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Part Seventeenth,


     There are some people within Orthodoxy who assert that the Roman Catholic Church is quite similar to Orthodoxy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The differences are of immense proportions Why? Because of the impossibility of lies being dogmas. It is a blatant lie that the pope is the one and only bishop in the whole world who represents God and derives his knowledge, authority and power directly from the Creator. Further that God created and shaped the papacy as Christ’s church.  It is another lie and an impossible claim that the pope of Rome or any other man is infallible, for God alone is infallible.  It is a lie that there is a genuine place called purgatory, which was introduced by Pope Gregory the Great in the late 6th century. False also is the papacy’s claims that most souls enter this fictional place to suffer for their sins. It is a lie that the many successive popes were all holy men, the opposite being true, for many of them were evil and wicked men, who could never be successors of holy Peter the Apostle/

     The Church canons strictly forbid Orthodox intermarriage with Roman Catholics, and though it takes place it remains illicit. And the marriages?  Their baptisms cannot be considered as baptisms for theydo not use triune immersion. Their bishops and priests have no canonical connections and are thus invalid and empty. They changed the divine services by introducing strange and abbreviated ones. They falsely claim that Joachim and Anna’s  conception of the Virgin Mary was without sin, when Christ is the only sinless one.

     They lay all their claims by classifying their popes to be successors of Peter, which means that each pope has a sacred obligation as Peter’s successor to live a life in holiness and truth. But we will see that this is not the reality. Here is a quick glance at a few of their morbid and sickly lives.

Pope John XII (963
     Became pope at twenty being one of the lowest and most miserable figures ever to occupy the Holy See of Rome. Under him the Lateran degenerated into little more than brothel. Pope John who had taken savage revenge on his enemies, died on May 14, 946.

Leo IX: and the use of known forgeries -1054
The rise to power of the papacy was fueled by known forgeries well known as” the Donations of Constantine.

Lucius II
     Lucius receiving no aid whatever, personally took charge of the siege of the capitol, in the course of which he was fatally wounded.

Innocent IV Torture racks 1254
     He was a politician completely reckless of the means he used to justify his ends, excommunicating kings in a way which can only be called senseless. It was this pope who gave permission for secular rulers to use the racks to torture heretics.

Boniface VIII 1303
     He was one of the most sinister figures ever to ascend the papal throne. He introduced in a bull Clericus Laicos in 1296 stating that “the laity is the enemy of the clergy.” Pope Boniface was divorced from everything spiritual.

Urban VI - 1389
     Urban was autocratic, tyrannical and ruthless. He was greatly hated and a conspiracy arose to depose him. Their plot misfired and Pope Urban committed the unprecedented atrocity of having five of the cardinals subject to the most fearful torture and then they were executed. Urban died as a great object of their hatred.

Leo X 1521
     Leo engaged heavily in nepotism. It is claimed that he said to his brother: “Let us enjoy the papacy, God has given it to us.”  In lavish splendor, he doubled the already gigantic household expenses; offices which were offered for sale to raise money rose to two thousand two hundred. The sale of indulgences became like gigantic business transactions. If someone behaved badly he would have them severely beaten and then donate to them two ducats. His deceit was typical of the Medicis.  His diplomatic behavior and egotistical behavior arose indignation everywhere.

     These “successors of Peter”, as popes of Rome, show it to be absolutely impossible for them to be his successors in an unbroken chain from Peter to the present pope,  for their combined character could only be classified as being evil and anti-Christian!

   The Vatican corruption is not fictional but true.  Get the following non-fictional book which is well written; interesting that the real detectives involved were mostly Roman Catholics who themselves were left shocked. This took place in modern times.


The Astonishing Account of a Billion Dollar Stock Deal Between
the Mafia and the Roman Catholic Church
by Richard Hammer
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, NY

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