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  Efforts to unite Holy Orthodoxy with other Christians will never happen for the Guide of the Church, the Holy Spirit, and the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ together with the laos to Theo (the people  of God) all reject any such unity and will expose its true nature, which is nothing other than a modern attempt to corrupt the ancient and true Church, by mixing unmixable truth with falsehood.

     Behold, how many years have passed since the ecumenists and philopapists started their work in 1954.  Spending millions of dollars of the Church member’s money on futile missions, airplane fare, hotels and restaurant, this waste will go on and on. Even worse, they do not  attempt to bring anyone into the Church and holy Baptism as Christ commands.  “Go forth and preach this Gospel, baptizing in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit. This is the main purpose of work outside the Church.  If we leave the heretics to their false beliefs, we prove a lack of love for them, not caring that they  die in their sins, which is cruel and is certainly against the will of Jesus Christ, who desires that men be saved and come to knowledge of truth.

From “Be Reconciled to Your Brother:”



      The Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate anointed the establishment of the office and the appointment of its director on December 17th 1954, and began to function March 1 of 1955 under the direction of Archbishop of North and South America, Iakovos, then bishop of Malta. (P 7)

  The ecumenists proclaim their efforts  as having lasted almost 60 years!  Yet they have not settled a single dogmatic difference. They are not bringing members into the Church. They have not challenged papal supremacy and infallibility, nor has he offered to abandon his blasphemous claims to be the vicar of Jesus Christ. Catholics and Protestants alike have not left their errors and poured into the true Church. Why are there no discussions on the great differences that separate the true Church from heretical churches?

      A better question worth solving does not concern the question of unity, but the question of why do those outside continue to separate themselves and remain apart from the true Holy Orthodox Church?  We know and many of them know that we have the truth, why do they not recognize the same truths? This is vitally important, They show no intention of changing anything and are content to continue their falsel worship Christ outside of the Church. 

      Orthodoxy has and will remain firmly like a rock being the original ancient Church, the Body of Christ,  which for 20 centuries has preserved the same Catholic and Apostolic Faith, without addition or subtraction. But the forefathers of all those outside the Church today, abandoned and ignored the  true Church choosing to follow their own destructive paths. The Pope always cries out that Christ appointed him as vicar being alone head of His Church, and so cries the Pope, Christ is here, with me!  Each Protestant group  preach a different Christ, a different Gospel and a different ethical system and cry out: Not so, Christ is here with us!  Protestants in general have adopted the same or similar heresies previously condemned by the Church.

     The disciple whom Christ loved, blessed John says about those who left: “They went out from us but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out, that it may be made manifest that they were all not  of us” (1 John 2:19). Christ prophesied these events, when He said: “For many shall come in my name saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many” (Matt. 24:5).

The ecumenists do not use the language of the Fathers of the Church but invent new terms foreign to Holy Orthodoxy.  Also, the Church has never adopted clever sayings, but always keeps intact, truth and love\.

From “Be reconciled to Your Brother:

  But they say: “The anathema has been removed from memory and the life of the Church for the sake of the advancement”the growth and unbuilding  and perfecting of love between our two churches. The following is not Orthodox language but the language of diplomacy. See at end special note on “anathema.”
     “This gesture” it is stressed in the Common Declaration (between Constantinople and Rome 1965)   “is a gesture to end all differences, ancient and modern.” It is nevertheless  “an expression of a mutual earnest wish for reconciliation, and an invitation to pursue dialogue which, God willing, will lead the churches to recover . . . full communion of faith, of brotherly accord and sacramental life.”  I repeat this is not patristic language but ecumenese. And foreign to the Church.

False statements in “Be Reconciled to Your Brother:”

“The unity of God demands the unity of the world.”  (P18)

“In 1274, emissaries of Emperor Michael VII Paleologos journeyed to the Council of Lyons and accepted papal proposals for restoring communion between the churches, but were later repudiated by the Church of Constantinople.”  (P 6)


     Almost 50 years ago  back in 1967, the inevitable results of ecumenism and philopapism, so alarmed thefather of thie error, then Patriarch Athenagoras, that he sent out an encyclical to all his flock, warning them that Orthodoxy and Romanism are not and will not be united as they are.  But their ecumenical literature and speeches and press releases, convinced thousands of the faithful that Orthodoxy and Romanism are the same. Recognizing their “unsacramental sacraments”, they corrupted Orthodox truths and dogmas, Here in America, there was a rush by thousands of Orthodox to exchange mysteries in the two institutions, which greatly alarmed the Patriarch. 

From “Be Reconciled to Your Brother:”


     Here is his reply to this:  “As a result of the effort to bring about unity of the churches, and as a result of the warm and sincere interest that was universally expressed, the impression was created that from now on it was permissible for Orthodox to go to confession and to receive Communion from Roman Catholic priests or from other clergymen in Roman Catholic or other denomination . . . it was decided that our devout Orthodox communicants should . . . that our Orthodox faithful receive the grace of the Sacraments from a non-Orthodox priest, since no decision of this kind was ever taken and since intercommunion between the Orthodox and other churches does not exist.  We make known to you this decision, to enlighten them in this subject so that they will not be led astray through ignorance.”   (P20)

     The mask of ecumenism being torn off reveals its nakedness and ugliness. We ought to return, not to  “conservatism or liberalism”, but to the divine truths of Orthodoxy written and verbalized in the stone of our Holy Tradition. Hierarchs and other leaders who abandoned truth and recognize  two sister churches are blinded and unable to clearly see the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church nor can they have communion with its Head Jesus Christ. This is especially so, for they publicly confess their believe in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

In their own book the Ecumenists unwittingly expose the true nature of the papacy whom they admire and with whom they seek union: 

From “Be Reconciled With Your Brother” 

“The Fall of Byuzantium and the seizure of the imperial capitol ()Constantinople) put an end to all reunion efforts.  It must be said in the interest of historical accuracy that Rome (the Papacy) did not pursue these efforts once the see of Orthodoxy was enslaved.  On the   contrary when one more crusade might have been undertaken of behalf of fellow-Christians now in bondage and under Islam, instead, divisive efforts were made with a view toward subjecting the Turkish-controlled Orthodox Church to Roman (Papal) authority)”   (P6)

Concerning the Orthodox word, “anathema:”  According to St. Nicodemos the Hagiorite’s elaborate explanation of this word, we offer the following. An anathema is not against a person or group, but against the beliefs a person or group holds.  If they abandon false beliefs and accept the truth, they come out from under the anathema, which is irrevocable and will remain forever!  Thus, there is no such thing as  “lifting the anathemas.”

The quotes which are in different type in this article are from an Ecumenical book entitled,  Be Reconciled To Your Brother; published in Greek and English by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America;  1966.

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