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     Prophesies are an ongoing and wonderful miracle, for in them is found history before it occurs. Orthodoxy is rich in prophecy and is established by prophecy. All true prophecy is inspired by God. In the following group of prophecies, the first one is generally about our troubled times and what is actually happening in the Church as you will know when you read it.

      The next group of prophecies concerns the Queen City Constantinople, which brings to mind a Christian Empire that lasted longer than any other empire — 1,000 years. Some of the Patriarchs of Constantinople were Photios the Great, John Chrysostom, Tarasios. Paul, and Ignatius. There is a wonderful agreement between the prophecies as each one declares a different detail that helps to understand the following:

     God did not abandon His true Church. Constantinople will be returned to the Orthodox. Constantinople’s second glory will be far brighter than her first glory. She was so famous that she was called simply "the city", and she attracted every type of artisan, scholar, and pious people having had many great emperors who strongly supported the Orthodox Church. Let us rejoice, for after the terrible fighting and slaughter, in the end Constantinople will be restored to Orthodoxy. St. Emperor Justinian’s Church Aghia Sophia (Divine Wisdom) will once again be filled with praise and song. May this come soon!


JULY 2013

St. Anatoly the Younger (+1922)


 A Prophesy of Future Lawlessness
 From a letter of the Optina Elder [New Martyr] St. Anatoly the Younger

     "And from that heresies will spread everywhere and deceive many people. The enemy of the human race will act with cunning in order to draw into heresy, if possible, even the elect. He will not begin by crudely rejecting the dogmas of the Holy Trinity, the divinity of Jesus Christ and the virtue of the Theotokos, but he will begin imperceptibly to distort the teachings and statutes of the Church and their very spirit, handed down to us by the Holy Fathers through the Holy Spirit.

      Few will notice these wiles of the enemy, only those more experienced in the spiritual life. Heretics will seize power over the Church and will place their servants everywhere; the pious will be regarded with contempt. He (the Lord) said, by their fruits ye shall know them, and so, by their fruits, as well as by the actions of the heretics, strive to distinguish them from the true pastors.

     These are spiritual thieves, plundering the spiritual flock, and they will enter the sheepfold (the Church), climbing up some other way, using force and trampling upon the divine statutes. The Lord calls them robbers (cf. St. John 10:1). Indeed, their first task will be the persecution of the true pastors, their imprisonment and exile, for without this it will be impossible for them to plunder the sheep.

     Therefore, my son, when you see the violation of patristic tradition and the divine order in the Church, the order established by God, know that the heretics have already appeared, although for the time being they may conceal their impiety, or they will distort the Divine Faith imperceptibly, in order to succeed better in seducing and enticing the inexperienced into the net.

      The persecution will be directed against not only pastors but against all servants of God, for all those ruled by heresy will not endure piety. Recognize these wolves in sheep’s clothing by their proud dispositions and love of power. They will be slanderers, traitors, everywhere sowing enmity and malice; therefore the Lord said that by their fruits you will know them. True servants of God are humble, love their neighbor and are obedient to the Church.

    Monastics will be greatly oppressed by the heretics and monastic life will be scorned. Monasteries will become scarce, the number of monastics will decline, and those who remain will endure violence. These haters of monastic life, however, having only the appearance of piety, will strive to attract the monks to their side promising them protection and worldly goods, and threatening those who oppose them with expulsion.

      These threats will cause great despair among the fainthearted, but you, my son rejoice that you have lived until that time, for then the faithful who have not shown any other virtues, will receive crowns merely for standing firm in the faith, according to the word of the Lord
                                  (cf. St. Matthew 10:32).

      Fear the Lord my son. Fear to lose the crown prepared (for you), fear to be cast by Christ into the outer darkness and eternal torment. Stand bravely in the faith, and if necessary, endure persecution and other sorrows, for the Lord will be with you . . . and the holy martyrs and confessors, they will look upon you and your struggle with joy.

      But, woe to the monks in those days who will be bound with possessions and riches, who because of love of peace will be ready to submit to the heretics. They will lull to sleep their conscience, saying, "We are preserving and saving the monastery and the Lord will forgive us." The unfortunate and blind ones do not at all consider that through heresy the demons will enter the monastery and then it will no longer be a holy monastery, but merely walls from which grace will depart.

     God, however, is mightier than the enemy, and He will never leave His servants. True Christians will remain until the end of this age, only they will choose to live in secluded, deserted places. Do not fear sorrows, rather fear pernicious heresy, for it strips us of grace and separates us from Christ. This is why the Lord commanded us to consider the heretic as a pagan and a publican.

