Thursday, March 3, 2016


“All that hate me love death” Prov. 8:36

     The Lord utters these words through His Prophet in the book of Proverbs, “whoever hates the wisdom of God also hates God. Instead of loving God he loves death for everything outside of God is death. The Sun and moon, the stars, the clouds, the rivers, the seas, the mountains and the valleys are lifeless, animals and plants, are dead plants that have received life from God. If a person does not love God, not only does he not love Him but also everything that comes from Him. All created things  that exist come from God, so he who does not love the wisdom of God and God himself loves nothing else, for without God love is not possible and everything would cease to exist.

     Without loving God our Creator and Teacher our lives are empty having absolutely nothing, and all that is on earth that we enjoy and love, we do so because God gave us the capacity love Him and all that He made. For loving God includes loving all that He is and has created and glorifying Him for His great wisdom and kindness, and His blessings which he gave to us such as our intellect,  compassion and love. Happy and overflowing with love and joy are those who know God and His many gifts. But wretched are those who receive His many gifts but reject Him as unworthy of their love and even deeming Him to be non-existent. These men by not accepting the one who gave them existence, live outside of Him, are already dead being separated from the life of all.

     “All who hate me love death.” God did not make man for death but for life which is His free choice, for if he who hates the wisdom of God which is one of man’s greatest possessions, He also hates God. Death is separation from God not annihilation as some think for our souls never die. Separation from God forever is the most frightful wretchedness, for God is the source of all goodness and compassion which He continuously bestows upon all mankind. When God formed man He breathed into Him His Holy Spirit and the man, body, soul and spirit, became filled with divine life. The sprit which God breathed energizes the human being and fills Him with live, goodness and happiness.  But the evil and miserable one seeks to captivate his soul by breathing into men his foul and stinking evil spirit. Then He entices men to live in sinful transgressions, and the spirit leaves us, awaiting  their possible return through repentance and confession.

     This death is even more bitter for it strips man of his precious freedom taking him its prisoner, lacking the ability to freely choose the good. His living death is filled with misery as he continuously remembers his insanely foolish choice of bitter evil instead of the sweetest good. This is the most important decision that anyone can ever make in their life, and few are those who try to remind them, hoping to awaken them to their great danger. It is the most serious thing they will ever decide in their entire live and their decision is usually irreversible.

     But the lovers of wisdom are greatly blessed and will be highly exalted. The Prophet says positively: “All that love me love life.” The wisdom of God is a great gift of God to men and if they reject it they can never rejoice again, unless they repent and return. The wisdom of God teaches man all about God, His goodness, His compassion and His countless gifts. Those who choose life and reject death, are the happiest of all men, filled with joy and exultation, for they are receiving eternal life directly from God who is the source of life. Although they rejoice in  knowing that they will be saved, but even more glorious is that they will become gods like God, enjoying everything with Him His everlasting life, His wisdom His truth and His boundless Joy!

     So let us reject hideous and miserable sin and death which is deadly poison maliciously administered to us by the one who bitterly despises us and seeks to destroy us along with himself. The Devil is always inspiring people into continual evil thoughts and actions, criminal and crooked affairs, lying and stealing, warfare and every other ill and tragedy of the human race, for all evil comes from the evil one, Satan, the enemy of God and man.

     Let is love the life which generously comes from God and never be separated from the great goodness of God bestowed on us through His deep compassion and love for man. For God is love and loves all that He made but especially mankind, the crown of His creation,  who He made in His own image and made king of His creation. God knows himself with perfect knowledge and He knows how wonderfully happy will be the man whom He created in His image and has become His likeness which is his goal!

     “All that hate me hate life” and “All that love me love life!”  Christ is the wisdom and power of God whom He sent into our world to save and exalt the human race. He it is who is the object of all our love and affection! He is the cause and object of our joy and the source of all our happiness! He came and set an example of what we should be and must become, for He is the perfect image and likeness of God. He taught us to learn from Him; Learn from His words and teaching; Learn from His perfect example as the Godman. Jesus says: “Learn from me for I am meek and humble in my heart.”

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