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1 X 8 + 1 = 9
12 X 8 + 2 = 98
123 X 8 + 3 = 987
1234 X 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 X 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 X 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 X 8 + 7 = 987654
12345678 X 8 + 8 = 9876543
123456789 X 8 + 9 = 98765432
     Behold the wonder and beauty of mathematics as shown above! There are arranged by man but created by God.
     What is the truth about everything? Why are we on this earth and how did we get here? If there is no God, then who created everything? Some claim a big bang, but who created the energy and matter? Man has never created matter or life, and can only work on preexisting materials and energy. God created the son and without which there would be no life. God causes our hearts to start beating – and to stop at death. God supplies the entire human race, with air, warmth, heat and light, food drink, shelter and intelligible speech.
      In denying the existence of God, or worshiping false gods, and false religions, man becomes more like a beast being reduced to

sub-human activities and worse. For as a ship is lost at sea without a compass, man also is lost in the sea of sin and iniquity without the commandments of God. And without God’s commandments, man become completely totally depraved, having lost his moral compass.
      In the perfect formation of numbers as show above, we see the perfection and beauty of this wonderful arrangement. The Lord is the source of and agreement of all numbers, and He alone is the beginning of numbers, which is one. For there is one God and yet is there is a plurality of three without division. The above picture is entitled "The Beauty of Mathematics!" We can look at God and see, that He is a much greater beauty of Mathematics, being both a unit and a Trinity! Man cannot create numbers to agree in this way, but merely discover how to arrange them systematically, thus revealing its hidden wonder. All the beauty of creation, the earth, trees, flowers, and plants, the heavens above and the clouds above, the seas and lakes, rivers and streams, are necessary and used by man, but remain God’s creation. If God did not supply us with numbers, we could not count anything or know Him,
      The number three is a single number containing three units. The God of the Orthodox Christians is one God, with three undivided hypostases,. God is one God, having a single nature and essence. God is indivisible, being three undivided hypostases. Certainly the "perfect mathematics" are derived from the perfect God.
     How is God one and three? It may be simple to understand about God, but impossible to understand Him completely. God is the Being, the one who exists, while we exist because of our father and mother. God is outside of time, having always existed, while the time we live in is a creation formed by the motion of bodies. The earth rotates on its axis, and journey’s around the sun. If all motion on earth and sun and all that is in the universe stopped movement time would come to a halt.
     God is one but not is not a single hypostasis or person, for if He is not triune, but single as deists propose, he would not have a logos or idea of himself, nor would He have a spirit of understanding, nor self-knowledge, but would be like a stone or brute matter. But God has a perfect logos which is born from His perfect Mind eternally, and also a perfect spirit through whom understanding occurs. The deists, in denying the three hypsotases or persons in God, thereby deny His personality.
     But we Orthodox Christians believe in three persons in one God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, and we are correct in this believe which has also been handed down to us for almost 2,000 years! We sign ourselves multiple times each day, and bring down great blessings from the only True God and Creator of heaven and earth and beautiful mathematical wonders.
We sing your praises O our God and glorify you, for you are our God and we know no other but you and we call upon your name. We continually sing to you in Divine Liturgy:
"Father Son and Holy Spirit, Trinity one in essence, and undivided"

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