       And so my son, strengthen yourself in the grace of Jesus Christ. Hasten to confess the faith, to endure suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ (cf II St. Timothy 2:13), who has said, Be faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life (Rev.2:10).

     To Him, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be honor, glory, and dominion unto the ages of ages. Amen."
Source: Orthodox Life, #3, 1993


St.Methodios is commem-
orated on June 20th and was a Hieromartyr. Dedicated to God from childhood he became an honorable temple of the Holy Spirit. He ignited his flock with divine fire. He was such a beautiful Hierarch that the Devil wanted to put him to death. He was arrested by the pagans who beheaded him. He left the following prophecies regarding Constantinople.
Russia will take Constantinople
"And the Blond Race Russian) shall possess the city of seven hills (Constantinople) for six or five, and herbs will be planted in it, and many people will eat to render justice to the Saints; and three provident administrators will govern in the East .     And after them an independent one will rise (to govern); and after him another one, a ferocious wolf . . . 
     And also the seated nations of the North shall be disturbed, and will move with great violence and bitterness of wrath, and will be divided into four authorities; and the first one will winter at Ephesus; the second one at Melayah; the third at Acrocampus, that is, at Pergamos; and the fourth in Vythinia.

Slaughter in Constantinople
     Then the nations seated in the angle of the south will be stirred, and Philip the great will rise with 18 tongues, and they will gather in the (area of the) city of the seven hills, (Constantinople) and will make such a war as has never been made. And they will run through the passages and streets of Eptalofos (town of seven hills), and the slaughter of men will make a river start and move, and the sea will be blurred from the blood to the depths of the abyss.

A holy leader is chosen to rule
     Then the ox will moan and the hill called Xirolofos will wail; and the horses will stop and a voice from heaven will shout; let us stop and stand upright, peace to you; the chastise on the disobedient and insubordinate (people) suffices; and (now) leave for the area on the right of Eptalofos (Constantinople), and there you will find a man on two columns, standing in great grief (he shall be brilliant in countenance, charitable, poorly dressed, his look austere, and mild in holding his views), having a quill nail on his right foot, and a voice by an angel will declare: make him a King; and they will give him a sword in his right hand, saying to him: Be brave, John; be mighty prevalent and defeat your enemies. And taking the sword from the angel he will smite the Ishmaelites, the Ethiopians and every infidel breed. 

Division of the Moslems    
      And he will divide the Ishmaelites into three parts; and the first part by the sword, the second one he will baptize; and the third he will enslave in the East. And on his return, the earth’s treasures shall be opened and everyone will become rich, and none of them will be poor; and the earth will give hundredfold fruit; and the weapons of war shall become ploughs and scythes; and he shall reign for 35 years."



     "This town (Constantinople) ruling over many nations will be unconquerable by the nations, and unsubdued, for God’s Mother has kept it from such a fate, through the protection of her own wings; and by her mediation it will be kept invulnerable.
     And there is a prophetic word saying that the Hagarene (Turkish) nation will come into it and will slay large crowds with the sword.

     And I myself say also that the blond nation shall come into the town, the nation whose name is in the 17 letter of the 24 letter recapitulate (Greek 24 letter alphabet; this letter is Rho, for Russia.)
     But, it will come in and they will strew the ground with corpses of the sinners, and woe to them from the two branches whose sword moving like a breeze, and sharp scythes also, mowing wheat in summer, they will not return to their places any more and neither will they stay there.

    Because in the last days God will raise a king from poverty and he will reign in justice; and will abolish every war, and he will take care that the poor become rich; and there will be peace the way it was in Noah’s days, because none will make war.
     In those days men will be very rich in peace and in deep calm eating and drinking, getting married and making marriages, living in much freedom, unmindfully relying upon earthly things; and owing to the lack of war on earth, they will cut up their swords and change them into scythes and agricultural tools.
     And after that he will turn toward the East and will humble the sons of Hagar; because the Lord will be angry with them because of their blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ, and of the sodomy that they practice.
     And many of them, receiving Holy Baptism will become agreeable and will be honored by the devout king; as to the rest of them, the king will destroy and burn and put the rest to death.

History of this prophecy
      In the original Greek about half of the letters were randomly missing and could not be deciphered. St. Photios the Great, when asked, tried unsuccessfully to decipher this prophecy, and remarked that it was not yet time, but the Lord would reveal its contents at the proper time. It was deciphered later, just before the fall of Constantinople, by St. Gennadios, Patriarch of Constantinople in the year 1440 AD. It tells of events starting in the year 1453 when Mohammed II conquered Constantinople and continues to the time of the defeat of the Moslems and release of the city from their captivity, and its return by the Lord to the Orthodox Christians.

