Wednesday, December 16, 2015



  By St. Nektarios of Pentapolis

Rejoice, Honor of the first-created people
Rejoice, Desire of the forefathers and joy eternal.
Rejoice, Glory of Abraham and of God’s promise,
Rejoice, Sacred daughter, the blessing of all the nations.
Rejoice Ladder of Jacob and radiant dwelling, 
Rejoice, Staff of Aaron and the gate which remains shut.
Rejoice, Graceful daughter, vessel containing the Manna
Rejoice, Throne of the Lord spotless and sanctified.
Rejoice Undefiled Virgin who has been consecrated unto God,
Rejoice, Unhewn mountain burning bush and holy altar,
Rejoice Maiden Full of Grace, my Panaghia.

Through You our race was delivered from the curse
Through You it became worthy of enjoying Paradise.
Through You all of human nature was restored,
Through You, creation which has suffered corruption
was renewed.
Through you, Adam and his offspring were glorified,
Through You, we have received grace, glory, and strength.
Through You, Theotokos, man was reconciled with God,
Through You, Virgin Mother, we are freed from tyranny.
Through You, we became worthy of receiving God’s  
Through You, the severe and incurable wound was healed.
Through You, we received adoption and salvation,
Through You, we acquired the heavenly kingdom.
Wherefore, I confidently run to you, O Virgin, and from
the depth of my soul, I implore your compassion.

Look upon my humility my Maiden
Send Your aid and strengthen me quickly.
Console me Daughter of the King, my Maiden the Panaghia.
Who are the immediate Consolation of all who sorrow.
The Hope of the hopeless, the solace of the suffering, the
ready Protectress unto those seeking refuge in you.
Remove the sadness and bitterness from my barren soul,
O Virgin and heal me.

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