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     Christ utters these divine words:   The Holy Spirit “who proceeds from the Father.” The Papacy challenges Christ and changes His divine teaching by contradicting His words and  adding to their creed that the Spirit proceeds from the Father 
“a n d  t h e  S o n”. In doing this they formed the blasphemous dogma of the Papacy that the Holy Spirit has a double origin one from the Father and one from the Son. That this conception is a modern innovation rising from the foul and evil spirit will be demonstrated.  

     The Father is perfect Mind the Cause and Source of everything that exists. He is beginning without cause. As the Source He begets the perfect Son and Logos and emits the Holy Spirit. So the Son and Holy Spirit derive their being only from the Father (the Orthodox dogma). The existence of the Logos and Holy Spirit, coming from the Father, make it absolutely impossible for the Spirit to be derived in addition from the Son as it does from the Father. For one perfect Spirit comes from one perfect source, the Father, who is one Mind and therefore the only source of the Logos.

For illustration let us assume that one father has two sons, thus both sons owe their existence to the father. It is impossible for one son to owe his existence to the other. It is impossible for a brother at the same time to be the father of his brother and for one son to have two fathers.  This natural impossibility has been made a dogma of faith by the Papacy by the arrogant decision of their infallible head, the pope.

     Father Son and Holy Spirit exist eternally, not in time, for there is no time in the Trinity. The begetting of the Son and emitting of the Holy Spirit are two simultaneous activities and are not successive. By begetting, the Father makes the Son to be and by emitting He makes the Holy Spirit to be. He makes both at the simultaneously and not one after another. The dogma of the Papacy degrades the Father with their addition of the filioque (“a n d  t h e  S o n”) a false and blasphemous dogma. The Latins agree that the Father is self sufficient in bringing forth the Son and Logos, but not in emitting the Holy Spirit. So they introduce a defect in the Father who requires the Son in order to bring forth the Holy Spirit. For they claim, the Spirit who proceeds from the Father must proceed from the Son as well. This is degrading and blasphemous being an assault on the heavenly Father by the Papacy!

       But how do they accept that  the Father who they accuse to be imperfect bring forth a Son who is perfect in all respects?   It is therefore shown that the Papacy’s addition to the sacred Creed is a blasphemy against the Holy Trinity, for it adds imperfection to those who are naturally perfect. This is not something trivial but constitutes a terrible assault on the sacred truths of our faith and places the Papacy in enmity against the Holy Church of Christ.  And this is but one of their numerous heresies and errors.

     Their claim that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son just as it does from the Father, has no other meaning that the Spirit owes half of its existence to the Father and half to the Son just as to the Father. Let us ask those who so claim, whether the Holy Spirit owes all of its existence to the Father or a part only and the rest to the Son.  If they reply the first they exclude the Son altogether, for if the Holy Spirit owes all of its existence to the Father, it is evident that it owes none to the Son and does not proceed from Him at all.  If they claim that the Holy Spirit owes part of its existence to the Father and part to the Son it follows that the Holy Spirit is not simple but double, composed of two halves, one from the Father and one from the Son, making it thus divisible and decomposable into the parts of which it is made, and in this manner they insult ans blaspheme the Holy Spirit.    

     But how can such blasphemies be inserted into their confession and  creed? How is one to tolerate those who tolerate this insidious blasphemy of the Papacy against the Holy Spirit?  It is a great tragedy that leaders of the Orthodox Church choose to flirt and cozy up to the Popes of Rome, embracing them and their abominable blasphemy. What’s even more evil, the do not cleanse those who by baptism choose to come out of their fatal papal heresies into Holy Orthodoxy. But worst of all, the Orthodox leaders insanely recognize the papacy as a church and its sacraments as being valid  and worthy, when they are worthless and filled with their blasphemy. These Orthodox leaders do great harm to both the Orthodox Church and the Papacy for they fail to show the papacy its deadly insults to the Father and the Holy Spirit. Instead they treat him with gladness and embrace him together with his heresies and blasphemies. They also bring their corrupt ideas into holy Orthodoxy, increasing the damage.

     Because the Papacy embraces heresy and commits blasphemy, therefore there must be no embracing, no recognition, but only severe admonitions or warnings demanded by Holy Scripture, for if we fail to do this we become partakers of their sins.

     The papacy in changing their creed, ignore the decision of the second ecumenical council, so that it now erroneously changed it to: “(I believe) In the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father       a n d  t h e  S o n, who together with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified who spoke through the prophets”; a n d  t h e  S o n is their heretical addition. It may appear to some to be of no great consequence but it constitutes a blasphemy against both the Father and the Holy Spirit, therefore all Orthodox clergy and laity must deal with the Papacy exactly as the Holy Scriptures require, for they are heretics and blasphemers. Holy Scripture clearly warns all Orthodox Christians against dealing with the Papacy and all other heretics:  “A man that is a heretic after the first and second scolding admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, sins and is self-condemned” (Titus 3:10). In other words rebuke them twice and then have nothing to do with them for they are self-condemned.

It is important to note that Holy Scriptural law forbids them from entering the Church and forbids us from having friendly relations with them, permitting only scolding admonition of the papists and of all those outside the Church (heretics). If we fail to do this we do double harm. First for failing to admonish them those Orthodox who break the law and will be subject to condemnation. Second to the heretics who by not being reminded of their sinful beliefs are left to die in their sins. Every single soul that exists or will exist is the object of God’s love and if we truly love the heretics we will warn them once or twice and then leave them to the Lord.


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