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     This town (Constantinople) ruling over many nations will be unconquerable by the nations, and unsubdued, for God’s Mother has kept it from such a fate, through the protection of her own wings; and by her mediation it will be kept invulnerable. And there is a prophetic word saying that the Hagarene (Turk) nation will come into it and will slay large crowds of people with the sword.

     And I myself say that also the blond nation [Russia] shall come into the town, the nation whose name is the 17th letter of the 24 letters recapitulated (Greek Rho); but it will come in and they will strew the ground with corpses of the sinners, and woe to them from the two branches whose swords moving like a breeze, and sharp scythes too, mowing wheat in summer, will not return to their places anymore, and neither will they stay here . . .  Because, in the last days God will raise a king, from poverty and he will reign in justice; and will abolish every war, and he will take cause that the poor become rich, and there will be peace the way it was in Noah’s days, because none will wage war.

     In those days men will become rich in peace, and in deep calmness, eating and drinking, getting married and making marriages, living in much freedom, unmindfully relying on earthly things; and owing to the lack of war on earth, they will cut up their swords and change them into scythes and agricultural tools.

     And after that he will turn toward the East and will humble the sons of Hagar; because the Lord will be angry with them because of their blasphemy, blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ, and because of the sodomy  which they practice.
And many of them, receiving holy Baptism will become agreeable and will be honored by the devout king; as to the rest of them, the king will destroy and burn and put the rest to death.

     In those times all the planet will be restored; Also Illyricon of the kingdom of the Romans (Greeks); and Egypt will bring her treaties. And he will lay his right hand on the nations all around; and he will tame the blond nations; and will defeat those who hate him; for thirty and two years he will govern the kingdom.

     He will not impose taxes for twelve years and will not accept gifts. And he will raise the shattered altars and will have the Holy Churches rebuilt.
     There will not be lawsuits in those days, and neither wrongdoers or wronged people; because all the earth will shrink from before his face and he will, through fear, make the sons of men be prudent; and he will exterminate those magnates who will transgress the law.

     Saint Andrew through a heavenly revelation became a fool for Christ. He lived in Constantinople, also called Eptalophos,  being situated on seven hills. Inspired by God,  he reveals important events that will occur in the future, and have occurred just as he prophesied, thus he was a true prophet of God.. 

 He prophesies:
      Constantinople will not be subdued
The Hagarenes will enter the city and slay many
The blond nation ( Russia) will come into the city
Identifies that nation as beginning with the Greek rho or R for ROS or Russia
They will come in with strange weapons, swords like a breeze, meaning bullets, missiles, bombs, etc, not steel swords which return to their places or sheaths.
After horrific battles an era of peace will begin, “men will be rich in peace”.
A cessation to all war on earth.
Hagar refers to all Moslems who constantly blaspheme Jesus Christ. 
From their minarets the blasphemy that God is not the Holy Trinity and Mohammed alone spoke for God.
Hagarenes will be humbled and some will  accept the truth for the Saint says.
Many Moslems will accept Christ and be baptized.
After a  Devout king will reign and rule in peace, but first will come great destruction.

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