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      The human race of our time is not the human race as it was established by God. Sin and disobedience became the cause of many differences. Jesus Christ the Son of God came into the world and did away with universal ignorance, and performed wonders. He came to save us through His victory on the Cross; He made it possible for us to pass through the door of death which Christ had changed by His life giving death, into the door of eternal life. 

     Man, who is born in absolute ignorance, gradually learns but seeks to know much more until if possible, he will know everything there is to know. This appears to many to be an almost infinite desire. Man’s desire is not limited to knowing everything but also to have the ability to do everything also to not die but to live for ever without any fear of death. This desire in men appears in the lives of nations as well, for no nation is content under the conditions they live in. Nations of men detest ignorance, weakness and shortness of lives. They desire to be able to strengthen themselves and change things, hopefully for the better.  Men generally are not content in the state in which they find themselves so they must struggle to move from ignorance to knowledge, from weakness to strength and from mortality to immortality. The desire for immortality is strongly felt in those who are sober and who reflect on themselves, as they examine their desires.

     These innermost desire are naturally present in the souls of men and nations causing them to constantly seek knowledge in order to overcome ignorance and weakness, striving to improve health in order to extend live spans even to acqure eternal life.  An uneducated person is powerless and unable to do much of anything. At times such a person becomes dissatisfied with his weakness and seeks to rid himself of his ignorance, so he struggles to acquire knowledge and with it accompanying strength, the desire to  live for ever and becomes even stronger.  

    God formed man capable of acquiring and accumulating knowledge and wisdom, repelled by ignorance and he is strongly attracted to the acquisition of knowledge. But man is not satisfied with any kind of this or that knowledge, but he seeks to know and understand what is true and authentic which alone can satisfy his desire.  Man lives but the life he lives is far removed from his desires. Also man would not be satisfied if he reached 100 and his life span was doubled to 200 years, because the desire within him is to live for ever and never die, for men consider death as extremely undesirable. 

      Man longs for life and desires to not die but to stay alive, even to eternity. His ignorance and desire for knowledge is the first phenomenon that is his inability to know everything, and the desire for all power and freedom of action is the second phenomenon, and the desire for eternal life is the third phenomenon. These are the three desires found in men: the desire to know everything, to do everything, and to live forever. 

     Man is afflicted with unhappiness as a result of the three, ignorance, lack of power, and a painful life that ends with death. A limited accumulation of much knowledge will not satisfy the infinite desire to know and understand everything, nor would anyone be satisfied with a great amount of particular field of knowledge, for his desires are so much greater.

     Unbelief, hardness of heart and sin prevent a person from even realizing that he has these three basic desires and acquiring knowledge of the important benefits of having this knowledge. That is because sin is evil and breaks the law of God and so long as we fail to keep Christ’s legislation and do evil we become lawbreakers subject to judgment, and we separate ourselves from the grace of God; only sincere repentance can unite us as to God as sinners and prodigal sons.

     Adam the first man, was not created by God for death but for life.Death was a penalty for sin then and still is to this day. Adam was to acquire knowledge and  be able to do many things.  So long as he kept the law of God he was soul was filled with good desires, and had he not broken the law he would remained alive to this day!

     The race of man has now been clearly learned of eternal life from the Gospels of Jesus Christ, ignored by many but believed by a few blessed ones. Christ being both God and man knows everything, can do everything and is eternal. It is obvious that He is the man which we in our deep desires need to become, for we all have the desire to become like Christ, and He commands that we must obey all of His commandments. Then with our cooperation He will fulfill all our desires for  infinite knowledge, unlimited action and everlasting life. In Christ all man’s desires are fulfilled, and this will render us to be godlike.  Christ cries out to all: “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  “That they all may be one as you Father are in me and I in you, that they may also be one in us” (John 18:21). 

      There is no more important, wonderful and higher objective in our entire life than to have our deepest desires fulfilled, which will fill us with happiness and rejoicing. God is good and raises man to the heights of His divinity, desiring that we become like Him. These things show the goodness of God and His compassion and deep love for the race of man, who he first formed with His own hands.
     By keeping His commandments we will progress in satisfying our three basic desires.

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