Monday, May 16, 2016



“In the beginning God created heaven and earth” (Gen. 1:1)

   These historical words were recorded by the Great Moses through whom God revealed His actions of creation, that everyone would know that they were God’s words. Moses is recognized by much of the human race as being the man who recorded the history of creation as God revealed it to him. The greatest error of unbelievers is that they fail to recognize that God  alone is uncreated and is therefore the Creator of everything that exists. Before, during, and after creation God exists. Time has both a beginning and an end, hence all creation has a past, present and future.

     Some men raise the unreasonable question: Who created God? The question is invalid because God is not created, but He is the all wise and all knowing Creator of all that exists. He creates matter and from it forms  beings, and many of which are dominated by man. Although man rules over much of  creation yet he cannot live without the sun, moon and stars, the rivers and streams, oceans and lakes, trees and forests, birds and bees, earth and plants. Man must gulp down air continuously needing created things to survive all through his life. He needs continuous supplies of water and food and without any of these he cannot survive. It was the will of the Creator who for His reasons made man superior in many ways, yet rendered him completely dependent for air, food and water. More than just being superior to other beings, man is created in the image of God, and his destination as God’s image is to also become His likeness, thereby becoming the image and likeness of God.

     In the past many people who were seeking a god to worship, ended up in idolatry worshiping various false gods or idols, and some ended up with a plurality of gods. Permissiveness abounded everywhere, for behind the false gods were demons who led men astray into countless sins and iniquities, such as murder, theft, adultery and drunkenness. The nations did not learn of the Creator because this was special revealed knowledge from God and taught to the Jews by Moses.  Man can be made known by His works in buildings, architecture, art, etc, and so the existence of an all-wise God can be seen in His works and creation which is filled with wonders and with the infinite wisdom of the Creator, and all of creation bears this out.

     It is not  possible for human beings to observe much of creation,  especially the human race, and fail to believe that there is a Creator who communicates with us and brought all things into existence out of nothing. To deny that there is a Creator is not only faithless but it is also illogical. For there is no other way to answer the question, where did matter and beings come from?  Man and matter cannot be self-created nor can they come from nothing. Even more difficult is it to admitting that there is a God, when the spirit of God is in men giving them their mental powers, and the freedom to think and do wonderful things. This is something to rejoice over for God is good to us giving us such wonderful gifts. From where does the spirit in men come if not from God? How can man who is the image of God, deny God’s existence?

     One man, in the history of the human race, spoke decisively about God and His creation, and that man was Moses. He wrote as God instructed him not having this knowledge in himself. He wrote: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  All that has a beginning does not have a past. Moses gives his account of creation which is recorded in Holy Scripture.  This knowledge is as  necessary to man as is the world into which he is born and grows up. That is why Christ says: “Search the Scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life.” Knowledge of the created world is gained from the world itself and the Holy Bible. The world nourishes the body and the Scriptures nourishes the soul. Man observes the world and knows that it is not God, and it has a beginning and an eventual end. These truths are important to understand: God is not subject to time but is eternal, while the world being subject to time is not eternal. Time and eternity are opposing ideas time being born from eternity.

     The perfection in detail of the created world testifies to the wisdom and skills of the Creator who made heaven and earth. This fundamental knowledge is a beginning of much more knowledge. The philosophical schools of the West that fail to recognize the Bible cannot discern by investigation and study of the book that there is a God who is the Creator of heaven and earth. They either deny or ignore the God who created in the beginning the heaven and the earth.

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