Sunday, October 11, 2015


     The danger of Ecumenism is not dangerous to the Church for the Church is the Body of Christ. Having Him as its Head, and is not subject to error or any other ill. The only danger in Ecumenism is to the souls of those who preach it or adapt it, for it removes their souls from the book of eternal life. The Orthodox leaders who brought ecumenism into Orthodoxy. They first changed the name of those outside the Church from heretics, which they are to brothers in Christ, which they are not, recognized their infernal sacraments performing action which is outside their authority and power, and eventually the Church will reject. 

     The name heretic as applied to those outside the Church has been in use in the Orthodox Church for almost two-thousand years! Scripture commands that if a man is a heretic, admonish him several times and then have nothing to do with him, being that he is self-condemned. Orthodox Christians should never dialogue with heretics, unless they have shown a desire to learn and enter the Church. This is accomplished not so much by dialogue but by teaching. All those who preach and embrace the heresy of “ecumenism” will find themselves outside the grace of God. For the doctrine of “ecumenism” denies the existence of the one and only Orthodox Church, and they spread the outright lie which announces that “the church” is divided and seeks to be reunited! Thus they invent a second church which is divided, which is not a real church but consists of whole groups of condemned heresies. The great danger of ecumenism is not to the Church which cannot be damaged, but the loss of eternal life to its advocates and all those who accept this heresy which wars against Orthodoxy through unfaithful leaders within the Church.

Various heresies of ecumenism are: 

1. They preach different Gospels.
2. They establish numerous different churches.
3. They fail to honor the Virgin Mary.
4.  They fail to connect with the true Church.
5. Their bishoprics are non-existent or invalid.
6.  The fail to accept and honor holy icons.
7. They fail to accept validity of the Church Fathers.
8. They fail to accept the Seventh Ecumenical synods.
9. They are without priests and bishops.
10. They do not celebrate the Church Mysteries.
11. The Pope of Rome is the man in charge.
12. They accept the pope’s infallibility.
13. They believe in a mythical purgatory for suffering.
14. They have women bishops and priests.
15. They preach myriads of false doctrines.
16. They have no genuine mysteries (sacraments).
17. Some fail to accept Christ as God.
18. They fail to pray for saints.
19. They fail to pray for the dead.
20. They accept Church-condemned heretics
21. They reject the Fathers and accept Luther, Calvin and Zwingli.

     There are many other false beliefs, but embracing only one of the above errors permanently separates those who believe them from the Church.   Ecumenism seeks unity but at the expense of truth.  Orthodox leader seek unity at the cost of their souls. Ecumenism is a strong  interfaith dialogue. Such dialogue is forbidden by both Scripture and the Church. Ecumenism’s ultimate goal is the union of all religions in the world into one big happy family.

The Ecumenical Synods of the Holy Church condemned many heresies which are accepted by the  protestant heretics of our today. Every Protestant group has embraced at lease one or more of the condemned heresies. Many protestants embrace countless erroneous beliefs some being self-formulated. Such as sola scripture (Scripture alone), Sola Christos) (Christ alone), Sola Fide (faith alone). Followers would only accept one single source for all that they believe.

     In a word, being outside of the one Holy Church, they designed their own custom “church” with many false doctrines. Every person was free to believe whatever he chose and this caused them to fragment into thousands of sects and the fragmentation continues.  Members of the papacy however have been blinded for they follow the infallible pope who, as head, sits on the throne which belongs only to Jesus Christ they choose to follow him.

     See what what has happened! The Protestants broke away from the big pope due to the claim of authority and supremacy alse the source of all spirituality, demanding that people must follow him. Protestantism caused new little popes to increase by the thousands, for every Protestant leader becomes a new pope, similar to the big pope in Rome, for each one is the sole source of authority and spirituality, and people follow them!

     If Orthodox leaders worldwide returned to their solemn responsibility as hierarchs and patriarchs, the Church would quickly multiply and grow and fill the earth and the  papacy and Protestantism will gradually shrivel away, for truth can never be subdued or conquered and Orthodoxy is the fountain of divine truth, governed and protected by the Father Son and Holy Spirit to whom is due all glory forever.

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