Wednesday, October 8, 2014


      Light is  necessary, so much that without it there would be no life.  Light helps us to move about in an orderly fashion, walking or in a vehicle.  Light enables us to buy and sell, to study and learn.  Light enables us to work and accomplish many tasks. It is beyond our ability to estimate light’s great value.  But the light that we see with our eyes is one kind of light. There are actually three types of light, physical, metaphysical, and moral.  We are all familiar with the first type of light, the second can best be understood thinking of our individual existence, for we are each conscious of who we are and have remained. This is metaphysical light the light of consciousness and awareness.

     The least known and understood light is moral light. It shines forth into men’s souls through their consciences, and enters through awareness of their conscience as well as through the Bible, other people in the school system, government and church. All that we contact directly or indirectly are sources of knowledge.

     The moral light of the world is Jesus Christ, promised to the Jews and accepted by many nations, His light is also unique in that it is a light that is immaterial, lighting up the mind and heart of man. A blind men derives no benefit from physical light which evades him. A spiritually blind man derives no benefit from the moral light which always seeks to shine in him.

     Before Christ came into the world the nations were in deep darkness and often behaved more like beasts than men. They had the inner light of conscience but instead of seeking it, they responded with idolatry. There exists in  man the desire for something higher, better, superior, having knowledge which man lacks. Instead of using right reason, and seeking the true invisible God, by just addressing Him, they used their sinful imaginations and designed gods out of wood and stone. Then they bowed to their manufactured goods  and worshiped them as true gods.

     But men did not do this alone, they responded to the invisible Devil and demonic powers who fooled men in this way. When they went to their manufactured gods and sought answers, demons would  speak and provide an answer, which caused delight to men and increased their belief in their gods. These gods who were actually demons, successfully drew them into fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, and every vice. And this satanic authority made imprisoned men, spreading misery and injustice to prevail everywhere.   

     After thousands of years, suddenly the following event took place  as expressed in this hymn:

From on high did you descend, 
                        O Compassionate One; 
And you did submit to the three-day burial;
That you might deliver us from passions,
O Lord our Life and Resurrection, glory to you!

  Brighter than millions of suns, the Godman dwelled in the Virgin’s womb, was born and grew up, standing before men who saw him as: The true God who descended to free us from prison and save our souls. Other men who were evil and servants of the evil one, saw him as a malefactor not worthy of life and constantly sought every opportunity to extinguish this eternal who is God himself.

     They slaughtered him by nailing Him to the Cross; the fools had no comprehension of  the enormity of the crime they were committing. They rejoiced at His suffering, mocked His apparent powerlessness, urging Him, if He were truly the Christ, to come down from the Cross and save himself. They knew what they were doing and every malicious bone in their bodies was energized to fulfill their evil intent. Again they did not see the trap that the Cross really was, and that this trap would snatch all authority from their cohorts the demons and their father the Devil. What did they accomplish by their work, of what gain was it to them?  They permanently cut themselves of from the Light of mankind, from the Fount of goodness and will inherit eternal death.

“I am the Light of the world, whoever follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

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