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     The Anglican Church of England, and its American associates, the  Episcopalians, is what  I wonder about.  Why do we recognize them as Christians, intermarry our people to their members, recognize their baptism and orders, when it does not even resemble a church?

  Originally under the Papacy, in 1534, King Henry VIII of England,  proclaimed himself as  supreme head of the Anglican Church, or its own pope-king  He broke away from the Pope of Rome and the Papacy because they refused his request for a divorce or annulment.  He had  numerous  women and a total of six wives. He had two of his wives, Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard  beheaded, making him an adulterer and  murderer; he was an egomaniac, certainly having no relationship  with Jesus Christ and His Saints.  So the Anglican/Episcopalian church is obviously  built upon a foundation of adultery and murder, worse than being built on sand.

      Henry VIII ordered the clergy to preach against  icons and their veneration, the holy  relics of saints, signs and miracles, pilgrimages to holy places, and severely curtailed use of candles. As  England’s  pope-king, he forbade the commemoration of saints, and ordered the shrines of saints destroyed; he proclaimed relics as worthless old bones.  The head of the Anglican church forbad prayers to the saints.  

     The Episcopalians are  Americanized Anglicans, came from their mother church,  and are in communion with the Anglican church.    In the Episcopalian church you will find woman bishops, homosexual clerics, same sex weddings.

     They do not venerate and exalt the Virgin Theotokos, or the Saints. Recently the Anglican church has expressed approval of the ordination of homosexual bishops, following the Episcopalian church.

     As Orthodox Christians we glorify, honor an imitate the Saints, we proclaim the Virgin Theotokos as the highest of all creation, having given birth to God in the flesh. She is above every saint and all the heavenly creatures, including the Cherubim and Seraphim. We not only honor the relics of Saints, but also receive cures for many ailments from these relics, which to Henry VIII would be called superstition. We honor marriage as God honored it between a man and women with the prospect of good and noble children. 

    With all these facts before us, what I wonder is,  how can we remain in the same room as them, when they proclaim hatred for what we love, and dishonor what we honor? Obviously they have not heard the Christian  Gospel, but another which cannot possibly be  from heaven.   I wonder how we can we accept their baptism which cannot possibly be a baptism?  How can we honor her priests who are obviously pseudo-priests ?  How can we meet with them, and associate with them as friends, when they  belong to the institution that wars against Christ and His Holy Church, whose founder is a murderer and adulterer? 
I wonder why they are honored and greeted by some of our fellow Orthodox Christians, unless perhaps they do not know these things. I wonder!   What about you?

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