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 The First attack by the Orthodox enemies within: They accuse the Seven Ecumenical Synods of Orthodoxy of error. Claim that the Orientals  believe correctly and were falsely accused of being heretics!

                Balamond in Lebanon
     The Second attack by the Orthodox enemies within: The blasphemous Balamond agreement, which establishes two sister churches!
       The untheological theologians who meet with heretical groups outside the Church either are unqualified to dialogue or they are programmed within certain parameters set by higher authority. What they neglect to do is to defend the truth and bring people to the salvation which is only found in the Church. They fail to confess the true Christ before men, and they disagree with the authority of the Holy Spirit. They establish lies as truth and truth as lies; they deny the truth that there can only be one Body of Christ , the Orthodox Church.
     Of what benefit were the dialogues with Oriental churches which we recently exposed concerning their persistence in heresy? The Coptics can shout their objections to being called monophysites, they can falsely assert that the Holy Church treated them unfairly. But they remain in heresy; they remain monophysites even though they deny it. For they firmly believe that the divine and human natures of Christ became one nature, in contradiction to the decision of the Holy Spirit who guided the Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Synods, to the truth concerning the two natures in Christ.  But the misguided Orthodox theologians tell them that they are correct, were unjustle treated and belong in the Church.  In this falsehood they overthrow the truths of Orthodoxy and all its tradition.
      In this article we will expose the alomst unbelievable and  amazing folly of the Orthodox participants, which include representatives of the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, the Church of Russia, Romania, Cypress, Poland, Albania, and Finland. The Secretary was Archbishop Spyridon of Italy, who would later become Archbishop of the Greek Archdiocese.

     All of those mentioned above, miserablyoffered no defense of the truths preserved in the Church founded by Jesus Christ. But much worse, they viciously attack the Church, claiming that it is in error, and by this, they separate themselves from Jesus Christ. Without repentance they remain in their perilous betrayal. For if any of us, fail to defend and confess His Body, the Church, we also fail to defend and confess Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church.

Patriarchates or Churches of Jerusalem, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Czechoslovakia.

     Ostensibly, the Papacy appears to be dialoging, but  this is for their own strategic reasons. They show no interest to return to Orthodoxy, their purpose being to destroy holy Orthodoxy by subjecting it to the Pope of Rome. This is not their first attempt, nor will it be their last. One thing is sure, they cannot go against the fundamental belief on which their church is founded. This fundamental dogma places the Pope infallibly in charge replacing  Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; This greatest of  errors defines, not the Catholic Church but the Papacy. The Pope claims to be the absolute Ruler of all, the only bishop, preeminent and infallible and inimically disposed toward Orthodoxy with authority, for all his "bishops" are subject to his will. Orthodoxy, being the true Church, stands in the way of the Vatican’s claim to absolute authority and power. This being so, why are the Orthodox leaders denying the true Faith, and wasting valuable time and resources in fruitless meetings with them? In all likeliness, the Papacy has smeared the spiritual eyesight of the Orthodox with the coal black tar of praise, deceit, and sweet smiles.
     How does the world look at Christianity? For the most part, they see standing before all mankind, the mother of all abominations, the Papacy of Rome, pretending to be the source of all Christianity In reality, the Papacy derives, not from blessed Peter, but from arrogant apostates who usurped, the authority of Christ. By using the sword and deception they sought recognition as the only Bishop with authority – Christ’s vicar! They assert that the Pope of Rome is the judge of all mankind, but he himself cannot be judged . They falsely elevated themselves as equal to the Most High, claiming possession of the keys to heaven and hell, and are thus, through these keys, judges concerning who enters heaven and hell.  They directly challenge Jesus Christ who is the only preeminent one. For the Vatican proclaims the Pope of Rome to be the only preeminent one who alone holds the keys! But Christ says: "I am the first and the last; I am He that lived and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore. Amen. I have the keys of hell and death" (Rev. 1:18). Not satisfied with their ill-gotten apparent superiority, they further blasphemed by usurping the authority of the Holy Spirit, for they appointed themselves not only as the supreme head but also the supreme guide over the human race.
     Christ nullifies their arrogant claim, for He promised to send the only Guide of the Church: "I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. When He, the Spirit of truth is come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak of himself; but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak, and He will show you the things to come" (John 16:12-13).

