Friday, February 12, 2016


“But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father
 will send in my name, He shall teach you all things
 and bring all things to your remembrance, 
whatever I have said to you” (John 14:26)

     The Orthodox Church cannot be destroyed for it is in truth the Body of Christ, and it is headed by Jesus Christ, the Truth and Logos of God, and is guided by the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth. There will always be defenders of the truth guided by the Holy Spirit and there will be enemies from within and without, but the divine human Church will vanquish enemies and will last to the end of time. We pray at all times that the Holy Spirit will abide in us, cleanse our souls, and guide us into all truth, reminding us of all that Jesus has said and done.

     We pray to the Holy Spirit who abides in us or leaves us according to our faith, good works and patience. Without the Holy Spirit we are unable to do anything not even celebrate the Divine Liturgy or a Baptism. Christ said that He will bring all things to our remembrance so that all of us who are members of the Church will think and decide together and always be one with Christ in the Holy Spirit. The first prayer of our Church is to the Holy Spirit: “Heavenly King Comforter and Spirit of truth, who are everywhere present and fills all things; Treasury of blessings and bountiful Giver of life; Come and abide in us; cleanse us from every impurity and save our souls Good One.”                                                                

     The Protestants reject oral tradition which the Holy Spirit speaks through Synods, Saints, Martyrs and Holy Fathers, foolishly claiming that the Bible has everything that they need. Having broken away, not from the true church, but from the infernal Papacy they foolishly developed false Christian, showing no reverence toward the Holy Virgin Theotokos, the holy icons and all the Saints. 

     The formed their own idea of churches, then arrogantly went into Orthodox Christian countries, preaching their false ideas and robbed many of their true Orthodox Faith. They distort Christ’s teaching claiming that only Protestants hold firmly to the truth of Scripture, but Holy Scripture opposes the Protestants by proclaiming that we “Hold fast to the traditions you have received orally or written.” They reject all oral tradition claiming the Bible is all that is needed. They ignore their own Bibles and Christ’s words which  says much more than what is recorded in Holy Bible. They ignore the teaching of Jesus Christ whom they claim to worship. For example Christ says that it is the Holy Spirit who reminds of what He said verbally and is not recorded in the Bible.

     The Papacy on the other hand, not only usurped the Lord Christ as head of the church , but also usurped the Holy Spirit as guide of the Church, for the Pope position is that of head and guide of the Papacy thus the dethroned two persons of the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Fathers of the Seven Ecumenical Synods, inspired by the Holy Spirit, clarified the truths of the Church and exposed the errors of the heretics, and the seven Synods decisions and Canons are part of our Holy Tradition, both of which the Protestants reject.

     The words of Christ make it clear that there is both written and oral tradition in His Church when He said: “He (the  Spirit) will bring all things to your remembrance, whatever I have said to you. He did not say: “All tings are written in the Holy Scripture,” but he did say that the Holy Spirit will remind them of what He said that is not written in Scripture.”

vvvvvThe holy Spirit is shed upon our hearts like a sweet balm, and is therefore known as the Comforter. He anoints our hearts filling them with divine grace and love. He pours into our hearts and souls the precious thoughts and ideas concerning which Jesus spoke about. Being the Spirit of Truth He brings us to all truths throughout world to all the holy the Churches. 

vvvvvBut if we individually deviate from truth He may abandon us, and so we must keep our souls in divine truth and increasing love for God and His truths more than anything else. If the Holy Spirit departs from us, joy, strength, peace and fortitude will depart at once with Him rendering us miserable, feeble and leaving us filled with fear. Though He may leave us He will not abandon us completely but offers remedies for our sickness, through repentance and the Holy Mysteries. For God never desires the death of sinners but that they return to the truth and are saved. 

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