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       Life continues on and children are constantly being born.  With or without love and marriage children are born and without a father and mother not one of us would be living this present life. The process for a man and his wife to reproduce children has been around from the beginning but it has changed drastically and this is an essential factor in answering the question raise, why are we living? What is our purpose here on this earth that we live a very temporary life?

      Today the truth of what a family is has been greatly distorted and this distortion may increase even more in the future. The traditional family of the not too distant past was unlike today’s substitute. There was the father, who was a worker and organizer, a businessman, manufacturer, engaged in various pursuits. He was the provider and head of the group called a family. The father was usually stricter than the mother which gave a wonderful balance to the happy family. The mother prepared meals,   fed her family, helped her husband get off to work and the children to school. She not only cooked, but she cleaned the house and made the beds and did countless other things. A loving and industrious father and a sweet mother produced children that enjoyed the best environment for their ascent to adulthood, where they would carry on the traditions which they had experienced in their family life, and the bonds formed in such a family remained until death and after death in memories..

     World War II, accompanied a masculine labor shortage, then came economic situations, and other factors which destructured much of the family unit. Working mother flooded the factories and babysitters, contributed to the gradual fracturing of the family. Economic conditions often caused the fractured family to lack the joyous atmosphere except in rare cases. 

 From where did the idea of a happy and joyful family originate? This idea was from the Creator, who blessed and married Adam and Eve  encouraging them to increase and multiply and replenish the earth. A blessing from our God is worth so much more than material well being. God blessed
Adam and Eve and they gave birth to many children, some of which were good and others not so good. They experienced much joy and mixed with some sorrows, and benefitted from the fruits of their father’s daily labor and their mother’s tender care. 

     The foundation necessary to answer this question has now been laid.  The idea of marriage and childbearing is directl;y from the Lord, so we must ask what is His reason for blessing marriage. The purpose of marriage is sacred because the children are raised in a good environment conducive to happiness. However, the Lord never intended that this present short life, being a mixture of joy and sorrow, health and sickness and a life followed by death is the reasl life. He created man to become His image and likeness and man needed to accomplish this during his time on earth. The Lord of our life and death, laid down conditions for man to acquire real happiness. First He sent the Prophets, established the Old Covenant and finally He sent His Only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who established a New Covenant with mankind including the right to eternal life by keeping His commandments. This covenant remains in force today and is between the Lord and His Holy Orthodox Church. 

     We are living that we might become the image and likeness of God through the sacrifice and gracious gifts of our Lord Jesus Christ, who loves all the human race and wants man to avoid Gehenna and suffering in the future and delight in everlasting life.

    What is the sinister power causing the fracturing of families, divorces, living together and the breaking up of marriages, together with the good things accompanying them? It is the Devil who hates God and man, and wages war against God and man and wills to destroy every one of us so as to bring us down to his miserable level God-hater, condemned forever to everlasting Gehenna. For God uses the  happy family unit as a basis for forming men and women into both his image and likeness.

     But to those who read this and engage in proper activity, we say this, living together and fornication is not marriage; abortion is not birth control but infanticide.  Anyone can escape this trap of the Devil and enjoy the delights of the kingdom of heaven beginning here in this world for ever  in the world to come. May we all have and form happy families in the Lord, and hear His delightful voice say: Welcome into the joy of the Lord and eternal life!

    We all have the same destination each day and each year, to become more and more like Chriust who is our example of what we must become – perfect man and  perfect woman. If we follow this path and strive toward this goal, every day of our lives will by filled with joy, there is no other goal or way but Jesus Christ who gave us life in the first place, and promises eternal life forever, simply by keeping His commandments and sayings.

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