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    The most important thing we can learn about the  universe is knowledge of the source and meaning of life. For without life the universe is as nothing. Without life we do intellectualize and live.  Life exists in millions of forms; life is very well organized; life is precious and necessary, for without life there is nothing.   Life appears before us at all times and we witness it in fellow men and women, in horses and dogs and cats, in flies and mosquitoes.  Above all life bears witness to the Lifegiver, for life is given and cannot be purchased or manufactured. Lifeless matter cannot possibly produce life which it does not possess, nor does chaos ascend into order; The big bang could never have exploded into such perfect order as the universe. Nor did it possess the ability to produce itself, let alone the universe. Life is too orderly, too organized, too predictable and too perfect!  Hundreds of trillions of thoughts could not begin to explain the cause and purpose of the universe. Man does not have the mental capacity, even with all his computers, to understand with his intellect what life and its meaning of life are.

     Every day millions of new babies are born into the world. Each of us was at one time  among those new babies, and have produced new babies of our own. Not only human life, but insects, birds, fish animals, and beasts are continually being born replacing the dead. Life continues just as it has from the beginning. 

What is life and from where is it derived? It is important to recognize that life is neither accidental nor spontaneous, and life as we know it, is derived from previously existent life. Plants have life producing flower and fruit. Animals have lives  and they also are endowed with souls which cause them to seek their needs and satisfy them and reproduce. Their bodily requirements send messages to their souls causing them to satisfy those  needs. Some animals feed on vegetation, others on other animals, but everything that has life seeks to maintain its life by feeding and reproduction.  Life in the vegetable kingdom is a lower forms of life. Life in the animal kingdom is a higher form.   Human life, however far exceeds the former for only  human beings can understand and explain and rejoice in life!  Each animal knows how to protect reproduce its precious life.  Some are fast moving, some use camouflage while others can climb rapidly, each one using whatever defense it was endowed with.

 We cannot deny that the highest form of life is human life, which is endowed with dominion over the fields, the animals, birds, fish and quadrupeds.  Let us ask what the differences are in these forms of life. Plants have no soul to satisfy their needs. They just grow from an apparent lifeless seed that is in fact teeming with potential life. Animals have a soul which feels its needs causing it to seek to satisfy them. . 

But the race of man, rises far above all other creatures and by his intellect and wisdom he rules over creation. The  huge difference in man  is the spirit that was breathed into man by live-giving God.  This delightful spirit causes man to be conscious of his existence and that of the world around him. Intellectually, he easily reflects on the necessity of a God and Creator and realizes that there must be a reason and end purpose for his existence and the existence of everything else. Right reasoning established that the Life-giving God is the original and only source of  life, and who has authority over all creation to which He gave life.

In the Book of Genesis a complete account is given which identifies the source of all that exists and  all that has  life, who is God the Creator. Anyone who scientifically studies the universe can readily see the hand of the Creator and His creation.  He is God and there is no other like Him. He commands: “Let there be light and there was light!” His knowledge is omniscient, and His will and power are equal, and he built into creation, among all creatures, the perfect method of continuing life by reproduction.

In the Gospel of John it says of the Lifegiver Christ: “In Him was life, and the life was the light of man: (John 1:4).  Right reason establishes that life can only come from the Lifegiver, from whom all life is derived. As life comes only from Life, intellect comes only from Intellect, therefore the intellect comes from the Logos of God. Learning about who we are and what life is and its source delights our intellects causing us to rejoice. How delightful are words of truth, filled with hope and unending life.  No wonder the Evangelist John writes after this:  “For the law was given us by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” It is the Logos of God through whom the Father  gave order to everything and who rules over all creation.

Why, if there is one God are there so many religions? It is a fact that the one God, as recorded in Scriptures, revealed himself and established a covenant with man through faithful Abraham. In the future this would evolve into the Law of Moses and the old covenant which the people accepted from God.  Through this covenant they learned the truths regarding the God they worshiped – the true God. They were taught the truth that all other gods are not gods at all but demons, enemies of God and man.

God established His people among the nations identifying them by  circumcision, which showed them to be a special  people cut out or selected from the human race – God’s chosen people.  In the ancient world, men claimed that there had to be a god or gods. From their own ideas and imagination established many false religions, containing many of their superstitions. These were often inimically disposed toward the circumcised people of God.  One of the most important expectations of the chosen people or Jews, was the coming of the Messiah or Christ, who would guide the people, and lead them to victory.

   In the fulness of time, the Virgin gave birth to the Christ who preached the Gospel, performed wondrous wonders, gave eyes to the blind, caused paralytics to walk and deaf to hear. Raising people who had died caused amazement among the populace, who, seeing His wonders, began to  realize that He is the Messiah/, the Christ.

     We can easily see in human beings, and nowhere else, two form of life, the carnal life which is similar to the lives of animals, and the spiritual life which is similar to the lives of angels. In the beginning man, being infantile, lives only a carnal life, but the spiritual life always  dawns in each young child and he asks thousands of questions as his intellect grows, and he pours back the love which its heart has received from its parents, and both mutually thrive on this love.

Beyond plants and animals men and angels, we identify the life which is the fountain of all life, who is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the true life of men. “For in you is the fountain of life and in your light we shall see light.”  Life came into this world and lived among us and taught us, suffered for us and died as though a criminal on the Cross for our salvation. But Life cannot die and so He arose on the third day, and will never die again. Christ offers to those who belong to His Church and obey His commandments life without end~ life in great abundance!

Let us not live the lives of most men, which is the carnal life and satisfaction of its soul’s desires, which is destitute of spiritual life found only in Christ, the life of the world!  Carnal life and soul-centered lives consists of eating and drinking, working and playing, conversing and being entertained. It offers no further hope than eventual death and annihilation, leaving life-loving man a hopeless victim of despondency and hopelessness, leading to eternal death.
Let us seize not this temporary life, but eternal life while we are  still  alive. If we die to Christ while we are able  we will also rise into His resurrection, for unless we die to sin before we die., we will not live after we die, but will suffer the second death or Gehenna. Let us choose everlasting life and rejoice now and for ever.

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