides us with eternal life filled with joy and happiness for a happy life is one thing man desires mostly. But men do not wish to sacrifice anything for what is permanent and without end, because they cannot see it being without faith that is why faith is the only way to salvation and eternal life. So these things are of the utmost importance to all men who desire to be happy for ever and secure in the life that is to come.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


 I regret being off line for awhile but it was not in my control due to being out of sorts, but I will try to keep this publication going unless I lose my ability to produce,

Except in some local cases, church information and events are not usually well publicized, and this inhibits discussion about important communication and events concerning the Church and the truths which she faithfully preserves and protects. Concerning these things we are all partly responsible, this being an important duty. The Orthodox Church is unique in that for over nearly  twenty centuries she has faithfully preserved the entire Christian body of truth never corrupting the God blessed canons and dogmatic teaching to any of the errors which accompany the many false teachings  which are in circulation throughout the world. The true doctrine will always be subject to attacks for the church is very important being the most blessed and God-headed source  of true Christian doctrine which the evil one always seeks to destroy. For the Church is. most blessed being the only source of divinely given truths. It is not just another institution for it is truly the divine and human Body of Christ who is alone our Head.
Orthodoxy is known as the Church of the Seven Ecumenical Synod, in fact she is the source and treasury of the all the divine canons formalize by other synods, which support doctrine and she remains as the firm defender of all canons `and doctrines. Few among the clergy are apt to teach the people what the Church and its purpose is meant to be which is a great loss. Going to Church is good but hardly sufficient..
Every member of the Church has a sacred need to know what his or her function is and what is his personal goal so as to be able to fulfill his own duties. and so  receive adequate wages in the end. The Church is not just a place in which we gather to worship once a week, The Church is not a place but constitutes a faithful living people. Properly speaking the building in which we hold services is not the church but is the naos or temple in which the church gathers at certain times.
So what ought to be understood that is missing in many churches? What is the proper function and  important goal of the Church? This is vital knowledge which hierarchs ought to be teaching but are seeking unity by heretical ecumenism which only corrupts the truth.
In the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, the Lord says: “Let us create man in our own image and likeness,” This is the key which unlocks divine treasures. It does not refer to the first man Adam, who was created in the image only, but not the likeness of God. The image and likeness refers to the first man, who will be the perfect image and likeness of God,, who is our Lord Jesus Christ, being the perfect image and likeness of God. Genesis says of Adam: “And God formed man in His own image, in the image of God made He him, (Gen,1:27)

Concerning the new man, God said: “Let us create man in our  own image and after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea . . .  . . .”  We would come to know Him well, for He alone is the perfect man, image and likeness of God. The perfect man is the new man who alone is perfect and holy. This is the man whom we are destined to become in our brief period on earth. For to become like Christ is to become like God, in His image and likeness.