     The papal claim is a blasphemy against Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, for it establishes the Papacy to replace Christ’s Church. They replaced Christ as the Head with a sinful man – the Pope. Contradicting Christ, they established the Pope as the guide of the Papacy. The foolish Orthodox who were involved in the Balamond dialogue, should know these things, but chose to disregarded them, for they follow the Pope and his minions like the mice followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Here are the betrayals which took place at the Balamond meeting.
1. The Orthodox recognize the Papacy and the Orientals as other true churches of Christ.
2. They offer legitimacy to the Pope, enemy of truth and Orthodoxy.
3. The Orthodox made agreement with the Papacy to confer on all aspects of Church life.
4. The Orthodox established the corrupt Papacy and Orthodoxy as "sister churches"
5. They established mutual recognition of and cooperation with the Papacy.
6.They lied saying that the Church always sought such unity. Unionism is always deadly poison.
7. Misquoting the Scripture the Orthodox claimed that Christ is behind their efforts for union.
8. The Orthodox distort the meaning of Christ’s desire "that they may be one" and agree with the Pope, that he and not Christ, is the chief Shepherd of the" one church" of Orthodoxy and the Papacy.
9.The betraying Orthodox say that the Orthodox Church cannot claim exclusive apostolic succession.
10. The Orthodox falsely assert that the Papacy has apostolic succession and valid mysteries, which are sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
11. Truth is they had these things, but lost it through their apostasy.
12. The Orthodox address Orthodoxy and the Papacy together as "the (one) Church".
13. The Orthodox never addressed the only real issue: Papal supremacy and one man rule!
14. They established mutual respect between the Church and its worst enemy, the Papacy.
15. They despise the Great St. Mark of Ephesus, who championed the Church.

16. They do not heed St. Kosmas Aitolos: "Curse the Pope, for he is the cause!"
17. At Balamond, they denounced triumphalism, ( ie "I believe in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church) saying that no one can glory in them or disparage the other Church. What other Church? So, here we see the foolish Orthodox believe in another Church, hence more than one Church. The truth is that the Papacy is not a church for there can only be one Church, which is One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is not possible for Christ to have more than one Body. Orthodoxy is the only Body of Christ, for the Papacy, through apostasy, severed unity with the Head having no way to return.
18. At Balamond the Orthodox non-theologians and the Papacy said, whatever happened in the past we leave to the mercy of God. This means, forget that the Pope usurped the authority of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Forget that they do not baptize, forget that they disallow married priests, forget their claim to absolute infallible authority; forget that they declare the Pope as the only real bishop! Forget their murderous crusades, their inquisitions, their slaughter of the Serbs, their sacking of Orthodox cities, their slaughter on Mt. Athos. Indeed, these will not be, as they say, subject "to the mercy of God", but will be subject to His judgment and retribution for they commit every crime in the name of Christ.
19. At Balamond, the Orthodox leaders twisted and turned many words, going out of their way to confuse the people. There is no outrage that the Orthodox betrayers avowed : "Bishops and Priests" they say, " have the duty before God to respect the authority which the Holy Spirit has given to Bishops and Priests of the other Church, and for that reason, to avoid interfering in the spiritual life of that Church They firmly establish that there is more than one Church! The Saints look down from heaven weeping copious tears for God to act against this insanity! But we on earth stand idly by, not even weeping. Two churches having different heads, different dogmas, different prayers, and different lives will respect the other? From where do they acquire such nonsense and folly?
     Balamond! Balmond! You will go down in history as the place of the extreme betrayal of holy Orthodoxy to the Papacy.; as the total denial of Orthodox truth and dogmas, for which they will lose their salvation. The betrayers fail to see holy Orthodoxy in all its glory and majesty, nor do they smell its holiness and have no communion with its divine Head, nor do they have holy Communion among them! They have eyes and do not see; and ears and do not hear. They are not theologians for they fail to speak the theological truths from God and dream up mythological lies They are merrily dismantling the Orthodox Church, giving glory to the apostate Papacy instead of Christ and His Church. Lacking love for their Church, they cooperate in tearing down the dogmatic fortress walls of Orthodoxy allowing exposure to the enemy.
20. At Balamond, the Orthodox leaders agreed not to allow members of the Papacy to leave, and enter holy Orthodoxy by triune baptism and the gift of Holy Spirit, and so rejoice in the Lord and His only Church that can wherein is salvation.
The betrayal at Balamond is so thorough that they included this nonsense from Pope Paul VI in the Phanar in July of 1967. Orthodox Christians who accept this should be deposed if clergy and excommunicated if laymen. Pope Paul VI tells of the agreement between Orthodoxy and the Papacy: "It is on the heads of Churches and of their hierarchy, that the obligation rests to guide the Churches along the way that leads to full communion again. They ought to do this by recognizing and respecting each other’s pastors of that part of the flock of Christ entrusted to them, by taking care for the cohesion and growth of the people of God, and avoiding everything that could scatter it or cause confusion in its ranks" (Tomos Agapis, n.172)." How terribly sad, that the Papacy of Rome, establishes, with no objections from the Orthodox establishes: 1) That there are two churches not the one Church founded by Jesus Christ, 2) There are two different flocks of logical sheep, not the one which Christ shepherds;) 3. Also that there are two heads, not one. How very sad, that the Orthodox who were present met the enemy and the enemy conquered them! What reward can they expect in failing to confess Christ and His Church?
Balamond is certainly the place of the greatest betrayal of the Church in history! 
     Few seem to care. These are not the words of a fanatic, for they are truthful and factual and let us pity anyone that fails to recognize the glory and majesty and divine beauty of the Church founded by Christ, and the hideousness of the papacy. Orthodoxy will prevail, but when it is under attack as we have demonstrated, everyone is duty bound to defend her truths.

