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      Concerning this title – this is a most important subject in our days for the idea that everyone goes to heaven was condemned as an  ancient heresy espoused by Origen, and condemned  by the Church Fathers at the Fifth Ecumenical Synod. Today this heresy is very much alive and permeates our society  and its advocates are often Patriarchs, Popes. Metropolitans,  Bishops and their followers, found especially among the ecumenists and philopapists. This heresy was known as the apokatasasis, or restoration. It advocates, it including Origen imagined salvation could not be found in terms of the rejoicing of the saved in heaven while those condemned were  suffering in Gehenna or Hell. How could we enjoy ourselves surrounded by so much misery? So, contradicting Jesus Christ, overthrowing His Gospel,  they embraced the false doctrine which establishes that in the end every creature will be restored and no one anywhere will be condemned to suffering; some went so far as to claim that this included the devil and demons. Simply, said, everyone that dies goes to heaven.   So why worry?.  

     Their false reasoning is their assertion that God being good can do no evil. The kindness and mercy of God is so great that He cannot stand to see anyone suffer. That this reasoning is wrong can be seen by the fact that God is not the villain who makes men evil.  For God is the source of everything good and only good can come from Him. The villain is the devil and his demons, who inspire men who become the suffering victims who did their will. Man is free and can choose what he wants, good or bad, virtue or vice. The freedom of man places full responsibility for evils squarely upon his shoulders. 

Today in our “everything goes” societies, all agree that you must die, but no one knows of or remembers the teachings of the Fathers of the Church or Jesus Christ, and they are both ignored. So we hear when someone dies, may his or her soul rest in peace,  Indeed in our present society belief doesn’t  matter nor does sin offer a barrier to the kingdom of heaven , in people’s minds . Baptism is unnecessary and the church shows no useful purpose to  people. For everyone that dies goes to heaven.

     Orthodox bishops go to funerals of prominent heretical bishops and pray that their souls be among the righteous, and so they pray for them. But they never approach theses false bishops to tell them the saving truths of Orthodoxy, and the necessity of them abandoning error and coming into the true Church, instead why worry?

What does this doctrine do? It overthrows all the teaching of Christ and calls the truth a lie. Jesus’ teaching is crystal clear, but the evil one always seeks to muddy the water so as to promote his own poisonous lies.

     The way to everlasting life is difficult but attainable to those who desire it. Christ says:  “Enter at the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go that way. Because narrow is the gate and restricted is the way which leads into life, and few there be who find it”

   Jesus is God’s Truth from heaven and shows that most people will end up in destruction, and few will enter life. He also says:“He that does not take up his cross and follow me, is not worthy of me.  He that finds his soul shall lose it and he that loses his soul for my sake shall find it.”

     Where Christ is there is heaven and in that sense everyone will certainly go to heaven to appear before the fearful judgment seat of Christ.  Christ says that He will divide all mankind as a shepherd divides his sheep from his goats.  Those who followed Him, loved and obeyed Him in this life, will be on His right hand being His sheep. Those who ignored Him or hated Him will be placed on His left hand, being like goats.  This is the last and final judgment of the human race which will take place.  Those on the right of Christ will attain everlasting glory in His kingdom. But those on His left will be condemned to perdition which is also called the second death.

   To follow Christ we must take up our cross and be willing to sacrifice everything, following His example.  It is not possible to follow Christ outside His Church, and the Gospel continues to cry out to all mankind. If anyone just asks Christ in sincerity, He will guide them to His Church. 

   That there will be punishment there is no doubt; but as to how and what we do not know. Let it be enough to say with the Scripture: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God”(Heb. 10:31). 

     Who will be punished most severely? Based on most sources examined over the years, it would be those who hold the truth and hide it, meaning the hierarchs and bishops of the Church who fail to proclaim the truth before mankind, especially that Holy Orthodoxy is the only way leading to everlasting life.

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