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He prophesies that Germany will be the instrument 
that brings holy Orthodoxy to the west.

“Constantine began and Constantine shall lose the Byzantine Kingdom of the East. Son of man, number from the first Constantine until the twelfth number of the same name, and you will find the number [year] in which it will happen.

God has decided and fixed the divine resolution, ascertained to be genuine, shall be irremovable. It will be fulfilled during the fourth hundred of years, from the fifty-second to the fifty-third, in which the vast kingdom shall fall into the hands of the Saracens; and the houses will be spoiled, the holy churches sullied, and the believers persecuted until the eighth century decisively; because God wants that the people should learn His justice and feel the weight of His omnipotent hand and return to Him, and then become spiritually able and well acceptable . . . .And in  the manner of the Jewish people were subjects of Nebuchadnezzar, so will this people be subject to the impious Hagarenes until the determined time, and they will remain captives under the yoke until the approximate completion of four hundred years”.  

The Byzantine Empire came to its end in 1453 A.D.!


     St. Agathangelos wrote his prophecies in 1279 A. D. Thus he mentions only hundreds of years fro the beginning of the millennium [1000]. Constantinople’s fall would take place in the fourth hundred  [of years] from the 52nd to the 53rd year i.e. 1453.  While the liberation would occur after nearly four hundred [years] after 1453.  And so this happened. In 1828 the first government of the Greeks was formed; 1828 -1453 is 375 years or almost four hundred exactly as prophesied.

     Ieronymous Agathangelos flourished in 1279 A.D. He was a Priest-monk Confessor and lived in a Cenobitic Monastery for 51 years.  In his 79th year of age, as he says, at Messina in Sicily; and at dawn on the Sunday of Orthodoxy, he experienced a majestic vision by which was foretold to him:

a. The fall of Constantinople, including the date and time of the Hellenic liberation from the Turks.
b. The shaping of European history after the said fall.
c. Western Europe’s apostasy, through Martin Luther against the Pope.
d. Napolean’s action, his campaign and his doom in Russia, about which he says surprisingly: “O Frenchmen, where are you going? The new king leads you to the slaughterhouse, and you shall leave your lives upon the high mountains; and your enterprises shall be manifestly abandoned.”

e. Partition of Austria and Hungary and banishment of the Kaiser after World War 1.

f. The previous Soviet system of Russia. The defeat of Germany after World War I and its dismemberment into two Germanies after World War II. The Prophets said: Germany, Germany, why are you so proud? You will be divided into two.


“But know that one of your sons of the same blood shall return against you and detests of the Latin [papal] dogma, and become the head of the heretics [Martin Luther]. I see your friends alienated, and introducing as many novel heresies as there are colors on the wings of the white swan [which Agathangelos saw in his vision.  I see the holy days repelled, the faith lame, your church without a guide, a ship without a rudder//, and lacking a captain, and your faith is groundless.

Great is the corpse, O God!  But wonder, O son of man, because even from this heretical Germany and through her, truth and the veracious worship of the Orthodox faith shall rise.  She [Germany] shall most firmly and more than any other nations vindicate the Apostolic Truth, the eastern dogma shall again shine in her!”

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