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The Orthodox Church teaches that all bishops are equal. Of course there are different ranks of bishops (patriarch, archbishop, metropolitan, bishop); nevertheless a bishop is a bishop, for the differences apply to the administration, not to the nature of the bishop. Each bishop is ordained and at this ceremony he places his very soul, as a servant, into the hands of Christ, promising  do only His will and to serve only His undivided One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The function of every bishop in Orthodoxy is to fast and pray and become holy, to care for the poor, living in holiness and truth as he watches over and protects the one true Church, from enemies within and without. His and our effort must be to increasingly become more like Christ. The bishop is to be a shepherd and protector, and a defender and teacher of the Faith. His prime duty is to care for  the flock entrusted to him by the Lord, and he is responsible for each one. By his example and teaching and struggle he must strive to bring every soul possible into the everlasting Kingdom of heaven in the Orthodox Church. His teaching of the faithful, as Scripture commands is that they abandon and confess every sin and become more like Christ, according to His words: “Be holy as I am holy. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”.  

Other duties are to always preserve and protect the Faith pure and without change,  and defend the Holy Orthodox Church against all attacks. The bishop must do all in his power to keep the Church free from schisms and heresies, encroachments and plots. Upon ordination every Bishop confesses and agrees to preserve the Sacred Creed, follow the Holy Scripture, adhere to and accept the Seven Ecumenical Synods, Local Synods  and the Sacred Canons, as well as the Holy Fathers, the entire Church tradition, with its dogmas and beliefs.  

     The Bishop necessarily must become an excellent example of Christ before men, following and behaving like Christ, walking in the footsteps of the Apostles, preserving and expounding their teaching to the faithful. Watch over his priests seeing that they preserve the Holy Orthodox Faith without corruption. The bishop raises those who have fallen from grace, recognizes the truth to be true and the lie to be a lie, never confusing them.  He agrees to confess the definitions of the right and pure faith solely held by Orthodoxy, and continually instruct the faithful in the faith, enabling them to assist in her defense as well. It is as important to defend the truth of the Churches uniqueness as it is that of Jesus Christ.

     The ecumenist bishops, loudly and clearly, deny the uniqueness of Orthodoxy, thus betray the true faith, by dialogues, kisses and hugs as well as  concessions to heretics. speaking from the platform of ecumenism with amplified voices.  They shamelessly betray the Faith and address heretics as being their brothers and brothers of Christ. Although the Lord founded one Church they  dogmatize that there are two disunited sister churches, that need to be united because the Church is divided. Then they dare to say that this is the will of the undivided Christ.  This is not something new, for it  was agreed in the betrayal at Balamand. In 1994.

     They shamelessly embrace and kiss as a brother in Christ, the extremely heretical pope of Rome; they serve Divine Liturgy and Mass with him contrary to Scripture, to the Canons, to the teaching of Christ. They insult Orthodoxy inviting  him to take part in the Divine Liturgy. They completely disregard the papacy’s bloody and sordid history and crimes against the Lord and all humanity, their slaughter of millions. This is not once or twice but has been going on for over a thousand years of  every kind of evil. The pope deliberately usurped Christ’s position as Head of the Church and the Holy Spirit’s position as Guide, and thus darkened the Christian world, eventually taking most of Europe into its embrace. Now even Protestants, regardless of their heresies, they now recognize as brothers in Christ. Will Hindus be next?  Protestant, who don’t believe in sacraments. But theirs are recognized by the bishops. 

     These fallen Orthodox leaders by their actions, betray the many promises they made when they were ordained before Christ. They neglect to challenge the heresies of the heresies of the papacy in Rome, wherein has been preached for a thousand years, and sacraments are non-existent. The Lord does not sanctified our baptism and their sprinkling, or our leavened bread and their azymes. His seizing the primacy which belongs only to Christ, his inventions of purgatory and   money-making indulgences and insults to the Holy Spirit by their created grace. All these the bishops disregard. And do not even consider his insane claim as the being equal to God as the only infallible one on earth. It does not matter to the pope-adorers. Being blinded by his worldly glory and the many honors bestowed on him and they do the same.

    The ecumenist Orthodox bishops betray our Faith even more by claiming that the papacy and Orthodoxy are one divided church, and thus blaspheme against Christ our Head the Godman. Orthodoxy is unique and is indivisible, and cannot be joined to anything else, for it is the Body of Christ, being  divine and human and is alone infallible, unchangeable and indestructible. Orthodoxy remains the Body of Christ, who will always protect His own Body from every evil. These things her enemies will never understand.

     These bishops lead many faithful astray into the black darkness of  papal and protestant heresies. They deny that Orthodoxy alone is the one unique source of sanctification, the only  continuation of the Church Christ founded, and is always flawless. They continually confound everyone with their falsehood and denial of the Orthodox truth. This truth should be repeated over and over, and wagged as a triumphant flag, that Orthodoxy alone is the Church! Orthodoxy alone is the Body of Christ! Orthodoxy alone is the one source of salvation and eternal life!  Orthodoxy alone has the sacred Mysteries needed for salvation. To attack these truths is the same as to attack the divine-humanity of Jesus Christ and  those who do so become Christ-fighters, for to fight against the Body is to fight against the Head.

     There is and can be one single Church that Christ founded and remains true, holy and unique, which is the Orthodox Church. For Orthodox bishops who recognize a second church as sister to our Orthodox Church they greatly betray our Faith. It is like recognizing another Christ or His vicar in Rome.  Recognizing the papacy as a sister church, recognizing the pope and papal sacraments, asserting that they are sanctified by the Holy Spirit constitute a blasphemy, for the Holy Spirit is  then  accused as sanctifying, not the one Church of Christ, but two  different churches  Christ's holy Church and the papacy! This is an outright betrayal by the bishops who are engaged in one of the greatest attacks on Jesus Christ and His Church. 

   Why are Orthodox Christians not rising up as their faith is being betrayed?  Because for many generations, many bishops stopped declaring the truth that Orthodoxy alone is the Church and Body of Jesus Christ, who will come to judge all who have failed to adhere to the truth and betrayed the Church.

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