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Pope: Other denominations
not true churches

Benedict issues statement asserting that Jesus established ‘only one church'


MSNBC News Services
Pope Benedict XVI has reasserted the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday that says Orthodox churches were defective and that other Christian denominations were not true churches.


     Standing apart from the One Holy Catholic Church which they abandoned a thousand years ago, the Pope looks at the True Church, calling it defective, for one reason,  it is not his, for he imagines himself as the only authority in the world! In the thousand years since the great Apostasy of Rome, after separating from the  Catholic, Apostolic Church, the Papacy falsely proclaimed itself the Catholic Church. Orthodox leaders of our times, know for certain, what we all know, that the Orthodox Church alone is the true One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, as confess in our Holy Creed. Some leaders have thought that dialogues with the Papists could bear fruit, hoping that Rome would renounce its errors and  return to Orthodox. But the Papacy cannot and will not move a single inch away from its fundamental dogma, which is: the Pope of Rome is the only super-bishop ruling over all mankind, to be questioned by no one being the infallible representative of God on earth.

    The Pope says that the Orthodox Churches are indeed "churches" and that they enjoyed "many elements of sanctification and truth." But, he said, they lack something because they do not recognize the primacy of the Pope – and are defective causing them harm.

"Orthodoxy is Defective and Wounded"

    The Pope's  insults revert to the Lord, who is Head of the Orthodox Church, His Body, for there is no separation between Christ and His Church. If the body is wounded the head also suffers, so the Pope asserts that Christ is suffering because we do not recognize him The Pontiff thus insinuates that Christ is defective and wounded to His harm. 


"Be not deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows that shall he reap"   (Galatians 6:7).

     Papal primacy with its inane self-proclamation of infallibility is a  damaging heresy which wages war against the true Church, and it has been waging this war for a thousand years. The Pope proclaims to the world that the Papacy is the Church that Christ founded on earth. Christ said of Himself, "Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and humble in my heart and you shall find rest for your souls" (Matthew 11:29). On the other hand, the Popes proclaim: I am the only head of the Church. I alone speak for Christ. I alone am your guide. I alone have the keys to place you in heaven or Gehenna. I alone am sinless and infallible!
    It was in  1870, that the Papacy proclaimed the insane idea of its own infallibility to the world. Many papal bishops protested with loud objections,  but to no avail, for the travesty was accomplished. Their protests fell on deaf ears and the whole Papacy accepted the most unacceptable dogma of arrogance – the infallible man! With an infallible man sitting in Rome, what need is there for the Godman Christ? Their doctrine was that He is away up in heaven, but we have our own man-god in Rome. All our hope is in him, for he can never lead us astray as he is protected with infallibility. He has the keys and can send us to heaven or hell

     The Pope, with his claim to possess the keys to heaven promises to   send there those who honor him! Poor deceived people, for you have placed your promise of salvation in the Pope instead of  in Jesus Christ  listen as He calls you to abandon the Papacy. "I am the light of the world, whoever follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life" (John 8:12) The Pope is not the light of the world, and he knows it well.  The Vatican knows that the Roman Papacy was officially established on forged documents which supposedly gave him all religious and secular power in heaven, on earth, and under the earth, holding all the keys to everything. Open your Bibles and you will see that the Pope cannot send anyone to heaven or hell, does not possess keys to heavenand hell, for the Bible assigns that role to Jesus Christ and not to the Pope of Rome. Christ says: "I am the first and the last,I am he that lives and was dead, and behold,I am alive for ever more. Amen. I have the keys of hades and death"  (Rev. 1:18).

     As recently as WWII (app. 1939 - 1945 the Papal Archbishop Stepinac was  the authority behind the Ustashi’s slaughter of almost a million Serbian Orthodox Christians. Many were offered one opportunity to survive, – to reject Orthodoxy with Christ as their Head and Leader in faith and recognize the Supreme Pontiff and Pope of Rome as their head and leader in faith. The bloody Stepinac, the war criminal who blessed the slaughter of Orthodox Serbs, was recently sainted by the Pope of Rome. As St. John of Krondstadt declared: "The Pope usurped the authority of Christ . . . a string of blood runs through their history" (My Life in Christ). Much of the blood spilled and blessed by Papal agents, was that of Orthodox Christians, as history confirms.

     Dialogue with heretics is forbidden to all Orthodox Christians by Holy Scripture. "A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonishment, reject, knowing that such a man is subverted and sins being self-condemned" (Titus 3:10-11). If some say that the Papacy is not heresy, St. John advises: "They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us they would have continued with us: but they went out that they may be seen, that they were not of us" (1 John 2:19).

