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  The Church of Aghia Sophia will be returned to the Orthodox Christans according to the Prophecies. As to the date and time only the Lord knows, but as to events and history, we have limited knowledge, but certainty that the church will be orthodox asgain to the glory of our true church. One things seems sure, and the reader can determine this, thet Russia is going to play a large role in this event to come.

     In the original Greek about half of the letters were randomly missing and could not be deciphered. St. Photios the Great, when asked, tried but unsuccessfully to decipher this prophecy, and he remarked that it was not yet time, but the Lord would reveal its contents at the proper time. It was deciphered later, just before the fall of Constantinople, by St. Gennadios, Patriarch of Constantinople in the year 1440 AD. It tells of events starting in the year 1453 when Mohammed II conquered Constantinople and continues to the time of the defeat of the Moslems and release of the city from their captivity, and its return by the Lord to the Orthodox Christians.


(Deciphered and translated from Greek)

"In the first (period) of the indiction (Indictus), Ishamael’s royal power called Mohammed is to defeat the house of the Paleologoses, and will possess the city of seven hills. He will reign in the interior. He will dominate a great number of nations, and will desolate the islands as far as the Black Sea. He will conquer the people neighboring the Istrus (Danube) River in the eighth year of the indiction, and will dominate Peloponnesus; in the ninth of the indiction he is going to wage a campaign to the areas of the north; in the tenth year of the indiction he will defeat the Dalmations (Austrians), and will again return after some time, to make a great war against the Dalmations, where he will be partially crushed; and the multitudes and the nations, helped by the western nations over land and sea, will wage a war and defeat Ishmael whose descendent will reign less and minor for a short time.

And the blond race (Russia) along with its agents will defeat the whole of Ishmael and will conquer the city of seven hills with her privileges; then they will provoke a savage war (to last) until the fifth hour; and a (heavenly) voice will shout three times: Stand in awe and most significantly run to the area on the right, and find there a valiant, wonderful and robust man; this man you shall have as your ruler, because he is my beloved; so take him with you and fulfill my resolution."

According to historians this inspired prophecy was written during Constantine’s time by wise men. Patriarch of Constantinople Gennadios interpreted it 1101 years later.


Constantine Paleologos was defeated by Mohammed II in 1453. In 1683 at the siege of Vienna, the Ottoman’s suffered their first defeat or were partially crushed. The multitude of the nations shall defeat Ishmael, this happened when the Turks were defeated in 1912 - 1913, Greeks, by Bulgarians, Montenegrins, Serbians. Ishamael’s descendent was the new regime established by Mustaf Kemal Attaturk (1923-1938), who abolished the order of Sultans, as well as the governmental authority of the Koran. He also instituted a modified western form of government and society. Russia is readily identified as the blond nation, and the rest of the Slavs, together are called the blond race.

NOTES:This prophecy tells of future events extending for around 550 years. It foretells the capture of Constantinople and the defeat of the Turks who conquered it.

"He will make a great war where he will partially crushed" refers to the first defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna in 1683."Descendent will reign" Refers to Kemal Attaturk who abolished the sultanic order and instituted a new form of government without the Koran as law."The blond race" Is identified by the Prophet Ezekiel and other prophets as ROS or Russia, who will come from the north with its allies "shall defeat all of Ishmael".  

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