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   It is the official teaching of the Papacy that faithful souls must endure the burning flames of purgatorial fire after death to purge their souls of any remaining sins , and this would render them pure and fit for paradise. To begin with there is absolutely nothing, not purgatorial fire or any other substance that can cleanse the souls of men in the entire universe, except, the only thing that can cleanse souls and render them sinless is the blood of Christ, a single drop of which can1 can purify the entire world, for it makes the spirits of men divine and thoroughly cleanse their souls.  If the papacy believed this they would never dream up a fictional purgatorial fire.

Only the blood of Christ’s sacrifice and His blood is the only remedy to purge anyone’s sins for He is the living sacrifice for all of us.  Protestants simply reject this thinking they are following the Bible. Followers of the Pope do not believe it or they would not be selecting another way – purgatorial fire, which even if it did exist could not cleanse the human being from sins.

The sinful man, according to papal teaching has his soul purified in purgatorial fire, but his body who helped him to sin and is therefore sinful as well as his spirit. So the man is not purified at all, even if this teaching was true. However, the sinful man is not cleansed, hence there is no possibility for this doctrine to be true.  These are important facts.  The soul of man is not the whole man. The body is not the whole man. The soul and body together with a spirit from God constitute the whole man, which can only be purified and deified by the Blood of Christ. These facts St. Paul affirms: “I pray God that your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thess. 5:23).

This biblical testimony from St. Paul completely destroys any idea of improvement after death in a fictional purgatory. 

1. It describes the whole man as being body, soul and spirit not one or the other

2. Being blameless means being without any defects or sins, guilty of  nothing, but this process must take place before death and not after death.  Upon death we must already be totally purified, for after death comes judgment and its too late.

3. Man is not one of these three but the three together constitute man.

Further, who is going to control the fiery flames of purgatory, the demons? But they have not been given such authority by God.  The angels? but they would never1 burn people with fire to improve them, for they know well that only the blood of Christ can cure.

Numberless people have died over the centuries, believing the popes of Rome who promised them his fictional purgatorial fire and when they departed they found something they did not expect.

The only thing that happens after death, according to St. Paul.

“And as it is appointed unto men to die, but after death is the judgment.”  St. Paul, speaking truthfully does not allow for a purging purgatorial fire, only judgment.

Further, the idea of purgatorial fire degrades the sacrifice of Christ, who alone endured the suffering meant from each of us. Or are we better than He that we should undergo suffering in place of Him? Insanity! Absolutely nothing untouched by Christ’s sacrifice, can be purified, for this is the only sacrifice acceptable to God. Any other suffering is inferior and of no benefit to anyone, for Christ did it all as the God-man. Jesus Christ says: “I am the bread which came down from heaven, and if a man eat this bread he shall never die. For my flesh is food and my blood is drink.":

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