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    We are living in an age of humanism and its fruits which include unbelief in a Creator with a purpose, the unreasonable exaltation of man and the descent into the folly of atheism. Imagining themselves to be filled with advanced knowledge which came not from God but from man, doing away with the idea of God they ignored man’s total dependence on God’s  providence.  
Of course man does not and cannot supply the world with food and water. God does. Man cannot energize the weather system and bring the rain, snows, dew and sunshine needed to grow crops.  God does. Without God’s sun, snow and rain, nothing would grow and no life could exist. Remove God’s power and everything would disintegrate, the sun would blink out, stars would disappear, heavenly bodies would fall, supplies of water and food would vanish, in fact we cannot even begin to imagine the loss of God’s power.  For God’s power holds the world together and maintains perfect order according to His will.

      Man’s meager power is feeble and limited, and given the need, he may encounter an idea, think about it, then decide in his will to fulfill it. It may take some effort depending on its magnitude, and he may have to  confer with other men to get help so that he might accomplish his task. How feeble are man’s efforts in comparison to God who as soon as God wills, it is already accomplished. To accomplish some task, man always need to increase his feeble power by assistance from others.

     The all-powerful God said: “Let there be light and there was light.” No plans, no assistants, no effort.  God wills and it is already accomplished because his will and power are equal. God wills for matter to be existent and it is done. God decided to separate darkness and light, by calling the darkness night and the light day, and it was so. 

God is faithful in His dealings with men, and remains ever the same.  However we change and  our souls are by nature philosophical seeking to acquire knowledge. Many are interested in answers to questions such as these: Why do I exist? What is my purpose in being here? What is God’s purpose for creation? Such questions arise in the souls of men because they concern our nature and men shun ignorance and crave knowledge. 

     Our father Abraham, although he came from an idolatrous family, l=had no  book or  directions  searched for the true God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and God found him.. Then by faith he agreed to a covenant with God sealed by circumcision, which was passed on to his son Isaac and to his grandson Jacob then eventually to all the descendants of Jacob from whom came the tribe and then nation of Israel.  It was Abraham’s sincere faith in God that the caused the blessings of God to descend  on him and his posterity. His faith is also known by his willing sacrifice. When God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham never hesitated but immediately agreed and prepared for the offering. He was ready and willing to complete the sacrifice by killing his own son, but was prevented by the Lord.  Abraham’s faith was like a rock and his obedience to God caused Him to become the father of many nations and to be remembered and glorified by the whole Church as he rejoices in the kingdom above.

     The world and the unbelieving scientists of the world cannot answer the questions we raised, because they have already made up their minds that they know and understand the origin of the world and consider questions regarding creation as being foolish.  But they are the foolish ones who think they know but remain ignorant, and who mistake their foolishness as knowledge. That is why the Lord says in Scripture: “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.” To deny the Creator is foolish because, it is obvious that creation could not exist without the Creator. To be unable to see that He is necessarily all-powerful, and that He maintains the world supplying our needs, this is blindness!

     If there was not an all-powerful Creator, then there would no thought, plan or purpose for this world.  The depths of foolishness is that creation created itself.  In fact if there was no Creator neither would anything else exist, nor could these words be written.  If there was no God, faith is but an illusion, there is no morality, there is no hope, there is no love, there is nothing better and the race of man just has no reason to exist. 
Thus, lacking any lasting value or purpose, we, and everything else, according to them, all end up in death and supposedly non-existence. But the very fact that we mention that there is non-existence, confirms the fact that existence is real, and known to us, a certainty of a Creator.

     Man separated from God is like a fish out of the water for man’s true greatness is that he is the only creature in the world able to reflect the  image of God before all creation.. The qualities in man that make him an image of God are spiritual, including consciousness, or awareness, and existence of the world around us.  None of these things come from matter.  Also there is the generation of ideas, feelings of pain and pleasure, of love and hatred, a deciding will and especially the freedom to choose good or evil.  It is impossible for these qualities to come from mindless matter for it needs to be from someone far superior to us, who endowed us with a mind, heart and a free will, and will  teach us good and evil, He is the divine being, the glorious Creator and all-powerful God. 

     “God formed the first man out of the clay of the earth and  breathed into his person a breath of life and he became a living soul.”  This is the true source of the human race, for man did not come from animals.  Some have said that God breathed a soul into man but the Holy Fathers all disagree, for the Scripture is clear: “He breathed a breath of life, which comes from God and is given only to man. The man , spoken of in genesis to be in the image and likeness of God, who perfectly reflects God, is the most glorious only-begotten Son of the Father and  Son of the Ever-Virgin Mary. The Son of the Virgin is the Godman who calls all humanity to salvation and everlasting life with His words, with His promises, with His threats, with His assurances and compassionate love for man. He stands before us reminding us that we must become like Him.

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