Saturday, April 2, 2016


“This is my beloved Son in whom I have well decided. 
And this voice from heaven we heard, when we were 
with Him in the holy mountain.”

Note: The existing New Testaments improperly 
translate the Greek words, “ego evdokisa” 
as “in whom I am well pleased.” 
The correct translation of the original 
“ego evdokisa”  is correctly  “ ”I have well decided.”

     Peter heard the voice of the Father when he was with the Lord at His Transfiguration on the holy mountain. The Apostle preached his testimony, that Christ is His Father’s only beloved Son, the Godman, which he preached wherever he went, until the wicked pagans crucified him because of his testimony. Thus Peter sealed his perfect testimony by shedding his blood upon the cross. Peter testified that the Lord was transfigured on Mt. Tabor, and that the Father spoke saying: “This is my beloved Son in whom I   have well decided.” He did not speak of what they saw but of what they heard from the Father in heaven. What he and the other apostles heard is just as important as what they saw and they all bore witness to the voice of the Father from heaven. 

     The testimony of the Father who has well decided to send His beloved Son into the world to become a living sacrifice which delivers believers from sins and death and is affirmed by the voice of God the Father. The Transfiguration verified that the Lord is truly the promised Christ by the presence of Moses and Elias, the two faithful witnesses who came from the world beyond death. The Apostles spread their testimony everywhere in order to strengthen their faith that Christ is both Son of God and the Son of man.

     The apostles knew that there is really life after death when they saw Moses and Elias standing before them and conversing with Christ. This testimony is from the Apostles who bore witness before all men; most of them were tortured and put to death and sealed their testimony by their blood. This testimony of the Father being acknowledged by believers is extremely powerful causing many` to suffer torture and death for the sake of propagating the truth out of love for Christ!

     Orthodoxy keeps and preserves the holy and divine testimonies, which are then continually passed on to the faithful everywhere. There is no question of the power that is in the truths which we believe and we  can never be put to shame for the truth which  comes from God who is the eternal Truth.  

   “This is my beloved Son in whom I have well decided.”  But foolish and faithless men war against the divine truths, and they reject the testimony of God the Father, and  In so doing they fail to  see the beauty, the glory, the majesty and love of the true God, but instead they choose to worship creation and despise the Creator. Living only for the pleasures and things of this world, they will end up dying in their sins and upon leaving this temporary life, they will die and then believe but it will be too late for there is no repentance after death but only judgment.

     The father of lies proclaims that Christ is not God’s beloved Son and strikes out with the denial that there is a God and they denounce all truth as being a lie. Foolish men, in their hearts they know that God is the truth but they continue to follow a lie, for their hearts are attracted to anything other than truth. But those who listen to God easily see that He is good and that He loves us and tolerates us, giving us time to change. But we, believing truth, we also believe that the apostles spoke the truth. We believe that they saw Moses and Elias talking to Christ, so we also believe and see them talking to Christ through their words. Upon seeing Moses and Elias alive we firmly believe and know that there is certainly life after death. We know that God the Father calls Jesus the Son of God, and we certainly believe our Father who is in heaven.                                                                    

     “This is my beloved Son in whom I have well decided!”   The Father testifies that Jesus Christ is His beloved Son. Whoever does not believe in this truth believes the same as Judas, Caiaphas, Nero and Herod, the Scribes and Pharisees, the persecutors of the apostles and all betrayers of the truth.  We must believe one or the other, Jesus is the Son of God, God’s beloved Son or He is a liar and unworthy of   our trust. There are serious consequences for failing to embrace and follow the truth. It is our sacred duty to gently spread knowledge of the truth everywhere and of the dread judgment that is to come.

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