The Pope Does Not Desire Union
But Thirsts for domination

     The Pope has no desire for union, and this demonstrates the hypocritical intent of the Papacy. The dialogues that are taking place are a sham, for why are there dialogues when the Pope openly declares that he does not seek union, and that the Church is defective. Then why the dialogue? The Pope cannot change in his mind. He has no intention to repent and  return to Orthodoxy, for this reason in his mania, he calls us defective. His statement assures us that his goal is dominion over the Orthodox Church..
     The Pope claims that he will seek a new way to exercise his authority. This is like the robber who tells you that he will find a new way to rob your house. The Pope seeks only to plunder and rob Orthodox Christians of their faith . He has demonstrated this many times, especially during the Fourth Crusade, when the Papists sacked the Constantinople, raping and slaughtering its inhabitants. Following this, they violated the Holy Mountain of Athos, and went on to the massacre of monastics who refused to pray with them and honor the Pope.

The Pope Really Clears the Air

    The Pope has cleared the air. He has proclaimed all future discussions regarding union to be null and void, for he has made it clear that nothing  will come of them, and the Papacy will never change. It is the duty of Orthodox leaders to immediately cease the folly of wasteful dialogue with the enemy of Orthodoxy. He insults Christ, for it is His Church and Body that the Pope calls defective, which, of course means with all of our beliefs, includes the Theotokos, the Apostles, Fathers, and the millions of Saints, Martyrs and Confessors. For all constitute the Body of Christ, the Head of the Body.

The Theotokos and Virgin Mary Proclaims:  

The Papists, as  Enemies of her Son and Herself

     When the Papal soldiers attacked Mt. Athos in the 13th century, the Theotokos, warned a monk through her holy icon, as he sang to her, "Rejoice!" From the icon, she suddenly replied: "And you rejoice, holy elder; go, warn the Elder Thomas at the Monastery that "my enemies and my Son’s enemies are coming". Indeed the murderous weapons,  Papists did come as the Virgin foretold, demanding that the monastics submit and honor  the Roman Pontiff. They slaughtered monks with the sword, drowned others or burned them to  death in fire. They offered them life in return for a single bow to their master -- the Pope.

     Let all of us from this day on remember these words of the Theotokos: "My enemies and my Son’s enemies are coming."

      Let us ignite a fire in our hearts and spiritually oppose the Papacy and all heresies, as our Forefather’s fought against heresies, preserving and passing to us the pure Orthodox Faith. The Holy Theotokos leaves no doubt that the Papacy is the arch-enemy of the Orthodox Church, seeking only to deceive Orthodox Christians urging us to abandon the true faith in exchange for the imposter.

Orthodox Leaders, Abandon This Enemy of our Faith

     Orthodox leaders, within you is the blood of Jesus Christ, coursing through your body and soul, it is your sacred duty to lead us to victory over heresy and for you to challenge the Papacy with its false claims, false dogmas and false hope of salvation. You ought to proclaim to the world his insults and blasphemy against Christ and His Holy Church, purchased with His Blood.
"If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Romans 8:31)

     Think of this: if one of us dared to claim for ourselves what the Pope claims for himself, who would tolerate or give attention to such a person? Most people would say that we have lost our sanity. But what does this say about the Pope? For the Pope claims supreme primacy and infallibility, seeking homage from the whole world and the honor and glory for which he thirsts. Wherever he goes he longs repeatedly to hear the cry of the masses: "Viva il Papa". 

     The Lord who came down from heaven not  for earthly glory, "My kingdom is not of this world" ( John 18:36). Indeed, for His desire was to undergo His voluntary Passion and be crucified in the flesh, in order to save and resurrect into eternal life those who chose to honor and love Him. But the Pope does not seek the glory of God but his own glory before the world. He firmly demands that he be recognized as the one and only super bishop, rising above all mankind and every Bishop or Patriarch. He claims that he is the one and only in the Church. When you believe in the Pope, prayer, fasting, reading, supplication to God, etc. are forgotten, but the Pope is remembered. 

     The Pope asserts that he alone is Christ’s Vicar, appointed by the Godman as head. Indeed they do not believe that the Godman is present in the Papacy, for why then a vicar? But if Christ the Godman is absent from the Papacy, the Holy Spirit is also absent, for wherever Christ is, there also are the Father and Holy Spirit. The Pope not only usurps Christ’s authority but also the authority of the Holy Spirit, claiming himself to be both head and guide of the church.  Jesus Christ established  the genuine Guide and Leader of His Church: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself, but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak, and he will show you things to come" (John 16:12-13). .

