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     The Holy Orthodox Church founded by Christ has existed and preserved pure Christianity from generation to generation and from century to century.  While the Church has zealously preserved without change the doctrine it received, some members with a corrupted doctrine and established their own churches known as heresies. They were known as heretics because itmeans in Greek “having an opinion.” (Different than the Church)

     Numerous attacks were waged against Christ’s Church by every type of heresy, seeking to corrupt from within the Church’s infallible teaching. Opponents and defenders appeared and waged battle against one another, but the Orthodox or true worshipers did not choose unjust means, but championed the truth as handed down to them from Christ and the Apostles. To mention only a few heresies there were, Adoptionism, Apollinarism, Arianism, Docetism, Luciferianism, Monophystism, Nestorianism and Gnosticism.  These heresies corrupted the truth about Jesus Christ the God-man. They attacked his divinity and humanity, his nature and life as both God and man.

    The most widespread heresy in our time is the Papacy, also called the Roman Catholic Church, which usurped the authority of Christ and the Holy Spirit by establishing a new head, a super bishop the infallible Pope. The Protestants broke away from the Papacy and later divided and subdivided, serving to show that they were not a divine and human institution as is the true Orthodox Church of Christ which never divides, but remains one. They do not have Christ as their head and divine guide as does the true Church where Christ is both divine and human and His Body the Church is the same and will never corrupt the truth but will preserve it forever.

     Christ clearly stated that the gates of hades would not prevail against His Church and they have not, but their attack continues and will continue. Repetition of old heresies is one of the most common forms of attack among belligerents, and such are the Jehovah Witnesses which sprang up in the USA in the year 1874.  It is important to note that the evil one is always behind the action. Thus though sects arise and declare their new beliefs, their aim in not at the many other false beliefs but is aimed at the doctrine of the true Church.

      Jehovah Witnesses were first formed by 20-year old  Charles Taze Russell who flourished from 1872 to 1916. They first called themselves the International Bible Students and the Watchtower Society. And today number around 7,000,000. They reject the eternal divinity and divine nature of Christ, they reject His divine will and they reject His eternal birth from the eternal Father. They claim that there was a time when Christ did not exist, that God created Him in time. Following their doctrine it teaches that God is not a Father, Christ is a creature and not the eternal Son of God; the Holy Spirit is also a creature and is not true God from true God. Rejecting the Trinity makes them into blasphemers as has been revealed to us, God cannot exist only as a Holy Trinity, which He revealed to His Church.

     That Jehovah Witnesses are blasphemers who insult the true God is shown by their statements They claim that the true Orthodox idea that God is a Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit is derived from a pagan custom which is of the devil!  They deny the divinity of the Logos of God and the Holy Spirit. They do not believe in the divine incarnation for, they say, God did not become a man, thus Jesus Christ is not the Godman. They deny the divine judgment of Christ and the reward and punishment that will be its consequence.  These heretics see Jesus Christ, not as Godman, but  as only a man created by the Father, who is not really a Father in their eyes for they deny the eternal birth, and without a birth there can be no father.

     They call God an eternal Father but deny that He has an eternal Son, then they proclaim that God the Father “changed” though they continue to state that God never changes, but they also claim that God did in fact change by the act of creating a son who is not a son but a creature according to these foolish teachers.  They do not honor any saint that preceded them and they are iconoclasts for they refuse to honor the images Jesus Christ, the Theotokos and the Saints. They are totally ignorant of true theology which is preserved solely in the Orthodox Church.

     God the Father is perfect Mind and and eternal mind necessarily can never be without an equally co-eternal Logos and Idea, who is the exact image of the Father who is holy. Through this eternal Idea God the Father first knows himself and all else. From the same eternal Mind comes also the co-eternal Spirit who is holy as the Father is Holy. God is one, a Trinity in unity, and a Unity in trinity. Truly if there were no Trinity there would be no God. For God without a co-eternal Logos and Idea of himself would not even know himself and what could He possible created without a life-giving Spirit. 

     Christ declares that He is the Truth that came down from heaven, and there can be one eternal truth who is begotten of the Father before the ages. Christ speaks the truth when He declares himself to be the truth. But why is Christ called the Truth? It is because everything in the Father’s Mind is eternally the same in His Only-begotten Son. Jehovah Witness enjoy repeating over and over that we must follow the truth and yet they follow a lie about the Truth himself who came down from heaven and tells them that He is the truth.  For truth is not philosophical or psychological, truth necessarily is eternally present in the eternal Logos of God, who is much more believable than a Jehovah Witnesses.

     In declaring He himself to be the truth, Christ is saying this: Truth is eternal and I who speak to you am the eternal truth, and the beginning of all truth is to first recognize that the Son as the co-eternal Logos and Truth born of the Father. Whoever denies the Son and Truth denies the Father and is trapped in the lies of the evil one. 

     Jehovah Witnesses remain blasphemers and Christ, the eternal Truth remains the eternally born Son of the Father while the Holy Spirit bears witness to the heresies of the Jehovah Witnesses. Leaders of Jehovah Witnesses made up their own bible to be assure themselves of control of the people, for they translated their own bible naming it the New World Translation of the Holy Scripture.

     The true Orthodox Church of Christ has always protected and preserved the truth handed down from the time of Christ and the Apostles, not adding or removing anything. The honor that we show to Christ and His Mother and the many Saints, includes hymnology and holy icons in which we honor those whom they depict.  Honoring icons or pictures is a worldwide practice among citizens who honor family members.  We kiss and venerate the icons and this honor returns to the person depicted.

     During the 8th and 9th centuries, iconoclasts who hated holy icons, waged a vicious war against Christ and His Church, even forming a false robber council attempting to rid the Church of holy icons, which council was later nullified by the Seventh Ecumenical Synod, which established that the veneration of holy icons certainly should be used in the Church.

Jehovah Witnesses are not only iconoclasts but even worse they do not even honor the Saints or Fathers of the Church or the Church or Jesus Christ, who are depicted in holy icons. They treat them as if they never existed, even though The Bible makes it clear that we must honor those who have kept the true faith before us. 

     All the heresies of past heresies against the Church have been gathered into the Jehovah Witnesses quiver which now attacks the Church. These heresies are well known, among them are: Christ is not God. Christ is not co-eternal. Christ is a creature. Christ is not the Only-begotten Son of the Father. God is not a Father or a Son or a Holy Spirit, he has no Idea of who he is. Jesus has one nature. Jesus has one will. The Virgin is not “ever-virgin and she did not give bear the Logos incarnate. Christ has a single will. Icons do not deserve honor.

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