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Membership in the world Council of Churches and preserving the Orthodox Faith are incompatible.

     Full dedication to Jesus Christ and His Church precludes joining any other so-called religious organizations. Dialogue with heretics, i.e. the Papacy and Protestants are forbidden to all Orthodox Christians, clergy and laity for canons apply to everyone. Those who have joined and participate and support these dialogues, jeopardize their own salvation as well as that of many others who are deceived by their errors.

    The unfortunate results of Orthodox participation is expressed by the phrases some of those who utter, "You can’t put God in a box." "The Orthodox should not indulge in triumphalism, claiming to be the only church." Our Lord prayed that "they all may be one."

     To better understand, let us first recall the origin of the Protestant reformers, who believed that the Papacy was the true Church of Christ, when in fact it had apostatized from the Church and evolved into a den of iniquity.

They entered the world stage as noble reformers, the good and clean guys, who would restore the church to its original. Prior to the arousal of the reformers, the Papacy had become a vessel of corruption, tyranny and satanic inquisitions where there was no need to prove one guilty, but the need was to prove your innocence. The vicious and demonic-inspired Inquisitions, were conducted by those who claimed to follow the meek and humble Jesus Christ, and their wickedness caused many to shun Christ and the "church". The following events preceded the Protestant "reformation", and their inhuman injustice and barbaric actions aroused much bitterness and hatred toward Christ and the Papacy.

THE TIME LINE of the Papal War Against Heretics:


In the year:

1215 The Fourth Lateran Council of the Papacy, called for the "extermination of heretics".

1221 Frederick the III decreed that heretics be put to death by fire.

1230 Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition in Aragon.

1239 One-hundred eighty heretics were burned to death.

1249 Eighty heretics were burned to death.

1252 Pope Innocent IV, on May 15,confirmed that torture must be used.

1259 Torture confirmed by Pope Alexander IV, on November 30.

1265 Torture confirmed by Pope Clement IV on November 3.

     The Papacy had abandoned Jesus Christ and had become barbaric, torturing, unjustly burning, and killing human beings for whom Christ had suffered and died. They didn’t care for the papacy had sunk into extreme immorality, destitute of the Christian spirit of humility, meekness, holiness and love.

     The moral behavior of the Papacy became a worldwide scandal, an insult to the Gospel of Christ, fomenting a revolution which became know first as the reformation (of the Papacy) then evolved into Protestantism, and later into thousands of sects. 

     The truth of this matter is that the Papacy was the only cause of the rise of Protestantism, which became hopelessly divided into thousands of sects, completely disconnecting them from the Orthodox Church which Christ established. In fact, many of them continue to war against the Church striving to convert Orthodox Christians to their impotent faith. The arrogant position of the Pope of Rome caused thousands of " smaller popes" to arise, for each Protestant is free to believe whatever he decides, totally ignoring the established dogmas and true tradition of the Church mentioned by St. Paul who said: "Hold firmly to the traditions which you have received whether oral or written."

   Seeing their hopeless division, realizing that it was a path to nowhere, the Protestants tried to unite with many efforts. Ultimately as the National Council of Churches and then the World Councils of Churches. For Protestants to belong to this organization is of no consequence, but for Orthodox to be involved is forbidden by Scripture, Holy Fathers and Holy Tradition as well as the Sacred Canons. They are heretics, and we are ordered to admonish them once or twice and then have nothing to do with them as they are self condemned. If the Orthodox who attend these meetings, would strive openly to bring them out of heresy into the Church, this would prove their love for them, otherwise they die in their sins.

     There are much more important reasons to get out quickly. It constitutes the ongoing betrayal of our Holy Faith! The World Council of Churches formed the Christian Churches Together group which, unfortunately, many Orthodox Churches belong.

Let us examine the text of the Christian Churches Together preamble:

"We are challenged as Christians by the prayer of Jesus in John 17 that all who believe in Him might be one with God and with one another so that the world will believe in Him as God and Savior.

Christian Churches Together in the USA welcomes all churches, Christian communities, and national Christian organizations that:

* Believe in the Lord Jesus as God and Savior according to the Scriptures;
* Worship and serve the One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and
* Seek ways to work together in order to present a more credible witness in and to the world.



Purpose and Activity:

     The purpose of Christian Churches Together is to enable churches and national Christian organizations to grow closer together in Christ in order to strengthen our Christian witness in the world. Participants in Christian Churches Together accomplish this purpose by
* Rejoicing in our faith in the Triune God.
* Discerning the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer and theological dialogue.
* Providing fellowship and mutual support.
* Affirming our commonalities and understanding our differences.
* Fostering Christian evangelism faithful to the proclamation of the gospel,
* Speaking to society with a common voice whenever possible.
* Promoting the common good of society."

     It is not permissible for any one member of Christian Churches Together to claim to have the only truth, for it is acquired that there be mutual recognition of each other, and their particular "truths". To Orthodox who belong to Christian Churches Together, this is impossible without denying that we are the one true Church into which everyone who desires salvation must enter. Christ commands: "Whoever confesses me before men, him will I confess before my Father who is in heaven." Are the Protestants seeking truth? If so, the Holy Spirit will guide them into Orthodoxy, but dialogues will not accomplish this.  The dialogue with Monophy-sites has not changed their heresy in a single nature after the carnation of Christ
     "Come out of her my people, lest you be a partaker of her iniquities!" Come out from the Papacy and leave the Protestants, entering the true Church!

      How can any faithful Orthodox Christian belong or take part in a brotherhood such as this? How can they accept a church outside of the Church? Protestants reject the perpetual virginity of the Ever-virgin Mary, do not honor the Saints, do not believe in the real Body and Blood of Christ, nor do they reverence the sacred icons. The Episcopalians are an example of the insanity. They derived from the Anglican Church, which was started by King Henry the Eighth, an irreverent man who had six wives or consorts, some of whom he had put to death, transforming him to an adulterer and murderer. In our days, fighting against God himself insanity took hold of the Episcopal and Lutherans have women and homosexual bishops. Protestants invade Orthodox countries to steal their sheep and bring them into their heresies.

Where there is no unity of belief there is no church.

     Orthodoxy is the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and only those within it can be members of the Church. Outside of Orthodoxy there can be no church. Christ is one and heads His one original Church. The Holy Spirit is one and guides one original Church. Thus The Church remains one and is infallible in its doctrines and holy tradition. The genuine call of love to all mankind is: Come to Holy Orthodoxy, headed by Jesus Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit, filled with divine grace, the habitat of saints and angels, protected by the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, the fountain of truth from which the whole world is invited to drink and be saved.

     The Protestants, the Papacy, and the Orthodox ecumenists, quote Christ’s prayer that "all may be one." But what is the true meaning of the prayer, "that all may be one"?

"Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;  That they all may be one; as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that you have sent me. And the glory which you gave me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:" (John 17 21-22)

The unity Christ prays for is the absolute perfect unity that is found between the three persons of the one God, where there is perfect harmony and agreement. This harmony and agreement, belong to God alone. It is this perfect unity that Christ prays for, which is not possible among heretics, ecumenism or dialogues with the Papacy. Christ prays for unity, not of Orthodoxy and heresy, but unity in the one true Orthodox Faith. The Faith with its doctrine and dogmas and Holy Tradition, which we Orthodox have received from the Apostles and Holy Fathers is ours to preserve and hand down without change to children.

This perfect unity is declared in St. Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians:

"There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called
in one hope of your calling, one Lord,
one Faith, one baptism,

one God and Father of all,
who is above all, and through all, and in you all"

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