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    Orthodox Christians worldwide, who faithfully attend church,  constitute the  one Church of Jesus Christ, and are united in perfect union with Christ, as a rock, on the rock which is Christ,  the main cornerstone of the Church, and against which the “gates of Hades will not prevail.”  Orthodox  are in union with Christ in the mystery of  triune Baptism wherein we joyfully  sing: “As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” They are in union with Christ’s death when immersed in baptism, and into His Resurrection when they arise from the water. Orthodox are in union with the Holy Spirit by being sealed and anointed with holy chrism with the words: “the seal of the gift of Holy Spirit.” We are in union with Christ in the  mystery of Holy Communion, through His Body and Blood which we approach “with the fear of God, faith and love.”  We are in union with Christ as a pupil to his Teacher, as a disciple to his master, and as bride to her Bridegroom. We are in union with the Father, having become through Christ, His own adopted sons and daughters, and though we are  unworthy, we delight in  union with such a gracious and merciful Father!  We lack nothing and have more than everything, we are wealthy beyond all wealth, and our joy is beyond all possible joys!

   Christ does not desire, and with Him we reject, any form of partial-union or union with those outside the Church!  If they desire to come into Orthodoxy – certainly  the Lord welcomes them!  The Church will catechize them and baptize then  and place them on the certain path of salvation. In the Orthodox Catholic Church you will be truly united with Christ, for without the Church that Christ founded, it is not possible to be in union with Christ. We will always remain loyal to Christ and His Church; we will not unite with heresies which will cause forfeiture of eternal life.  Our enemy, the Devil, seeks to unite us to himself by trapping us in  sins and passions, and    To illicit unions formed by  un-Orthodox hierarchs who are at work forming unions with heresy.  They claim that they only engage in dialogues but, they also pray, concelebrate, embrace, kiss and praise the heretics. They disregard St. Paul’s warning to admonish them once or twice, and then reject. The result of even a partial union would be calamitous, for it will be the beginning  of the loss of the divine and beautiful unions that we Orthodox now enjoy, and woe unto us, for any form of  union with heresy will result in our being changed from children of light to children of darkness. 

   No benefits can be gained by any form of union with anyone, for Orthodoxy, having everything is Catholic, with Christ as our Head, the Holy Spirit as our Guide, the Apostles and Fathers as our mentors, we are in need of nothing else. Any type of union will deprive us of our union with the divine treasures endowed to us. We do not consider ourselves better than others but we are blessed with the true and unaltered faith which came down from heaven, and which is the only faith that can bring us up to heaven.

    Even the slightest form of union with non-Orthodox, will infect with their disease those who accept such a union. If anyone doubts this truth, here is proof!  After a meeting between Orthodox leaders and papal heretics at the Balamond Monastery in Lebanon, Orthodox leaders speaking foolishly, accepted the falsehood and novelty that the papacy is our “sister Church” with valid sacraments. Behold!  First they break the law through forbidden  intermarriages, illicit divorces, and now the insanity of two sister churches. This is exactly what we are charging and is their proud declaration of the forbidden unity with the pope and his heresies! This  term, never before used in Orthodoxy, implies the Orthodox leaders’ recognition of  two distinct churches!  Yet in Orthodox services they all confess: “I believe in ONE Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!”  Certainly this declaration of sister churches is a betrayal, unworthy of any Bishop, an idea that could only come from those who honor the pope. To the faithful, these are not trivial things, and no matter what they may reply to these assertions, just examine the evidence before you, as well as the history of the Church, for nothing like this has ever happened. Is it not unbelievable – sister churches totally unalike?

What is even more deadly, is that in this declaration they have implied that the inimical papacy is part of the Orthodox Church, or vice versa, and that we are unreasonably separated by those who fought against union years ago. Reaching the threshold of blasphemy these Orthodox leaders  claim that Christ desires union of  His holy Church with the Papacy! He certainly does not and they know it!  Or they have succumbed to papal propaganda, and become victims. Christ desires His Holy Catholic Church to be ruled by an infallible pope?  Nothing can be further from the truth.  But they meet with them, exchange joyful greetings, exchange gifts, call them brothers, accept their sacraments, bring them into our sacred temples, have them take part in our services, they have already begun the process of uniting us to the papacy.

