Saturday, January 30, 2016


Warning to Our  Hierarchs! 
Stop Honoring and Kissing the Enemy of Orthodoxy!

   Jesus Christ the Godman promised to remain with us on earth. And He never left, but there is another god on earth, and his name is the Pope of Rome. They attribute characteristics to the Pope which belong to God alone and have thus made another god. The Papacy declare that  their popes are foundations and heads of their church. Giving the Pope of Rome divine characteristics.


Pope is head of Church.
Jesus Christ is Head of Church.

Pope claims all Christians his subjects.
Christ, has all Christian as his subjects.

Pope is supreme judge of faithful
Christ is supreme judge of faithful

Pope is guide of Church.
Holy Spirit is guide of Church.

Pope is the Church’s teacher.
Christ is the Church’s teacher. 
Pope is above entire Church.
Christ is above Church.

Pope is infallible.
God is infallible.

Pope’s judgments not to be reviewed.
Christ’s judgments not to be reviewed.
Pope, not to be reviewed by council.
Christ, not to be reviewed by council.

Pope is highest authority on earth.
Christ is highest authority on earth.

Pope rules Church by divine right.
Christ rules the Church by divine right.

Pope is above Ecumenical Councils.
Christ is  above Ecumenical Councils.

Pope, Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.
Christ, Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father.

     Jesus Christ is the one and only sinless Head and Ruler of the Church, and the Holy Spirit is the Guide . Unlike the Papacy the Orthodox Church being the Body of Christ is both divine and human like its Head. The head and governor of the Papacy is a sinful man whom the Papacy has made equal to God. Here is the official claims of the Papacy concerning the Pope. 


     “Since by divine right of apostolic primacy, the Roman Pontiff is placed over the entire Church, we further teach and declare that he (the Pope) is the supreme judge of all the faithful and in all causes, the decision of which belong to the Church, recourse may be had to his tribunal, so that no one may reopen judgment of the Apostolic See, than whose authority there is none greater, nor can anyone lawfully review the judgment. Wherefore they err from the right course who assert that it is lawful to appeal from the judgments of the Roman Pope to an Ecumenical Council, as to an authority higher than that of the Roman Pontiff. (From The Decrees of Vatican Council and Faith and the Church Central Office Chair of Unity, Apostolate Graymoor, Garrison, N. Y. 11-24)

     The pope rules by divine right, the pope is head of the Church, the pope is supreme judge all the faithful, the pope is guide, is teacher, is above the Church, is infallible, not reviewable, is highest authority on earth is greater than all ecumenical councils. All of his claims belong to Christ the Godman Jesus Christ.

    Orthodox Leaders of our times, who treat the pope and the Papacy as Christ’s and Orthodoxy’s friend and even accept their sacraments, evidently are not aware of the outrageous Papal claims shown above.  It is evident that the Papacy officially declares herself superior to everything and how they officially give the pope attributes belonging to God alone, thus making the pontiff to be another god. Orthodox leaders, to avoid condemnation, must flee as far as possible from the popes! Roman Catholic converts to the Orthodox Church should insist on being baptized in the one and only Baptism of the Church by three total  immersions done by an Orthodox Bishop or Priest. No genuine sanctifying baptism exists outside of Orthodoxy, and thus all those outside Orthodoxy are  not baptized, for the Holy Spirit does not sanctify mysteries outside the Church. The Lord at every hour calls everyone  to enter the one holy and apostolic Church which He founded, being himself the chief cornerstone.

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