Friday, August 19, 2016


“Pass the time of your sojourning here in fear” (! Pet.1:17).

     There are many things in the world that bring fear to men, but to those who seek the good life in Christ, a single mild fear will do awaywith all other fears. This is the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom, and is a noble and productive fear.  Let us ask what is the difference in these fears? Usually the fear of things in the world are unknown or threatening, while the fear of God is a delightful fear greatly rewarding to those who have it. But once the fear of God is acquired, it  will become transformed into a sweet and loving fear. Fear of God is a great defense against sinful temptations which frequently attack us. Fear of God and eternal punishment should be kept in our minds together with the frequent question: shall I be saved?

     Lightning flashes and thunder noisily rumbles and causing fear to accost the souls of foolish man who have no fear of God. But a prudent man stands without any other fear except the comforting and saving fear of God. The farmer remains patient and working he awaits in trepidation every day, for he does not know for certain that he will reap the result of his labor. So too we must patiently await in the same way not knowing if we will be deemed worthy to recei                                                 Hh;//////”“”“ve the greatest gift from the Lord, which is life eternal.

     This world imspires us to join it in merrymaking, dancing and good times but these cannot come until the end of this life, for that is when we will celebrate with joy. If we gain eternal life the accompanying happiness will fill our souls to overflowing thankfulness and gratitude to God for His mercy and compassion.

     Peter recorded the words: “Pass the time of your sojourning here in fear” acknowledged that all his strength and wisdom were from God, and he had the fear of God deep within his soul, but he had no ther fear. Rather than toeel the fear of God at various times, it is better that this fear should be present at all times. That is why we must frequently ask if we shall be saved, for our salvation is not of our decision but the Lord’s. 

     Let us labor for the Lord during the days of our lives and strive in faith and fear to do His will and keep all His commandments, for our entire lifetime is a time for work and preparation for the judgment that is to come.  Again, though the world makes merry and celebrates during this present life, but we must not do the same for these are days are for better used with much labor and we look to the celebrations in the kingdom of God which is our greatest hope.

     Fear of God is easy to bear and most essential to accomplish our goal of eternal life. Fear of God is always good and rouses a good attitude and zeal within us. Passing the time of our sojourning with fear  and devotion leads us on the right path. Fear of God should penetrate our souls and guide us to good thinking and produces good actions. Peter who wrote this passage, had almost perfect fear of God guiding his soul inspiring good thinking actions.

     Fear of God begins when we have full realization that He is to be our only judge who will determine to save or punish us in the coming judgment. We may lose the fear God when we fail to keep his commandments, but when we struggle and apply ourselves to keeping them, changes in graceful fear will take place and gradually this fear will be accompanied by love and dedication. But because we are sinners and can easily fall into sin, so we must be on guard to preserve the fear of God that it may  never leave us for it a most beneficial saving fear. The phrase “pass the time sojourning. . . means that every day of our lives must be filled this saving and pious fear.

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