St. John, a great Saint of modern Russia says the same things about the Papacy.




"Lord, save the race of Orthodox Christians, and convert all the non-Orthodox to Orthodoxy, as to the one faith that saves, established by you, glorified by you, and to be eternally glorified with you. You are holy and just, and your faith is holy and just.

The most harmful thing in Christianity . . . the leadership of one man in the church . . . for instance, the Pope and his supposed infallibility. It is precisely in the dogma of infallibility that the greatest error is contained, for the Pope is a sinful man, and O, the disaster if he fancies himself to be infallible. 

      How many great errors destructive of the souls of men has the papal church thought up – in dogmas, in rites, in canonical rules, in divine services, in blasphemies and slanders against the Orthodox. Of all this the allegedly infallible Pope is guilty, with his own and his Jesuits teaching their spirit of falsehood and duplicity and every unjust means, for the alleged glory of God?

      The Papacy has invented a new head, having demoted the one true Head of the Church – Jesus Christ.
The Lutherans fell away and remain without a head.
     The Anglicans (Episcopalians) likewise.
     There is no church among them.

     There is no almighty help and Belial wages war with all his power and craftiness, and holds them all in delusion and perdition. A multitude perish in atheism and depravity.

     A hatred of Orthodoxy, fanaticism against and persecution of the Orthodox, run like a crimson thread through all the ages of the Papacy’s existence.

     By their fruits you shall know them. Was such a spirit commended to us by Christ?

      The Pope and the Papists have become so proud and have so exalted themselves that they have thought to criticize Christ himself, and have extended their pride to the point that they have distorted his words, commandments and laws, which should not be altered to the end of the age.

      For example: His statement concerning the Holy Spirit: His commandment concerning the cup of His all undefiled Blood which they deprive of the laity, reducing to nothing the words of the Apostle Paul: "For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you do show the Lord’s death until he returns." (1 Corinth. 11:26)

     In place of the leavened bread, they use unleavened wafers." (My Life in Christ)

     Let us sum up these Orthodox words of St. John of Kronstadt:

1. We should convert all non-Orthodox to Orthodoxy.
2. Only the Orthodox Church can save.

3. Most harmful thing – one man rule of the Pope.
4. Fancying himself to be infallible is a disaster.

5. They slander and blaspheme against the Orthodox.
6. Invented a new head and demoted the real Head.

7. Papacy, Lutherans, Episcopalians and the others, there is no church among them.
8. Papacy always demonstrated a hatred against holy Orthodoxy

9. They criticize Christ on procession of the Holy Spirit.

St. Mark of Ephesus at the Council of Florence in its 25th session says:

"We separated from the Latins for no other reason than that they are not only schismatics, but also heretics. Wherefore we should not unite with them at all."

Silvester the Ecclesiarch said the same: "The diversity of the Latins is a heresy, and so it was held by our predecessors" (Div. Ix, Chap. 5)





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