 The papacy never really seeks union,  but domination, for here is their fundamental law of existence for a thousand years: “We do not care about your doctrine or belief is; just recognize and commemorate the Pope of Rome as your head.”  Their reason for meeting with the Orthodox are not about union or Christ or the faith, but their beastly appetite to chew up and swallow Orthodoxy and then spew it out as a corrupted image of the papacy, and then they will appoint a pope of the East.  Saint Basil the Great advises this: “If  a faithful bishop is not available, it is better to remain at home, praying and  awaiting God’ s mercy,”  than to unite with such a bishop, for in every form of union Orthodoxy has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

   Orthodox leaders trump for union rather than seeking the bestowal of God’s grace upon the heretics, the wonderful Orthodox treasures available to them after they renounce their heresies.  How can these leaders possibly push for union and then claim to serve Christ and His Church faithfully?  They are called upon by the Lord to be good shepherds as defenders of the Faith. Scriptures and  holy tradition teach that we all must follow the example of the Apostles, the Fathers and the Saints. All these holy men drew people out of their deadly heresies uniting them with pure  Orthodoxy and never promoted the idea of union with them.

   The Orthodox approach should  never be to flatter them by addressing them as “brothers in Christ”,  before they truly become our brothers, for they need to renounce their heresies, making them worthy to  accept Orthodox truths. If we approach them in this way, not only can we help to save them from perdition, but together with the angels we shall all rejoice, praising God as we receive our new “brothers or sisters in Christ.”  By the grace of God, we Orthodox possess the fullness of truth while the papacy is filled with the darkness of heresies. Just as our holy truths can save us, so their many heresies will condemn them. Out of pure love we must speak the truth, not honoring their heresies and certainly not by inviting them into our churches to pray together with them, which is forbidden by both the Scriptures and Canons of the Orthodox Church.  Note: The pope was brought into the Church and then permitted to take part and said the Lord’s Prayer in Church), never renouncing his heresies, which means, they accept him with His entire load of lawlessness. By honoring him, they contribute to his remaining in heresy not caring that he is in severe danger of judgment.

 We will  rejoice even when one of them renounces heresies, rejoicing even more in the divine truths we will hold together as fellow Orthodox Christians. There is no other course to follow, because Orthodoxy can never unite with anyone, but everyone can choose to  repent, denounce heresies, be catechized and baptized, resulting in their celebrating with joy, their entrance and uniting to Orthodoxy’s serene holiness.

     “UNION” has always been a unacceptable notion in Orthodoxy, for we should be seeking union  only with the Godman Jesus Christ. Ecumenists and philopapists, by both their words and actions, seek  union of Holy Orthodoxy with the heresies of both papism and protestantism, and they have already begun the process. They have proven their motive by celebrating with them, and embracing them as brothers,  claiming falsely that they have valid sacraments, which serves to strengthen them in their heresies. Scripture and Canons defy their ideas.  Never in the history of the Orthodox Church have so many leaders been so forgetful of so many truths which were handed to them, to guard and protect when they were ordained.

   The pope being only a man as they are is in dire need of Orthodoxy, for without the truth faith he will die in his heresies, believing the lie.  Do the Orthodox leaders  ever consider the fate of the poor papists?   How can they dare to assert that popes are doing God’s work? In praising the pope they push him further away from salvation, which is cruel behavior.  Some leaders have dared to celebrate and pray with them, which is forbidden by both Scripture and canons.  

In the past many Saints have spoken against union with the papacy, but none of them has advocated union with the Papacy or with any of those outside the Church. St. Paul speaks and God thunders: “A man that is a heretic after the first and second admonishment, reject; knowing  that he that is such is subverted  and sins, being self-condemned” (Titus 3: 10-11). Who believes that the popes will surrender their authority, especially the Vatican, nor their self-proclaimed infallibility?  It is the sacred duty of Orthodox leaders to tell him the truth.  The way of salvation is fist, he must surrender all his authority and become a humble candidate for triune Orthodox baptism! The truth is that the popes have not shown the slightest intention to abandon the papacy and become Orthodox, for their desire is to be the head over the Orthodox as supreme pontiff and vicar of Christ.  Their vision is that we Orthodox need the infallible Pope over us as the only bishop of Christ.  In fact, the former Pope Benedict asserted this very thing, saying that the Orthodox have everything, but are wounded because they do not have ME! 

  Our sacred Orthodox Creed confesses what we believe and to whom we belong. Our confession of faith  is unique and there is no other like it. It remains the same as it was when formulated by the First and Second Ecumenical Synods, the latter being in 381AD. This confession of Faith alone has remained unchanged after more than1,600 years or about 6,500 generations! Only the true Church, guided by the Holy Spirit can preserve everything and keeps us free from errors, and that is the reason that Christ sent  the Holy Sprit as our divine Comforter and Guide. 

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