Deciphered and translated from Greek

     "In the first (period) of the indiction (Indictus), Ishamael’s royal power called Mohammed is to defeat the house of the Paleologoses, and will possess the city of seven hills. He will reign in the interior. He will dominate a great number of nations, and will desolate the islands as far as the Black Sea. He will conquer the people neighboring the Istrus (Danube) River in the eighth year of the indiction, and will dominate Peloponnesus; in the ninth of the indiction he is going to wage a campaign to the areas of the north; in the tenth year of the indiction he will defeat the Dalmations (Austrians), and will again return after some time, to make a great war against the Dalmations, where he will be partially crushed; and the multitudes and the nations, helped by the western nations over land and sea, will wage a war and defeat Ishmael whose descendent will reign less and minor for a short time.

      And the blond race (Russia) along with its agents will defeat the whole of Ishmael and will conquer the city of seven hills with her privileges; then they will provoke a savage war (to last) until the fifth hour; and a (heavenly) voice will shout three times: Stand in awe and most significantly run to the area on the right, and find there a valiant, wonderful and robust man; this man you shall have as your ruler, because he is my beloved; so take him with you and fulfill my resolution."
     According to historians this inspired prophecy was written during Constantine’s time by wise men. Patriarch of Constantinople Gennadios interpreted it 1101 years later.

Constantine the Great began and established the City, but Constantine Paleologos was defeated by Mohammed II in 1453. In 1683 at the siege of Vienna, the Ottoman’s suffered their first defeat or were partially crushed. The multitude of the nations shall defeat Ishmael, this happened when the Turks were defeated in 1912 - 1913, Greeks, by Bulgarians, Montenegrins, Serbians. Ishamael’s descendent was the new regime established by Mustaf Kemal Attaturk (1923-1938), who abolished the order of Sultans, as well as the governmental authority of the Koran. He also instituted a modified western form of government and society. Russia is readily identified as the blond nation, and the rest of the Slavs, together are called the blond race.

This prophecy tells of future events extending for around 550 years. It foretells the capture of Constantinople and the defeat of the Turks who conquered it.
"He will make a great war where he will be partially crushed" refers to the first defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna in 1683.
"Descendent will reign"
This refers to Kemal Attaturk who abolished the sultanic order and instituted a new form of government  and culture without the Koran as law.

"The blond race
"Is identified by the Prophet Ezekiel and other prophets as ROS or Russia, who will come from the north with its allies "shall defeat all of Ishmael".



     "Constantine began, and Constantine shall lose the Byzantine kingdom of the East. Son of man, number from the first Constantine until the twelfth number of the same name, and you will find out the number (year) in which it will happen. God has decided, and the fixed divine resolution ascertained to be genuine shall be irreversible. It will be fulfilled during the fourth hundred of years, from the 52nd to the 53rd, in which year the vast kingdom shall fall into the hands of the Saracens, and the houses will be spoiled, the holy Churches sullied, and the believers persecuted until the 8th century decisively; because God wants that the people should learn His justice and feel the weight of His all-powerful hand, and repent and return to Him, and then become spiritually able and well acceptable. And in the manner the Jewish people were subjects of Nebuchadnezzar, so will this people be subject to the impious Hagarenes until the determined time, and they will remain captives until the approximate completion of a fourth hundred years."

     Agathanghelos wrote this in 1279 AD. So when he says the fourth hundred from the 52nd to the 53rd, which is 1453, this is what actually did happen.
     He also predicted accurate the captivity lasting for approximately the completion of the fourth hundred years. In 1828 the first constitution of the Greeks was composed, or 375 years later, about four hundred years, which is accurate.
      The first Constantine founded the city and was called the Great. The twelfth Constantine was Constantine Paleologos, the last and final ruler of the Byzantine Empire.

 In the City (Constantinople) so much blood will be spilled that a three-year old calf will swim in it.
     The army will not reach the City (Constantinople). The news that what was always desired will be fulfilled (the City once again becoming Greek).

   Just as these prophecies have been partially fulfilled, they certainly will be completely fulfilled. Let us all be very careful amd watchful for we too utter propheciues constantly in Church, that are partially fulfilled and will certainly be completely fulfilled. In the Creed we all prophesy: "And He shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom shall have ne end . . . I look to the resurrection of the dead and life in the world to come. Amen."


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