The Pope Speaks

     The Popes believe and proclaim:  Christ is not present but absent and invisible. Behold me! I have been appointed by Christ as your only head. I am the visible head of the Church, and only by unity with me are you in the church. Only by me will you be saved, for I am your guide and I will lead you into all truth. For God has bestowed upon me alone, universal primacy and authority over the entire world. More than that, it is impossible for me to err in the faith for I alone am the reliable and infallible one! I alone possess the keys to heaven and hell. 

     The Pope appears as a harmless and loving man, but the Papacy never ceases to plot and scheme so as to destroy the Orthodox Church which alone stands against his fraudulent empire and hampers his quest of absolute dominion over all Christians. For the Lord is the Master, Head and King of Orthodoxy and the Holy Spirit who is our Comforter and divine Guide.

Jesus Never Gave His Authority To One Man;
Certainly He Did Not confer This on Peter

     Jesus Christ will never abandon His Church, nor did He establish the Pope as his vicar, nor did He give him authority over His Church, for Christ alone is above all men. Christ alone has the primacy in His Church.  Christ alone is the infallible God, always speaking truth. Christ the Godman is our sinless and infallible Master; Christ refutes Papal claims, as He gave His divine authority not to one man, not to the Pope or Peter, but to all of his Disciples: "Jesus spoke to them, saying: All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded to you, and lo, I am with you to the close of the age" (Matthew 28:18).

        For the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, for love of our Holy Faith preserved by Christ, for love and honor of rivers of blood shed by martyrs for two thousand years, for love of our Holy Mother, Orthodoxy, let all faithful and noble Orthodox leaders, worldwide,  abandon the inane philo-papsim which leads us further from Christ. Let all of us refute Papal mania,  He fancies himself as the teacher of mankind, and as the only representative of God on earth. He forbids anyone to judge him for anything, yet claims to be the absolute judge of everyone.

The Pope Declares 
Orthodox Christians Defectives!

     With respect to our true and persecuted Faith, whom he calls defective, we, who are the genuine Body of Christ, he applies the same to our Lord. The Pontiff has thrown down the gauntlet. The supreme Pontiff cries out: You are sorely wounded, unable to be saved without me! If you will be perfect, come under my dominion. You are defective and need me, the only one who can make you whole, for without me you can do nothing.

     O the audacity and supreme arrogance! Arise Orthodox Patriarchs, Metropolitans, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and laymen!  I beg all of you, do not stand idly by while this apostate claims that he is the Church, that he is the Lord of the Church, that he is the Head and Guide of the Church. Never again meet with this enemy or communicate about sacred things with him. Will you dare to call the Papacy a sister church again? Will you dare to accuse the Holy Spirit of sanctifying their banalities, asserting their sacraments as valid?  Will you dare to call the pontiff a brother in Christ? To be friends with Christ's enemies is to be at enmity with Christ. Christ himself commands all of us to avoid false teachers, for  "One is your Teacher, Christ, and you are all brothers"     (Matthew 23:8)

     If we fail to speak out and separate from them, and challenge their usurped authority over the world , we will certainly be condemned by Jesus Christ and cast out of the kingdom as worthless servants. Renouncing the pseudo-Christ Pope, let us proclaim Christ and His true Church before men. Not to confess the true Church and distinguish it from the false churches is to deny Christ. "Whoever, therefore, shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father who is in heaven. But whoever shall deny me before men, him will I deny before my Father who is in heaven               (Matthew 10:32-33).

     We the Orthodox Christians throughout the world, have inherited the unsullied faith of Christ, the faith of the Apostles, the faith of the martyrs and saints, and this faith has been passed down from generation to generation for almost two thousand. As stewards of this precious Faith, it is our sacred duty to defend Orthodoxy and refute the Pope along with his that Christ's Body is defective. As lovers of truth, we must reject the cries of the wolves to follow a pseudo-Christ. We are His sheep and have no other Shepherd and as sheep know their shepherd and will not follow a hireling.

"Then if any man shall say unto you, behold, Christ is here or there, do not believe him. For there shall arise false christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, so much as to deceive even the chosen ones. Behold, I have told it to you before"
                                                                   (Matthew 24:23-24).


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  1. So good to see your excellent articles now available in this blog! Greetings to your dear family from Fr. James and myself! Our last video, ( also highlighted this papal insolence! Dr. Romanides' historical research remains invaluable in his revelation of the birth of papacy with Charlemagne's audacious "new creed" with its unscriptural "filioque" (Council of Aachen in 794 a.d.) We've read and noted the "Letters" of St. Boniface in which he despairs of working among the Frankish "clergy" who are crude barbarians without any teachings except that of Augustine's neo-platonist philosophy. Please pray for us as we prepare a new program. With your permission, I'd like to include some direct quotes from your article here. Please advise! In Christ's service and yours,