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GOD AND SCIENCE Without God nothing would exist


Without God nothing would exist

  As there is false science and the true science, so there are many false gods and one true God, Creator of heaven and earth.  True science will always agree that there is a God who created and formed everything. True scientific investigation always starts with the declaration of what is known about a subject, and  proceed to the unknown gradually, step by step. False science, however cannot answer any question correctly, especially, is there a God and Creator?

   Using the scientific method, the first thing that is known about man and the world at the outset, is declared by consciousness. I know that I am one metaphysically and mathematically, and that I  always keep my identity.  I also know that I live in the world around me and  through this world  I live and preserve my being. I know these things through consciousness.  What is not known by consciousness is the existence of God, for this knowledge requires one small step of reason.

 I observe the sun during the day when we work, then the lesser light of the moon, and the stars at nighttime, perfect for sleeping. I know that they are all perfectly distanced, supplying us with light, warmth, vitamins,  tides, and navigation aids. I observe the rain, snow, and winds, supplying us with water. I see the many forests and trees, supplying wood for building and for heating; I see the busy bees, industrious ants and worms, and hear the songbirds. Then I turn and in wonder, look at and inhale the sweet smelling flowers of brilliant colors, and 

 I see the bees working busily pollinating the flowers. I realize the countless creatures, keeping busy, and all here for some purpose, for nothing is superfluous. The dazzling lightning and rumbling thunder, which sometimes frightens me, but I learned of the many benefits derived from lightning, and the thunder reminded me that due to our sins God can be angry at us. 

These are some scientific conclusions, first, I did not create this world, nor did any of my fellow men. Second, only He who knows everything, lives for ever and is all powerful could possibly bring everything into existence from nothing. If a man lived a millions years studying so as to understand everything that exists, he would hardly scarcely make a beginning.  Scientifically, the idea of a universe  without an all-knowing Creator is impossible, for it is too perfect and flawlessly planned, with nothing being overlooked.   Knowing man’s future, He even provided herbs and other things for men to find and utilize for sickness. Certainly it is an extremely perfect creation, having nothing omitted , way beyond man’s ability to comprehend all that exists and their purpose.  That is why Holy Scripture says: “God saw that everything was good.” Scientifically I know that something cannot come from nothing and that every effect must have a related cause, which is apparent in all facets of life.  Someone had to plan these things.

Concerning  the race of man, I see that man and woman know each other and give birth to children, and remember that we all come into the world in a similar way. Upon seeing other living creatures such as, horses, cows, deer, sheep, goats, moose, dogs, cats, pigs, turkeys, geese, many birds and annoying flies, and I realize that no creature is at all like me.  I see that man is the most superior of creatures, who rules over them all. From these creatures man gets work done, acquires food and coverings for his body. He plants seeds and they multiply providing much food. For example, sheep supply him with food and clothing, cows and cattle with milk and meat, chickens with eggs and meat. There seems to be an adequate supply for all people.  Someone had to plan these things.

 I realized when drinking a glass of water that every creature in the world needs to continually do the same, as water is essential for life.  I marveled at the amount of water needed by men and the adequate supply provided to maintain life. Someone had to plan these things.

   At the seashore as I watched the tidal movements I saw the debris on the beach being cleaned up and taken away, thinking, why this is a gigantic washing machine! Someone had to plan these things.  Someone had to teach the fish to stay in the water and swim as they searched for food.  Looking up, I saw the gulls flying as they searched for morsels, gracefully diving down for a bite. Someone taught them to fly. Sifting some sand through my fingers, caused me to realize how much sand there must be, I was certain that no man or group of men could count them in their entire lifetime.  As the waves approached continually and energetically, and realizing that this was happening all over the world, I marveled at the energy needed for this action. Someone had to plan these things. 

  On a starry night I started to count the stars but was unable. I saw the beautiful and peaceful sight of the moon in the sky reflected in the waters, such a peaceful sight. There was a gentle summer breeze and I saw fast moving birds, then realized that they were bats! Someone had told me that they each eat thousands of mosquitoes, making them our friends. I heard the owl say who! And I was asking the same question, but always knew the answer. Who?  The Absolute Cause, for every effect there must be a relative cause, and for every cause there necessarily must be an absolute cause. This is true science! 

All that I mentioned, I examined with my intellect and reasoning faculties, which made me to realize the most important thing. I alone among creatures can look, examine, and analyze things in this world. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Who thought of birth and why do we have death?
Who taught us to love each other? Who taught us to be grateful? Who taught is to show mercy?  I am not good but I would like to be good and never do evil. Then I realize that there are men who do evil and never do good. Someone had to plan all these things. Much of what I mentioned I learned from books and I remembered that in schools we always had a book for each subject, so we learn more from books than from experience. 
I thought of myself and what I knew. My eyes needed something to look at, and light enabling me to see.  My ears, I learned, not only provided hearing, but the inner ear helped me to keep my balance. My toes amazed me, for they cooperated with my ears to give me balance. Someone had to plan these things. I searched and learned of our muscular system, our nervous system, our circulatory system, our lungs, our kidneys and liver, the repetitious beating of our hearts and breathing as we slept. I was awed the more I examined myself. My fingers and thumbs and hands and their flexibility, enabled me to pick up a small speck or saw some wood, or even push a car. 

    So I learn scientifically, from the Creator of everything which scientists study, that there is necessarily a God, Creator of everything; and there is the Devil, who seeks to destroy everything.  Also we men are free to do choose one or the other, to do good or evil.  Christ taught us good and urged us to shun evil, but He also taught us love by His own example. “Greater love has no man than if he lays down his life for another.” Christ was crucified but on the third day He arose, never to die again, for He conquered the Devil who had authority over death, and vanquished his authority and power, rendering him helpless against those whose faith and love is in Christ.  Christ is risen and death is destroyed.

     Let us all jump with joy O people, for death, our enemy is totally annihilated! Christ is risen! An we too shall rise with Him into eternal life!

 Scientifically I was aware that the One who made all these things, including myself,  had to be infinitely  superior to everyone, and cannot be like us, for we are creatures made from clay and He is the Creator and eternal God.  Having learned so much from books, knowing that many famous men had existed by their books, true science guided me to the Book that explains everything of creation. In delight, I opened the book and found something superior to science of material things. “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.”  The joy of these words is indescribable! Of course, science has firmly established that without an absolute Cause, nothing could exist.  Having read the whole Bible, I realized that the New Testament is about us who are born as Christians, so I reviewed and saw that all my dreams and hopes had come true! There is goodness and mercy and peace available to me and whoever so desires.  There is genuine love and lasting peace for those who seek for them. 

     The greatest problem of all is solved– the problem beyond our understanding – the problem of death. It makes for true science, “What you sow so shall you reap.” Sin leads to  death, Passions lead to death. Iniquity or lawlessness also leads to death.  A man loves Christ, lives for Christ and dies for Christ, and gains a great reward. Another man despising Christ cries out: “Away with him! Crucify him!”  Filled with demonic hatred, and never repenting for this murderous cry to crucify the Son of God, he will be punished. Science completely agrees with God’s justice.  Justice gives people what they deserved, but mercy gives us what we do not deserve, and by His mercy we are saved. Christ teaches the truth because He is the Truth who came down from heaven. Christ offers us faith and confidence in Him as the God who became man and suffered for us all. I have chosen to follow Him. I love Him and know that He loves me. He inflames us with His Holy Spirit and our desire should be to inflame others, and keep the flame of Christ and His Church burning brightly until we leave this world.

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