Friday, January 18, 2013



     Although we  usually speak of the 150 Psalms of David, there is a 151st Psalm which is beautiful, wherein  David speaks of his being chosen by God and his famous defeat of the giant Goliath.

     This Psalm was written by the hand of David and outside the number, when he fought a duel with Goliath

    “I was the smallest of my brothers, and the youngest in my father’s house; I tended my father’s sheep.
     My hands made an instrument, and my fingers tuned a psaltery.
But who will tell it to my Lord?  The Lord himself; He will listen.

He sent forth His angel, and took me from my father’s sheep; and anointed me with his anointing oil.

 My brothers were big and handsome, but the Lord did not approve of them.
I went out to meet the alien, and he cursed me by his idols.  But I drew his own sword and beheaded him, and took away the reproach from the sons of Israel.”

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